Me & My Bully

He was my bully. He called me horrible names and he abused me. So you could tell I was delighted when he went for X Factor..........but I NEVER EVER thought I would meet his face again. And that person is....Louis Tomlinson. The guy who I NEVER wanted to meet again.


23. Date >~<

Lydia's POV


'What to wear? What to wear?' I thought to myself. I mean this is my first time on a date but wait....this isn't a date isn't? Sigh. I wish it was. Okay first I gotta make my face fresher. I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and washed my face. I don't usually use make-up cuz I don't want to look like a 32 year old woman at my age. Then I finally decide to wear a grey dress, blue jean vest and a pair of black converse shoes up to my ankle. I then checked my appearance in the mirror. Looks promising I guess. I walked to the living room where the rest were.

"Hey Lydia. Louis told us everything. We're sorry we couldn't be there to help out," Liam said.

"It's alright. Louis took care of it," I said.

"Took care of what?" Louis said behind me.

He was wearing a plain white t-shirt and dark blue shorts reaching his knees.

I smiled and turned to him.

"About what happened last night," I said to him.

"Oh that? Well I couldn't just let the girl who I used to bully get more hurt right? Moreover, shouting helplessly too," Louis said, looking away blushing.

"Well, thanks," I said.

I smiled and kissed his cheek. Louis blushed red but he was smiling. I giggled. 

"So Lydia, where do you wanna go?" Louis asked me.

"I'm a little hungry so how bout getting lunch? Maybe at Nandos? And yes Niall. I'll buy for you some food there too....AFTER the date. Okay?" I said turning to Niall.

"Thank you for reading my mind," he said, grinning like an idiot.

"Sure. Lads, we'll be out and we'll be back at 9," Louis said to the boys.

"Have fun!" everyone said.

Me and Louis walked off the bus and headed for Nandos. We reached the shop and sat down on a table for two. I sat across Louis. He smiled at me.

"Get whatever you want cuz it's on me," he said.

"Louis. No you don't-" I started to say.

"It's the least I could do Lydia," he said.

"Ok ok. You win!" I said, admitting defeat.

"Aw~ Young love. How wonderful," a lady behind us said.

I blushed and glanced at Louis who was smiling but still embarrassed. I smiled at him and he smiled back.


"Well that was good," Louis said.

"Yep. Remind me to buy the lads some after this," I said. 

"Sure but where to now?"

"Hmm......the amusement park!" I said and pulled Louis' arm and headed for the amusement park.

When we arrived, there loads of people! Some with families and some were couples. We rode every ride there. To thrilling roller coasters, to a VERY scary haunted house and finally the beautiful slow moving ferris wheel to over look the whole amusement park. Today was awesome indeed!! I even managed to win myself a medium sized teddy bear and Louis bought me cotton candy too. Then we headed to Nandos again and ordered food for the lads. And headed back. I was starting to feel drowsy when I accidently bumped into Louis.

"You okay?" Louis asked, concerned.

"Yeah. Just a bit sleepy but I'm fine," I assured him.

Then he lifted me up on his back and managed to carry the bags of food at the same time. I smiled and snuggled into his back and dozed off.

Louis' POV

She's already asleep? Good. I'm sure she had an awesome time today. Positive. Then I walked into our tour bus and all the boys started to take the bag of food I had with me but soon realized Lydia was asleep on my back. I let go of Lydia for awhile and gave her to Harry and Zayn. Then I gave the bag of food Liam and a hungry Niall. I took Lydia back and walked into her room and set her down on the bed softly. She looks so peaceful sleepily like a princess. I truly do love much she's like a precious jewel.

"I love you," I whispered to her and went back to the others.

I turned around and saw she was smiling.

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