Me & My Bully

He was my bully. He called me horrible names and he abused me. So you could tell I was delighted when he went for X Factor..........but I NEVER EVER thought I would meet his face again. And that person is....Louis Tomlinson. The guy who I NEVER wanted to meet again.


12. You Don't Know Her?

Liam's POV 

After I saw Lydia walking out of the kitchen, Louis came and sat on the couch.

"How was the chat?" I asked him. 

He just stayed quiet. 

"Earth to Louis. Hellooooo! Is anybody home? Carrot boy you in there?!?!?!" I screamed in his ear.

"Ow! For god sake Liam don't do that. What do you want?" 

"The chat? How it go?" 

"Pretty fine but I still want to know more about her," 

"Hmm.....Louis you still remember the dinner with Simon and Lydia?" 


"While Simon was introducing us to Lydia, she said your name actually," I said to him making him curious.

He didn't respond so I'm guessing he doesn't know who Lydia was.

"You don't know her?"

"Not that I know of.....but I do have a school yearbook. So I can look her up," Louis said.

"Hmm....................god Harry! Put some clothes on will ya. I'm relieved Lydia's not here ya know. Now go put on some clothes," I said to Harry who just walked into the living room but had to go back in the  his room and put clothes on. 

"Hey how bout you go and check it out?" I asked Louis. 

Louis stood up from the couch and left for his room. 

Louis' POV 

While I was heading to my room in Simon's house, I heard humming coming from Lydia's room. Her door was open a bit so I peeked a little. She was humming a tune which I don't quite recognize but it was beautiful.

"I wonder if Louis still has the school yearbook....I hope he doesn't go and find me in the yearbook.....wait..maybe he crossed my picture," she said.

I bit my lip and moved backward from her door quietly and walked back to the living room where I find 4 jungle boys wrestling on the floor. I sigh and ignored them and sat on the couch. I sat down in deep thought thinking why won't Lydia want me to find her picture.....WAIT....she DID go to my school....but who was she? 



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