Can I Trust You With My Heart?

This story is about a girl named Valerie who had dated Harry Styles when he wasn't even close to being famous when Harry doesn't make it to the judges houses he yells at her and thy break up later on Harry try's to get her back but can she give him he heart again after what he did?


2. The Story Between Harry And I

Well now to the interesting stuff. When me and Harry met we were 3 years old. Harry lived 3 houses away from me and there is a park down the stret from those houses. My mum always took me to that park! It was like paradise to me! One day Harry's mum and my mum took us on the same day. Me an Harry were both running around and then..'BOMP!'. We ran into each other.

"Ow!" We both yelled crying. Our mums came over to see what was going on. She saw us siting there crying like little babies(which we were).

"I'm so sorry!" Harry's mum said to my mum.

"No, no it's this little girls fault she runs into everyone." My mum said back to her. I was a pretty smart for a 3 year old and I didn't like to see my mum apologize on my behalf.

"Mummy it's ok me and him are ok we just bumped into each other" I said like a little innocent sweet little girl.

"Oh Valerie." My mum said " well lets just let them play then" my mum said to Harry's mum.

"Ok they seem fine" Harry's mum said. They walked to the bench and sat net to each other they looked like they were making friends.

"Sorry I bumped into you" I said to Harry.

"It's ok!" Harry said back.

" I'm Valerie you?" I said

"I'm Harry and this is teddy" he said pointing to a teddy bear that he was holding in his hands.

"You want to be friends?" I asked him with a smile on my face

"Ok how about best friends?" He asked me

"BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!" I said to him as I leaned in to hug him. I had never thought boys had cooties. It just never occurred to me since I never really had a boy in my life. I thought they were like the same. I never had an uncle or dad cause my dad died when I was 6 months old and all if my uncles moved to the United States.

He hugged me back. As he pulled away he touched me in the arm and said "TAG!" As he ran away. I ran after him trying to catch him. That probably lasted or 5 straight minutes until I finally caught him.

My mum called after me. "VALERIE TIME TO GO HOME!". Harry's mum stood behind her yelling the same thing to Harry. We stopped running and walked towards our mums.

Harry yelled to his mum "MUM MUM LOOK THIS IS MY BEST FRIEND VALERIE!". Huge smile on his face.

"Already best friends?" His mom asked him.

"Yes!" He answered her.

" maybe they can hav a little play date soon." My mum said to her

"Sounds good!" She said back

" here's my phone number." My mom said as she pulled out her a little notepad she always kept in her purse. She cut the paper in half. One for her to give to Harry's mum and another for Harry's mum to give hers. She gave her half of the paper and told her to write down her phone number as she wrote down hers on her Half of the paper. They gave each other the pApers as they said bye to each other.

"Bye Harry!" I said to Harry as they walked to the parking lot. I think they ha to go to the store or something like that. I'm not sure.

"Bye!" He said back to my with a huge smile on his face.

We had many more play dates and stuff like that. We went to the same elementary school. We always had the same classes and at recess we always would play together. Whenever someone asked if they could play we would just be like 'no thanks'. Every year on the last day of school we would go to that same park. EVERY YEAR. We had been best friends forever as I said before. We would always have sleepovers too. Almost every night!i know it sounds wierd but our moms were best friends too so they never minded. We would always make soup and put a lot of wierd crap in it like pickle juice and stuff like that. We would then serve it to the other and act as there waiter. Everytime we did that we always gave each other the food an a bag. Ya know just in case.

So yeah, me and Harry were best friends and stuff. It all started in 5th grade though. I stared to have feelings for him. I thought he liked me but I wasn't sure. In 5th grade me and him hung out a lot. On the last day of 5th grade we were growing up so we didn't go on the playground. We were all dressed up for our graduation.

" Harry do you still remember when we first met?" I asked him

"Sure as hell I do!" He said

"Do you remember 'BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!'?" I asked him

"Yes I will never forget" he said as he leaned towards me with a huge smile on his face an gave me a hug. I hugged him back.

"You know I love you right.?" I asked him

"I love you too." He said smiling.

"Friend way" I said.

"Yes." He said. We were standing at the edge of the little pond in the back of the park.

"You ready?" He asked me.

"Ready for what?" I asked him.

"This." He said as he pushed me into the pond with him.

"HARRY!!!" I yelled at him.

"What?" He asked laughing.

"Really? These are new shoes." I said looking him straight in the eyes with a serious face. He made a face that had never failed to make me laugh. My face cracked into laughter.

"That face." I said cracking up.

"Oh yes." He said doing that face again. I couldn't stop laughing. I started splashing him with water. He always spalshed me harder though. We got out of the pond I was freezing.

"Harry now I'm cold." I said shivering.

"Let's go home I am too." He said.

"Okay" I said walking towards him. We walked home and talked about a bunch of funny stuff. We were so noisy we probably disturbed some people. We arrived at my house.

"You wanna sleep at my house?" He asked me.

"Sure! Just let me get changed and stuff. I'll be right there." I said.

"Ok ill be waiting!" He said walking off my porch. I went inside and tried to be quiet. My mom goes to sleep really early. Or at least she used to. I went upstairs and put on some gray sweats, a bright red spaghetti strap, a black sweater that had my elementary schools logo, and I tied my hair up in a bun. I packed my toothbrush and the stuff I needed to go to Harry's house. As I walked there all I could think about was him. I liked him a lot and I didn't know when to tell him. How would he respond? Would it break our friendship? So many question raceing through my mind. I ariived at Harry's house. I pushed the doorbell. Harry opened the door.

"Hey!" He said.

"Hi" I said walking in.

"Let's go to my room." He said motioning me upstairs.

"Okay" I said as I followed him up. We got to his room. We sat on the bed leaning against the wall.

"Wanna play a game?" He asked me.

"Sure, what game?" I asked him.

"You choose." He said.

"How about like we act out someone for our old school. It can be when we were kindergardeners through today. You have to name what grade and which person. Lets call it memory game." I said.

"Sounds good. I'll go first." He said.

"Ok" I said. He walked onto the floor.

"No! No! No! No! No! No! Noooooooo!" He said.

"Austin, first grade. Little richly boy didnt want that peach." I said laughing.

"You got it, now you go." He said. Harry sat on on the bed while I got off.

"So he puts the chicken on his head. Looks around and the chicken pees on his head." I said with a really retarded voice.

"Mr.Albert, 4th grade, that wierd substitute." Harry said.

"Yup okay your turn." I said.

"Okay" he said.

"BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!" He said and gave me a big hug. He laughed so hard.

"Me, 3 years old, first time we met." I said laughing.

"Haha,okay let's play another game." He said.

"Truth or dare?" I said.

"Sure, truth or dare?" He said.

"Dare." I said.

"I dare you to put on a bunch of makeup in my mum's bathroom." He said.

"Let's go." I said. We sneaked into the bathroom.

"Ok put it on." He said.

"Okay, don't laugh though, you will wake up your mum." I said.

"I'll try." He said. I caked myself with foundation. I put on 3 layers of mascara. I put on bright red lipstick and I put on a whole bunch of eyeliner on. I put a whole bunch of different eyedshadow colors on. I could tell Harry was struggling not to laugh.

"Ok there now you. Truth or Dare?" I asked him.

"Truth." He said.

"Ok let's go back upstairs first." I said.

"Good idea." He said as we cleaned up the mess we made. We walked back upstairs.

"Ok, is it true you liked someone in our old school? Be honest." I said.

"Yes" he said.

"Really, who?" I asked.

"That wasn't part of the truth." He said

"Ugh, fine." I said.

"Ok now you, truth or dare?" He asked.

"Ummm truth I guess" I said.

"Is it true that you liked someone in our old school, tell me who it is. Be honest." He said.

"Yes, and I'll only say it if you say it." I said.

"Same time?" He said. I finally had gotten my chance to tell him, but what would he say. I was just gonna have to tell him just say YOU.

"Okay on 3 " I said.

"1, 2 ,3" he said.

"YOU." We said at the same time.

"What? Did you say you?" I asked

"Yes l did. Did I hear you say you?" He asked.

"Yes I said you." I said.

"So you like me and I like you?" He asked.

"I guess." I said.

"I thought you liked Andrew." He said.

"The only person I ever really talk to is you. How could I fall for anyone else?" I asked him

"I don't know." He said. It was quiet for a second.

"This could break up our friendship or this could start a whole new chapter in our lives." He said

"Yeah." I said. We were leaning against the wall sitting next to each other.

"I think I choose this." He said. He stood up grabbed me by the hand and kissed me. It felt like fireworks inside of me. We pulled away from each other.

"Are we dating now?" I asked him.

"Yeah." He said

"I'm still your best friend though, right?" I asked him

"You know it!" He said. That was the best sleepover ever. Me and him always went on dates and every year we still went to that park. Except more intimate. Harry let me cry on his shoulder and let me live with him when my mum died. People always tried to break us up but we would lay through it. On the lay day of 8th grade we went to the park again. We were all dressed up like in 5th grade. We st on the bench and talked or a while. He stood up after. He reached his hand out toward mine.

"Can I have this dance?" He asked me smiling.

"We have no music though." I said.

"I wrote you a song." He said

"Awwwwwwwwwww Harry" I said. We started to dance as he sang me the song. He was really good at singing.

"Harry you are really good!" I said when he was done.

"Nah" he said.

"You should try out for X factor!" I said.

"I'm not that good!" He said

"Please? For me?" I asked him.

"Okay,for you." He said.

"Let's go, you need to get practicing they are coming in 2 weeks!" I said. We went home an he practiced he was going to sing the song he wrote me. He practiced everyday almost all day. He just kept getting better and better.

It was finally the day of the X Factor. He practiced before he went on stage he sang to me with so much emotion.

"I'm so nervous." He said to me.

"Just preten you are singing to me you can get through this. I promise." I said. They called out Harry's name. We walked backstage.

"You can go now" a guy said to Harry.

"I love you and you are going to do amazing." I said to Harry.

"I love you too. Wish me luck!" He said then walked up on stage. The judges asked him questions like his name and age and stuff like that. He started to sing. It was like magic. He made it.

"VALERIE I MADE IT I MADE IT!" He said as he gave me a big hug.

"I knew you would." I said. He kissed me passionately. He made all the other rounds until the one before the judges houses.

They called Harry to the stage.

"I'm sorry, you didn't make it." They said to him.

"Thank you." He said with tears running down his face. He came backstage.

"Harry.." I said.

"YOU MADE ME DO THIS AND NOW I GOT HUMILIATED ON LIVE TELEVISION. WHY WIULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? WE ARE THROUGH VALERIE." He yelled at me. I ran out the door crying I grabbed all my stuff and waited for my cab to get there. I watched what happend on the X favor on my phone. They called Harry, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan to the stage.

"You guys acctually made it, but as a group." The judges said to them. Harry ran off the stage in guilt though he didnt quit the X Factor. That was the last time I have seen him since. That's how he broke my heart. That's why I don't know If I can ever trust him anymore. But I sure miss him. Our friendship our life together. I wonder if he ever thinks about me. I can only wish.
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