Me & My Bully

He was my bully. He called me horrible names and he abused me. So you could tell I was delighted when he went for X Factor..........but I NEVER EVER thought I would meet his face again. And that person is....Louis Tomlinson. The guy who I NEVER wanted to meet again.


26. What!?!?!?! 0.o

Lydia's POV

"Nicole?!" Louis said, shocked.

"BOOBEAR!!" she screamed.

Nicole hopped into Louis' arms. Louis hugged her back. Me and Liam walked past them and walked over to Niall, Zayn and Harry. Nicole pulled away and smiled widely.

"Simon sent me here and.....I'm going to be on tour with all of you and I love you Loui.! So much! Do you love me??" she said.

I looked down, not wanting to see Louis' reaction.

"I love you too," I heard Louis say.

From the outside, my face is expressionless but from the inside, I'm aching from hearing what Louis had just said. Maybe he just wants o be friends with me but being with him.....made me fall in love him more but.....I'll always be the nerd to him. I walked back into my room and put on some new sets of clothes. Then I heard someone knocking on the door.
I turned to see Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry.

"You alright?" Zayn asked.

"I'm alright....I mean.....why should I care..right?" I said.

"Lydia, we know you're still in love with him," Harry.

I sighed and sat on the bed.

"All of us had so much fun today and.....and I thought maybe he felt something but maybe not," I cried out.

"Lydia. Please don't cry," Niall said, running my back.

"I don't.....I don't want to see them both together," I said.

"Then you don't have to," Liam said.

"Thanks guys," I said, wiping away my tears.

Louis' POV

Nicole was still hugging me. I don't know why I said I love her.....when I don't.....but we did have some fun times and when I broke up with her to leave for the X Factor, she cried and kicked me in the crotch. Now that she's here, I guess we're gonna have to act like a couple. I don't want to cuz I love Lydia....I have REAL feelings for her but maybe the things in the past would let Lydia think I would hurt her again but I wouldn't.....UGH I don't know anymore! I'm so confused! Nicole pulled away and kissed me. But I don't feel no sparks.....not even one. I pushed her away and she pouted.

"Louis, can we go somewhere privately?" she asked.

"Uh..sure. Can you give me a sec?" I said.

"Yes babe. Anything for you," she giggled.

Truth be told, her giggle has always been annoying. I faked a smile at her and walked to Lydia's room. I knocked on the door before I entered. The lads except Lydia looked up.

"Can I talk to you Lydia?" I asked.

She nodded and signal the lads to go. I walked into Lydia's room, closed the door and sat down beside her.

"I'm sorry," I said.

"Why are you sorry?" she asked, confused.

"Cuz....ya know...Nicole's here and I know it would make things...awkward," I said.

Lydia gave me a small smile.

"It's alright," she said.

"Really? You're alright with this? Cuz if not, I can tell her to get off the bus," I said.

"No. Louis, keep her," Lydia said.

I sighed.

"Okay but if she does something to you then she's off," I said.

"Alright," she said.

I leaned in and hugged her. Lydia hugged me back tightly, letting me feel multiple butterflies in my stomach. She pulled away and smiled at me.

"Why don't you and Nicole go on a date tonight?" she said.

"Oh..uh..right..I guess I'll....ask her," I said, not really wanting to.

Lydia smiled at me.

"So, you're sure you're alright?" I asked.

"I'm fine. Just fine," she said.

"You should do what you want to do. What do you want to do?" I asked.

"I'll listen to music, go online and read stories and go to sleep," Lydia said, giggling.

Music to my ears.

"Alright. If something happens, call me or text me and I'll be right there," I said.

"Ok ok," she said.

I smiled and hugged her again, feeling the same feeling I got the first time. I got up from her bed and left the room. I closed the door and walked over to Nicole, with my entire mood changing.

"Uh.....Nicole, wanna go...out tonight?" I asked.

"OMG. YES!" she said.

She leaned in to kiss me again with sloppy red lips. I pulled away and looked at her.

"Uh...not now. Uh...go get ready and we'll go," I said.

Nicole smiled and went in the bathroom to change since the lads are in there. I sighed and sat down on the couch, putting my hands infront of my face.

"Louis, you really didn't want Nicole to come did you?" Liam asked.

"No. I didn't know she would follow me or Simon sent her to us....and things were going right before she today when we were all having a blast," I said.

"Agreed," Niall said.

"But you like Lydia don't ya?" Harry smirked at me.

"No I don't," I said.

"Boo bear, you like her. Admit defeat," Zayn said.

"No I don't," I said.

"Yeah you do," Niall and Liam said.

Now I'm annoyed.


Lydia's POV

"He doesn't like me. I knew it," I whispered to myself.

I was actually going to the kitchen to make tea when I heard their conversation. Guess that serves me right to think that he loves me.


"Alright. Everyone off the bus cuz we're here at the hotel," Liam said.

All of us grabbed our things. Then I bumped into someone.

"Sorry," I said.

I turned and saw Nicole smirking at me.

"Oops. Sorry my bad," she said and walked away laughing.

I sighed and walked off the bus. I looked up at the hotel and was it amazing. Apparently, it's a five star hotel. Definitely classy.

"Wow," I said.

"Ugh. My bags are heavy. Honey munch, can you carry my bags?" I heard Nicole say.

"Honey munch," I heard Niall and Zayn snickering.

"Uh..sure," Louis said.

Louis picked up Nicole's bags. Then she leaned in to kiss him. She grabbed his face and and kissed him roughly. Like ew. I looked over at Louis, who wasn't....kissing her..back?

"How bout you two get room?" I asked.

Nicole pulled away from Louis, who was acting like as if he needed air or something and glared at me.

"Why don't you go get a man?! Oh. Wait. You can't get one. But weren't you that ugly thing Louis and I would laugh about?" she asked.

"Um..yeah," I said.

"Well, you're still ugly," she laughed.

I looked away, not wanting to start a fight.

"C'mon midget! I know I pissed you off! So fight me!" Nicole shouted.

I dropped my bags and pulled Nicole's hair.

"Ow!!" she screamed.

"Girls! Stop it! Not here!" Liam said.

"I can't freaking take this anymore. YOU'RE OFF THE FREAKING TOUR!" I heard Louis say.

All of us turned to Louis. Then I let go of Nicole's hair.

"What?! Honey munch?!" she said.

"No. You're officially off cuz I can't deal with you anymore. What we had is OVER!" he said.

"For what?! All cuz of ugly here? Oh yeah ugly, there's something I need to tell you about Louis," Nicole said, smirking at me.

I stared at Nicole then at Louis.

"What?" I asked.

"Louis, remember January 13?" she asked.

I looked at Louis whose eyes widen.

"No Nicole. Don't. Not that. You freaking promised," he hissed at her.

"What?" I asked.

"Lydia, please don't ask," he said.

"No. What was that day?" I asked.

"Well, since you asked, Lydia.....remember that one prank we pulled on you.....on January 13?" she asked me.

I started to remember. Then my eyes widen. I turned to Louis, trying to back tears forming in my eyes.

"You killed my cat," I said.

"Lydia. Please. That was when I was-" Louis started to say.


" was when I was a jerk," he said.

"Louis, just make my life a living hell.....I don't know why I keep being your friend.....I HATE YOU," I cried out.

"Lydia. don't mean that," Louis said with tears running down his face.

"I DO. I HATE YOU.....WITH PASSION," I yelled.

I grabbed my things and ran back to the bus. I ran back to the far room and locked the door. I ran over to the bed and cried myself to sleep.
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