Hello Beautiful

Jesse is a 18 going on 19 orphan, that lost both her mom and dad in a accident while she was away at her Grandma's house. She then moves in with her older sister Monicah, who happens to be the girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson, she's not a fan of One Direction so it's nothing to her, but when she soon falls in love with Liam Payne - Louis' band - member things go spiraling down from there, and make meeting the love of her life a terrible experience.


3. Making New Friends

Liam's POV

I knocked on the door fully dressed in my onesie. Monicah told me to tell her little sister that the movie marathon will be up and running and that she needs to be down soon, probably a 13 year old girl that has brought the life size posters of all of us on her wall AKA a directioner in the making. There was no reply so I gladly let myself in, and boy was I wrong. Lying there on the kingsize bed was a girl that looked 19 with curly brown hair (similar hairstyle to Zendaya) that dropped just below her chest, bluey grey eyes with a hint of green and brown framing them, fairly tanned skin, dimples, pink rosy lips and from the looks of it perfect pearly whites. I stood there for about half a minute starring at her, she must have noticed because she started...glaring at me? "Don't look at what isn't yours." she said. I was genuinely shocked. Did she not know who I was?




Jesse's POV

I was lying on my new bed going through some old family photos, when I heard a knock on the door , I ignored it. I knew if I answered it I would end up letting my anger out on whoever was standing outside. Without warning the door opened, and there stood a guy around 5'10, with golden brown locks, brown eyes and a small birthmark resting a little lower than his Adam's apple. I noticed him staring at me for quite a while, and thought it quite rude. How can you come into a stranger's room, without warning and just stare at them. I mean like really? At this point I was glaring at him, this was the least I could do, if I was really mad he would be dead already. I got tired of holding my glare and said "Don't look at what isn't yours." and at this remark he looked properly shocked, what, never seen a girl with attitude before? His expression changed from shocked to stern. "Monicah says you need to be downstairs now, the marathon is starting." Before he finished his sentence I was out of the room and halfway down the stairs, and there I was greeted with a massive bear hug.

"Well, well, well and well. Look who decided to come out from hibernation, and to think, the atmosphere was so much better without you." said the sass master a.k.a Louis. I've already met Louis, of course I had to because I'm that type of sister that has to interogate their siblings love life. "Louis, shut up and go eat a carrot or something." I reply, and walk off with a smirk on my face. I never lose.

Louis' POV

After having some lemonade, I walk out of the kitchen and see Jesse in her onesie halfway down the stairs. Now's my chance. I make a leap over the sofa, which in fact was an epic one for the record, and race to meet her at the bottom of the stairs. "Well, well, well and well." I sass "Look who decided to come out from hibernation, and to think, the atmosphere was so much better without you." bet you she can't beat that awesome piece of sass "Louis, shut up and go eat a carrot or something." she replies. Damn and I really thought I had this sass thing going! Oh well, to the fridge we go for carrots and beverages.

Hey once again A/N:

I don't know if you guise can tell, because of the long time periods but I'm having a really hard time writing. I've got the ideas,  but the thing is your having to wait longer because 1) im not on the site very often and 2) the chapters and bare long! I can try writing shorter chapters in one persons pov, but that makes it a lot harder to keep up with the story and gives waaayyyyy too much suspence, tell me what you guise want and i can work with that remember to comment, like, favourite and become a fan! and don't forget...I'm checking...

kk deuces byeeeeeeee xxxx

Rihanne xx


DFTS (Don't Forget To Smile)

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