Hello Beautiful

Jesse is a 18 going on 19 orphan, that lost both her mom and dad in a accident while she was away at her Grandma's house. She then moves in with her older sister Monicah, who happens to be the girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson, she's not a fan of One Direction so it's nothing to her, but when she soon falls in love with Liam Payne - Louis' band - member things go spiraling down from there, and make meeting the love of her life a terrible experience.


7. What'd she just say?

Jesse's POV

The next day I wake up with a heavy weight on my shoulders I think, maybe...no. I'm not capable of that am I? If your wondering what I mean here's a reminder: we were playing random ass questions with me, Niall, Zayn, Harry and Monicah. When it got to my last turn I asked her where our parents are and she replied back home. I then commented on her reply saying they were 6 feet under, so yeah pretty much dead. So how would you take that, if someone told you your parents were dead in that way? Shocked, scared, maybe even traumatised. Yeah, well I just did that to my own sister, who by the way hasn't come out her room since (A/N Louis and Monicah don't share rooms they won't until they get married) last night. I walk across the landing over to Louis' room to see what he's doing and knocked on the door, waiting patiently for 5 minutes. "Ugh, Louis you up?" seconds later I hear bangs, whirs and rustles like the guy's making an invention, like seriously?! How he can be? Although it does amaze me how he doesn't have a workshop in his bedroom. He opens the door looking like satan jumped him. "Yeash! What happened to you? You look like you got jumped by satan, attacked by a racoon and partially eaten by chipmunks!" he looks at me with a lopsided grin "Oh really? As if your face is the best thing to see at 5:30 in the morning" he sasses back. That is it. Shit is getting real. "Look I didn't have to come you, I could've gone to Harry you know. He's a great listener"

Louis POV

"Look I didn't have to come to you, I could've gone to Harry you know. He's a great listener" her words ring through my ears. A great listener?! Ha, your having a laugh. I'm the best in the buisness! "exxccuuuuuuiiiiissse me, paaaardon my french, but what did you just say?" how far can I push her? " you heard me, now let me in its a serious matter!" I hope its not about the Liam thing, please don't be about the Liam thing, I pray to God its not the Liam thing...

"So about Monicah..." she starts. Yess, Bonusss. "...she's not been herself since yesterday when I told her our parents are dead. I haven't seen her all day and I'm starting to get worried, what should I do?" I honestly didn't know, and to tell the truth I felt really bad. Instead of helping my other half face the death of her parents , I stayed with Liam the whole night. Some boyfriend I am huh? "Tell ya what, I'll go and see if she needs some company then." I said hoping there was something I could do to make it better. Jesse nodded accepting my proposal, then swiftly left the room leaving for me to think. So someone really close to you has died, for comfort you would want a person to be there to get you chocalates and watch sad movies and cuddle up to you and make you feel the lurrrve.

I grabbed my white tennis shoes, white shirt with red stripes and red trousers and quickly put them on while heading to the front door. I'm doing what I know and this what I know, this is how I comfort. I hurried out the door and drove to the nearest supermarket which was Netto's...didn't that shut down? I scuttle down various isles until I get to what I'm looking for quickly I pay for my items and drive to blockbusters searching for all sorts: romantic comedies, court-house dramas, coming-of-ages, you know, just the works. I hop in my car and speed (its not the first time) to the florists, as I open the door the bell jingles to reveal a short old lady, that looked very distant and lost. "Are you ok, Love?" I ask, and she nodds her head. "Fine. I'm perfectly fine young lad. So what have you come for?" I look around the shop, there's quite a lot to choose from. " A bunch of spring time's best, please?" I replied back, honestly I didn't have clue what I was getting, but they looked really pretty and after all it is spring. "Who's it for?" She asks " My girlfriend, Monicah." I say, her face expression changes from a sweet smile to an unreadable gesture. "Has Jesse told her yet, you know about her parents?" Erm, I'm a bit creeped out. How does she know the girls? "About the death yeah, why?" She looks at me shocked almost. "Can't I see how my grandbabies are doing?" What?!

Author's Note. What do we have here? Don't you think Louis would have already met the Granmother, you know at a dinner or something. This chapter has been waiting ever so patiently for publishing, and I have been spending time on Wattpad writing another fanfic and of course reading. I'm going to finish a proof read before publishing so I can't tell you what its called yet I've only published one chapter so people can get interested but it aint the greatest I must warn. My Wattpad name is the same as my Movellas name but without the dash in. So enough of my ranting and please follow me on twitter and tweet me ideas or go to my ask.fm (in previous chapter) and do whatever you can even asl me whn my next post date is, one more thing so sorry I don't update regulary. I get 12 pieces of homework per week and its a lot recently I've been given loads of projects to do at home so yeah, bye!!! Love you my Rihtards xxxxx Rihanne xx DFTS (Don't Forget To Smile)

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