Hello Beautiful

Jesse is a 18 going on 19 orphan, that lost both her mom and dad in a accident while she was away at her Grandma's house. She then moves in with her older sister Monicah, who happens to be the girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson, she's not a fan of One Direction so it's nothing to her, but when she soon falls in love with Liam Payne - Louis' band - member things go spiraling down from there, and make meeting the love of her life a terrible experience.


2. Starting over

Jesse's POV

As I rush back to Mamaw's house to get my stuff, I come to a sudden halt at the door. Time to tell Mamaw I'm going, my God what sort of person am I? Leaving her when she needs me most, I must be an awful grandchild. Ok so here we go...

I open the door with my friends following me. "Cece, what did I do? I just came over to see if everything was alright, then you snapped. And I'm sorry I didn't know why you took so long, I guess I coulda been a little less harsh and stuff..." Jimmi says. Yes, I love my friends but sometimes their not as understanding as they could be, y'know? I mean I've known them forever but they just...don't get me. "Ugh, guys, now is not the time for all this drama" I wave at them and shove them out of my grandmother's house "Drama my ass" Ieva screams back. Yup, I definately want new friends for Christmas.

I hear shuffling from upstairs "Mamaw? You there?" the shuffling continues down the stairs, I tiptoe to see who it is. It's Mamaw, no chiz, I am not in the mood to fight off a thief. Mamaw starts mummuring things, I struggle to catch what she's saying.

"Sorry, I'm sorry, I don't forgive myself..."

"Huh, what, you had nothing to do with this, don't be. Things always happen for a reason"

"It's my fault, call me a criminal if you will, that's the least I deserve..."

"Mamaw, you didn't do anything, you were here the whole time remember?"

"You have to understand Cece, you must. The truth, the truth is yet to be uncovered..."

Ok, now this, I did not understand. Mamaw was here the whole time, I know because there's only one key and I had it. Unless Mamaw was secretly training to be a creeper ninja, there's no way she could have done it. I sit Mamaw on the couch and head upstairs to pack just the essentials, I'm going to my sister's house so I already have clothes.

I stand at the doorway of my room, and look around. It's painted purple with turquoise flames, just how it was when i first stayed here, I'm sure gonna miss this place. I rummage through some old stuff and suddenly I'm on a trip down memory lane. 'No, Jesse now is now is not the time' I think to myself. I take out three suitcases and pack like there's no tomorrow, seriously, I need to get to my sister soon. Woah, wait, back the truck up, I should call first, she might have visitors, it would be rude. I press speed dial and Monicah picks up on the second ring.

"Hello, ReeRee, is this you?"

"Yeah, It's me. Listen I kinda have some bad news, and I was wondering if I  could stay with you for a while, y'know if you don't have any guests or anything..."

"Psh-yeah! Whether i have guests or not doesn't have anything to do with you come over and I'll get your room ready, how long are you staying?"

"Only like, forever...If that's ok I mean"

"Sure! We're always looking for more to join the family! Oh, one more question..."


"Which room do you want? There's a blue one with red swirls, a yellow one with multicolored polka or a purple one with turqouise flames and orange plumes of smoke and each one has an En suite. So like I said, which room do you want?"

"I WANT THE PURPLE ONE, erm I mean, please?"

"Ok lil' sister, be on your way at 1:45 it takes about 15 minutes to get here, so try and make it in time for the movie marathon, oh and bring a onesie, gotta go bye love you"

"Bye love you too"

Sigh. It's movie night, I forgot. Now how am I supposed to break in the bad news? Eh, there's a first time for everything right? I trudge back down stairs with my three suitcases to see Mamaw sitting in the exact same spot I left her in. I hope sh ecan manage while I'm gone.

"Mamaw, don't worry, I'm going to see Monicah now. She'll take care of me and I promise I'll come back to visit you. And I'll make it every week, just to see how your doing, I won't forget you, promise."

She looked up after I finished talking, with a hint of gladness.

"I know you'll be strong, Cece, just like you always have been. Be on your best behaviour, and don't fangirl over that band - what is it - Two Ways?"

"No, it's One Direction, and I probably won't. Love you Mamaw."

"Love you baby girl, and remember what I told you 'never forget how much you and your sister meant to your parents' "

"I won't."

And with that I set off to my sister's house. I got there in about 10 minutes, rushed upstairs to my new room with just enough time to get into my onesie and get some of my stuff packed away. There was a knock on the door, I turned to see who it was and...

A/N Who will she see, that's for you to find out. Go on get reading the next chapter, and I know these authors notes are boring but please read em!! So like before comment, favourite and like. Tell me what needs to improve this is a story for you and your benefit so tell what you think!!!
I tried my best!!!
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DFTS (Don't Forget To Smile)
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