Me & My Bully

He was my bully. He called me horrible names and he abused me. So you could tell I was delighted when he went for X Factor..........but I NEVER EVER thought I would meet his face again. And that person is....Louis Tomlinson. The guy who I NEVER wanted to meet again.


18. Meet & Greet Part 2

Lydia's POV


I wore the SnapBack over my head and got off the bus. And the first thing I saw were screaming fans screaming the boys names so loudly that it hurt my ears. I covered em and walked into the place.

"Thank god that was over. Sigh," I said.

"Wait till later," Zayn said.

I smiled and walked off and sat in a chair. I took out my headphones and started to listen to 'Maroon 5 She Will Be Loved'. Kinda of an old song but I like it. Staying old fashion for music sometimes I guess. Then I started to scan my surroundings. I looked over at the line and seeing loads of fans over there with the lads. 'Boy there sure are loads of fans coming'  I said to myself. I looked over at the boys and saw Niall standing there alone but with a smile on his face for every single girl that walked past him and over to the others.'Must be hurtful..being treated like that. Poor Nialler' I thought. I fold my arms, turned off my ipod and walked over to him.'Since Paul gave me their album, why not get it signed right?' 

"Hey Niall, can I have an autogragh?" I said.

"Um..s-sure," he said and took the album out of my hands and signed his name on it.

"Thanks Nialler," I said and kissed his left cheek, making his face flush pink.

Suddenly a few girls came rushing to Niall asking him for his autogragh. I gave him a thumbs up and walked over to Paul and sitting down next to him. Now that'll give the fans a good impresion of liking Niall.

Niall's POV


Well that was tiring....for once. Phew. But what I'm still curious is why did Lydia kiss me on the cheek. Maybe I should comfirm with her.

"Hey Liam have you seen Lydia?" I asked Liam.

"She's in her room," he answered, pointing to her room. 


"No prob,"

I walked to her room and knocked on her door.

"Who is it?" she asked.

"It's me Niall. May I come in?"


I walked in and saw her looking through her parents wedding photos from the time they were happy and her baby pictures too. How cute. I sat beside her on the bed and looked at the pictures over her shoulder.

"Can I ask you a question Lydia?"

"Sure go ahead,"

"Why did you kiss my cheek?"

"Cuz you looked lonely and somehow hurt from being avoided from the fans. That is the reason why," she said.

I looked at her and smiled. I then hugged her.

"Thanks for supporting me,"

"No problem. Anyways, I wanna go make some tea. Come alone with me?" Lydia asked.


Lydia's POV

I was making tea for me and Niall in the kitchen when I heard voices nearby. Specifically Liam and Louis.

"You seriously don't know anything bout Lydia at all Louis?" Liam said.

"No. Honest!" Louis replied.

"You're lying cuz I know everything bout Lydia. You treated her like crap whenever she's in school and she said it was always hard to come to school everday knowing you had plans for her. But she went to school so her parents won't get worried. She even cut herself and wishing she was the one who died in her parents car accident. Louis how can you treat a girl like that especially when it was Lydia. But maybe was it because her," Liam said.

Silence. Guess Louis is stunned to hear that I was the girl he's been bullying.

"No I don't. She was ugly that time but now she's...." Louis started to say.

"Beautiful? I know I realise that but maybe you don't even realise that you DO love her. It's just locked somewhere in that mind of yours Louis. Think about apologizing to her okay?" Liam said and walked out.

I quickly went to making tea and soon finished and headed to where Niall was on the couch. And I completely zoned out from there. Ignoring the things happening around me and just thinking bout the conversation Liam and Louis had and drinking my tea. Maybe I shouldn't talk to Louis for awhile to not cause any fights and make the atmosphere fill with hate and anger raging through. Yeah I can definitely do that. 





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