Me & My Bully

He was my bully. He called me horrible names and he abused me. So you could tell I was delighted when he went for X Factor..........but I NEVER EVER thought I would meet his face again. And that person is....Louis Tomlinson. The guy who I NEVER wanted to meet again.


9. Game On Part 1


Lydia's POV 

BEEP BEEP! I slammed my alarm clock off and woke up. I quickly bathed and changed into a sleeveless blue tank top and matching it with my strip jacket with a pair of blue shorts. I think today I'm feeling the blues. But I have an evil plan in my head right now. I head downstairs to the kitchen area and saw Simon drinking yorkshire tea. 

"Morning dad," I said and smiled. 

"Morning Lydia. Were you alright yesterday?"

"I'm just fine. I'm alright. Nothing to worry about,"

"Hmm....I see. Well I'm going to a few business conference today so I want you to take care of the house for me. Can you that for me?" dad asked. 

"Sure. I can do that but can I invite the lads over? Please?" 


"Movie marathon night with them?"

"Ok but clean after and use movie room 1,"

"Ok," I said and waved goodbye to Simon. 

Time to commence plan 'Game On' code name for revenge. I went to the kitchen to see if dad left any phone numbers behind and sure he did. He left Paul's number to call the lads over. I begin to press the numbers and Paul picked up after a few rings. 


"Hi Paul. It's me Lydia. Um....are the lads free today?" 

"Yes. Why?"

"Can I invite them over for movie marathon night?" 


"Oh! And bring snacks and drinks. Thank you," I said and hang up. 

Good....plan A is checked and now for plan B. Heheh. This revenge is gonna be sweet sweet revenge. 

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