Hello Beautiful

Jesse is a 18 going on 19 orphan, that lost both her mom and dad in a accident while she was away at her Grandma's house. She then moves in with her older sister Monicah, who happens to be the girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson, she's not a fan of One Direction so it's nothing to her, but when she soon falls in love with Liam Payne - Louis' band - member things go spiraling down from there, and make meeting the love of her life a terrible experience.


5. Funny business

Liam's POV

What Zayn did really hurt me. I can't believe he let her kiss him, and right in front of me, like not even in a closet or something. After doing my dare and crying through half of it, I ran upstairs and locked myself away in my room. I couldn't stand the sign of Zayn right now, I just wanted to be alone.

Zayn's POV

I feel bad for Liam. How could I betray him like that, I knew kissing Jesse was wrong no matter what condition it was under. As soon as Liam finished his dare: he went into hysterics, ran upstairs and locked the door. I knew he would be staying in there for a while.

Louis' POV

I knew something was up with Liam so I excused myself from the game and followed close behind, by the time I reached the door Liam had already locked it. I knew whatever got Liam so upset, was very serious as he never acted this way, never. I gently knocked on the door and waited a while before I heard someone shuffeling on the other side of the door and quickly added "LiLi, it's me boobear, can you let me in?" slowly the door creaked open to reveal an out of shape Liam. "What happened?" I asked, wanting to uncover what hurt him so bad. He moved me out of the hallway and into the bedroom before the locking the door once again. He motioned for me to sit next to him on the floor. "I-I I can't do it anymore Louis. I can't see her kiss someone else, and be ok about it - I just can't." At first I didn't understand what was going on, but when I thought about it, I understood. Liam likes Jesse. Liam like-likes Jesse. But Jesse doesn't like him back, because she kissed Zayn, even though she had a choice not to, she took up the offer. I rubbed his back and said "Don't worry Li, I know how to make things better - I have a plan." At this remark Liam looked terrified, what for? He knows how well my plans turn out.

Liam's POV

When Louis told me he had a plan, I was terrified. I knew Jesse already hated me and I really didn't want to have anything else make it worse. "Erm...no Lou, thanks but no thanks. She hates me enough as it is, can we please just leave it how it is?" I begged. And of course, that wasn't enough for the chap in the stripy TOMS (had to sozza XD). Louis grabbed me by the wrist and practically dragged me down the stairs. Ok, no first of all this guy did not drag me down the stairs - he attacked and harrassed me before sending me tumbling down the stairs, landing with a thud. "Ouch, dear god Louis, how much planning was needed for that entrance?"  I mumbled still coming to my senses.

"Ho-ho-hold the fuck up! It's time for my entrance, LiLi I need you to catch me when I jump from the top of the stairs, kay?"

"Louis this doesn't seem like a goo-"

"On three, three!"

"NO! Oof!...idea...". Before I knew it everyone burst out laughing, including Jesse, I made her laugh - No possible way!




Authors Note Sooooooo whadaya think? Looks like louis' plan did work after all - well part of it. And why the fuck did i make it seem like Liam has been waiting forever, eugh. Comment, fan like favourite do what you do DFTS (Don't Forget To Smile)

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