Can I Trust You With My Heart?

This story is about a girl named Valerie who had dated Harry Styles when he wasn't even close to being famous when Harry doesn't make it to the judges houses he yells at her and thy break up later on Harry try's to get her back but can she give him he heart again after what he did?


1. Hi I'm Valerie

Hi I'm Valerie or "the girl Harry Styles used to date". Never gets old does it. Now that he's 'famous' I am like the famous person in my town. I am Harry's first girlfriend. Enough with this Harry crap. I'm Valerie: short, curly hair, brunette, brown eyes typical girl people would say. I have a wierd personality it depends on my mood. I can be shy,crazy,normal I'm pretty undecided. But there is one thing I am sure of. I am madly in love with Harry Styles.

You would think I would get over it after 3 years but no, I haven't. I am very ashamed of myself though. I mean if Harry hadn't been such an amazing boyfriend I would be over it but he was romantic, hot, and an amazing listener. I mean he was my best friend since we were 3! But everything ends right? Whenever I look back though,that was the only time I have ever been happy in my life I mean my dad died in the military my mum died of cancer and I live with my aunt right now. She always goes out and her house smells like smoke all the time. It feels like I would be better off living in the park where me and Harry met. That place is memory central! I have already sneaked out before but my aunt didnt even notice I had been gone for 2 DAYS. I always try to resist doing that again though. I really want to get good grades so when I get older my life will be easier. I'm 18 in the middle of my senior year. I am pretty skinny cause my aunt never has food. She's anorexic. Like really? A 30 year old being anorexic?I wish Harry would come back one day and just save me from this horrid place but I don't know if I could ever take him back after what he did to me. I mean my one true love broke my heart. Can I trust him anymore?

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