So I Heard You Like Stakes, Eddie.

Buffy and her Slayers (along with Spike) go to Forks to rid the town of some fairy Princesses-Oh wait sorry, vampires because of the increase of teenage girls seeking out their own Cullen for a romance (they just end up being Staked-and-baked). See how The Slayers and Spike saved impressionable young women and society!


1. Slayers Verses Cullens

Buffy looked around the town she had been pointed in, a small town called Forks. Faith frowned and stood beside the blonde.

"So whaddaya think, B?"

"We should go slay whatever is in this town and get out of here, Willow's expecting us back before the next apocolypse."

Faith nodded and motioned for the other Slayers to follow her and Buffy. Kennedy crossed her arms and said,

"Shouldn't Gabrielle be helping us?"

"No," Buffy said, "She's the one who told us about this coven of vamps."

They walked through Forks until they reached the area of the Cullen's home.

"Okay so there's seven of them and 27 of us. How do ya wanna do this, B?"

"If it all goes smoothly then we can just ambush them and get it over with."

The other Slayers nodded and silently crept up on the glass house. Faith grinned and lit the molotov cocktail then threw it at the house. When it exploded the Slayers smirked as the Cullens ran out. Faith stepped up and said,

"So we heard you guys like stakes."

For several minutes Carsile tried talking them out of their decision but the Slayers stood strong.

"Sorry but we really can't allow you to keep giving vampires a bad name," Buffy replied.

"Bloody poofs you lot are," Spike commented from beside Faith, "I've met rats with more gall than you."

Then it was decided and the fight began. The Slayers' plan was to make it look like the Cullens were winning and let them drop their guard. It also helped that Spike had the Ring of Amara on him to make him invincable. To any outsider all they would have seen is blurs from how fast the Cullens were hitting and how fast Spike and the Slayers were dodging. Faith rolled her eyes as Alice jabbed at her and knocked the female vampire down. She then brang the Slayer's Scyth down on her neck quickly effectivly beheading the other.

Spike grinned maliciously at Bella and fought her the only way he knew how, leaving as much destruction as possible. After a few minutes of trading blows Spike ripped her head clean off and let it roll while he and Faith went to help the others. Soon enough there was only Buffy and Edward left. Buffy twirled the Scyth in her hand and waited for him to make the first move. He lunged at her and she dodged quickly and staked him while he was on the ground. Faith grinned watching him turn into dust.

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