Hello Beautiful

Jesse is a 18 going on 19 orphan, that lost both her mom and dad in a accident while she was away at her Grandma's house. She then moves in with her older sister Monicah, who happens to be the girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson, she's not a fan of One Direction so it's nothing to her, but when she soon falls in love with Liam Payne - Louis' band - member things go spiraling down from there, and make meeting the love of her life a terrible experience.


1. Bad News

Nobody's POV


"Yes, how may I help you?"

"Is this Delrosa Phillips, if so I have some very bad news."

"Yes, this is she, what is this bad news you talk of?"

"Well, Mr and Mrs Coleman have died in a house fire due to careless smoking, I am very sorry for your loss."

"Oh, well thank you for telling me, goodbye."

"Goodbye, Mrs Phillips."

A single tear ran down her face as she hung up. 'What is this world coming to?' she thought. 'I better tell Jesse, this news is better faced together than alone.'

Jesse's POV

I was walking back to the soccer fields to meet up with my friends, Jimmi, Becky, Ieva and Connor. We were having a re-match, seeing as the last time I "supposedly" cheated, well its not my fault, and incase your wondering no I did not cheat. I never cheat, I never have and I never will. It just doesn't feel right. Anyways, I saw two figuires running towards me at top speed. My instinct was to run, but as always I did the exact opposite.

"jjjjjjjjeeeeeesssssseeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!" I heard someone scream, I mean Jimmi scream. This was followed by a series of hollers and yells, suddenly two more figuires bobbed along the horizon. "mmmmmiiiiiimmmmmiiiiiiii" I screamed back. "Hey what about us?" Connor yelled referring to himself, Ieva and Becky. "Eye, Beckster, Woofy!!!" I hollered, what, I couldn't have my best friends feeling unloved. "Woofy?" Connor asked "Really?" he pulled the puppy dog face, well it had no effect over me whatsoever. "You get what your given, Woofy, and I think it suits you quite well." I said with a smug grin. Jesse 1, Connor 0.

          ********************3 hours later, afternoon*******************

Just as we were packing up to go home, my phone went off, the caller ID came up with 'Mamaw'. "Sorry guys, I gotta take this" I walked off to the nearest bench. "Hello? Mamaw, what's up?" I heard faint weeping on the other end, wait, weeping? Now I was scared Mamaw never cried, she was pretty much like me and cheating. "Jesse, oh Jesse, I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, I couldn't pluck up the courage. Cece (My nickname), your parents, t-they were k-k-killed by a fire which started on because of careless smoking. Really Cece, I didn't want to have t-to tell you like this, but here it is: this is no joke, Jesse Maree Coleman, you are now an orphan, just never forget how much you and your sister meant to your parents. Please let her know. I love you." and with that she hung up. 'What did she mean I was an orphan, was she saying that not one of my parents survived?' I thought to myself. 'Unbelievable...and thats just it! Its all a dream, I'll wake up I know I will.' I closed myself and began pinching myself, again and again. I opened my eyes with the intention of being at home in bed, boy was I wrong.

I looked around me and saw that it wasn't a dream, I was still in the park with my friends still packing up. Jimmi came over to me "Hey Cece, was that call fake, you've been over here for 15 minutes, and we're nearly done packing, so we'll be going home soon." I don't know what happend, something in me snapped, my temper broke. "Don't you tell me that I can't have a decent talk with my Mamaw, explaining to me that I am now an orphan! I don't need you or any of these shitloads, I've been calling 'friends' for the last five years, telling me what I can or cannot do. You're not my father or my mother, their gone now so I am in control of myself, and have nothing to lose, did ya heard, shitrags, did ya?" I screeched at the top of my voice just then, Ieva, Conner and Becky appeared. I went on a rampage with a hurt - yet concerned - group of friends following me. I destroyed, vandalised and dismantled everything in my path, I had to get back to Mamaw, poor woman, putting this all on herself, I can't imagine why.

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Rihanne xx

DFTS ( Don't Forget To Smile)
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