Me & My Bully

He was my bully. He called me horrible names and he abused me. So you could tell I was delighted when he went for X Factor..........but I NEVER EVER thought I would meet his face again. And that person is....Louis Tomlinson. The guy who I NEVER wanted to meet again.


2. Embarrassment


Lydia's POV

In english class, we had a pop quiz and I looked over my bruises. There were too many on my body that it's no joke to me. Suddenly, Nathan tapped my shoulder and I flinched badly from the touch. He asked if I was okay and I lied with a straight face and a small smile. It was lunch time and I was hungry but me being a shy person I am, I had no friends. But right now I'm more concern about the fact that Louis would embarrass me 24/7, everyday and creating new bruises too. I walked into the cafeteria and walked to a line. I looked over and saw Nicole who was Louis' girlfriend and the most popular girl here considering she's the head cheerleader. She was wearing a pink sleeveless tank top which reached her bum and she has blonde hair and not to mention she's slim. I sighed and looked at Nicole. She had no insecurities about herself. I guess she's just born to be Miss Beautiful. I snapped back to reality and looked away. I stood up to the soup line when I bumped into someone. CRAP. IT'S LOUIS. Louis smirked at my small figure standing before him. 

"Want some soup fatty?" he smirked that evil grin down at me. 

But before I could response, I suddenly got lost in his blue/green eyes. I shook my head no and started to walk away when I felt something hot coming down my hair and to my clothes. I turned to see Louis laughing at me along with his friends and everyone looked at me. I had tears stinging my eyes. Louis smirked at me again. I didn't like being the center of attention so I ran out of the lunch room and to the bathroom. I had so many tears pouring down my pale face. I hated being here and coming to school being tortured but I have no choice. I walked into the bathroom and wiped my tear stained cheeks. I rolled up my sleeve and saw the cuts I had created last night. Yes I self harm....because of Louis and how he makes it so hard to come to school everyday......but what I hate the most much I love him....I wish this would all stop and let these feelings go away but I can't....Louis has always been a jerk to me but I always dream he would be sweeter....which it'll never come true. 


Nicole's POV 

That ugly bitch Ly......whatever her name is. She left her....her diary? Wow. Never expect the day would get any better than this. I decided to snoop in it. I opened and let's just say she has alot to say about my boyfriend Louis. Well I'll get her after school. 


Lydia's POV 

Why am I so clumsy in leaving my DIARY in the lunch room?! Stupid Lydia! I've been looking for that god damn thing everywhere. I then heard some kids laughing at me while I was walking down the hallway. I looked up and something was my....diary?! Oh no. And more worse that it's in the hands of Nicole and it looks like she's reading it?!

"Page 4 of the loser diary," Nicole said outloud.


"Dear Diary, well it's another day of torture for me. Ya know, I wish I had a friend.....just one friend will do to take me from this hell hole called school....but I don't. Anyways, Louis was super cute today but of course he picked on me like he normally do. He shouted at me....alot today..but I managed to run away from him. I held back my tears like I always do. I wish I could stick up for myself but I can't bring myself to. And I also wish he would stop hurting me and I want all of this to stop already. Anyways, I gotta go and do Louis' homework....Lydia," Nicole said. 

I felt my cheeks burning up. I snatched my diary out of Nicole's hands and felt someone tripping me, letting my diary to slip out of my hands. I reached over for it and as I looked up, I saw Louis hovering over me. 

"I know you love me bitch but lets face it. You're ugly and you're way too fat for my liking. So let me give you my answer for that question up in your head....go kill yourself cuz no one would care," 

I held my tears. I grabbed my diary and my bag and ran out the school. I heard laughter everywhere like I was ALWAYS the laughing stock for the whole school. I went straight home and dashed into my room. My mom calling after me asking if I'm okay but I ignore her. Today is so embarrassing. 

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