Can I Trust You With My Heart?

This story is about a girl named Valerie who had dated Harry Styles when he wasn't even close to being famous when Harry doesn't make it to the judges houses he yells at her and thy break up later on Harry try's to get her back but can she give him he heart again after what he did?


4. The Concert.

"OMG,OMG,OMG. Your gonna see Harry!" Melissa said excitedly.

"Your gonna crash us." I said.

"How can you not be excited?!?!??" She asked.

"I don't know." I said but on the inside I was so excited. It felt so wierd though.

"Wow." She said.

"Ok just shut up and drive!" I screamed.

"Pushy." She said.

"Yeah,yeah. Give me time to think shhhhhhhh." I said. It was silence. I kept thinking of soapy ways of how it could end. A kiss? A hug? An apology? Would he even see me?!?!?!?! We finally arrived.

"We're here!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed. A big smile came on my face. I was trying to hide it but I couldn't I bursted out with happiness.


"Cuz your in loooooooooove" she said.

"Shut up." I said. We walked into the line to get in. It took us like 2 hours! Worth it though.

We finally got in. Everyone was just screaming and waiting for them to come out. We just good in our spots. Just waiting. Melissa kept bugging me about after it was over that we would see them In person and stuff. It got annoying. They finally came on stage.

"HOW ARE ALL YOU DIRECTIONERS TONIGHT?" They asked. It was a major scream. They sang Up All Night, What Makes You Beautiful etc. the concert finally ended. Me and Melissa walked backstage with our passes. First they went to these other girls. Harry looked back an saw me. He turned around.

"Valerie, is that you?" He asked me. I walked towards him.

"Yes, it's me." I said. He walked up to me and gave me a hug. He started to have little tears in his eyes.

"Valerie,I am so sorry for what I did I am so stupid how could I do that to you." He said trying to hold in his cry.

"Why?" I asked. "How could you do To me? You broke my heart. I lost my best friend. I still cry about it sometimes." He let out his cry.

" I don't know. But I know that I still love you and I want you back and I can't live without you." He said.

"Do you expec me to believe you Harry? How can I trust you? You have a life to live, of course you can live without me." I said.

"Valerie, please believe me I really messed up. Every night I would cry and one of theses boys would ask me what was wrong. I would say that it was you. It's always been you. How can I live my life without you. I love you with all my heart. Please take me back?" He said.

"No" I said in tears. All of the other guys in one direction came over.

"Woah you really got a connection with a fan" Zayn said.

"I'm not just any 'fan' I'm the girl he 'cried over'." I said

"You are?!?!" Louis said.

"She is guys. Ok. She is. And now I can't--I just can't do this" Harry said.

"Harry, you really think I would take you back, just like that?" I asked.

"Well, I thought you still loved me." Harry said.

"I..I can't say I don't..." I said. Harry stood up straight.

"What?" He asked.

"I kinda still love you but you have to prove that I can still like trust you with my heart." I said

"I'll do that for you! Yeah! I'll do Anything to get you back! Come to my house sleep over. I don't want you going to your aunts house ever again!" He said.

"Really?" I asked.

"YES." He said. " I have to go say hi to my mum anyways" he said.

"What about Zayn and them?" I asked.

"Thy will stay there too. My mums house is pretty
big." He said.

"How long are you staying here for?" I asked him.

"1 week maybe more." He said.

"Melissa, do you wanna go too?" I turned back and asked Melissa.

"Yeah ill keep you company" she said.

"Well lets go I'm hungry." Niall said. We walked out. Harry kept trying to remind me of memories we had. I felt like just kissing him and just never letting go, but how would that make me look? I would look so desperate. I'm a strong girl. I can wait. He needs to prove it. I need to see how far he will go. He already proved it to me but I wonder how much he acctually loves me. I'll see.
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