Irish diddy (FINISHED)

Love can be fucking complicated...
(a Niall/Harry fanfic)


9. Irish diddy; Chapter 9


I woke up next to a mountain of used tissues and an empty bottle of wine. It was Sunday and Harry had texted me over 30 times. Why was he annoying me? I took a look at the watch and then I knew why he did. It was 9pm, I slept the whole day. Quickly I hoped into some sweatpants and a tank-top deciding to talk about Niall with Harry.

I knocked at his door and immediately got engulfed into a hug and a million questions. “Where were you? What were you doing? Why didn’t you call me? I was worried! Are you alright? What is wrong? Why didn’t you show up yesterday?” – “IT’S FINE! I just slept all day! Get off me” I said grumpily and fell onto his bed. “I’m sorry… can I get you anything?” I pointed to a Red Bull he was having on his desk and he opened it up for me.

“Harry… can we switch that whole relationship thing off for just this one conversation? I need my best friend now, really badly” He wasn’t sure but then he nodded his head and sat in front of me. “What’s wrong?” I handed him the letter and he read it over and over again. We both didn’t speak and you could feel the awkwardness in the air when somehow he managed to say “What does that mean now? We have just been together for two days… I told you if you don’t feel right about it just leave me it’s okay I could deal with it… if you’re here to tell me I’m less important to you than he is then this is okay… because all I want you to be is happy and I couldn’t live with the fact that I don’t make you happy. Please just… be happy okay? Nothing else is more important to me” While he was speaking his voice trembled and his eyes filled with big and heavy tears. He looked down on his legs.

I needed to giggle but I didn’t know why. My giggling made him chuckle a bit and he wiped his tears off though his eyes still filled with new tears over and over again. “Why is this funny? Are you laughing at me now? I just want you to be happy… is that a crime or something? Am I supposed to be all jealous and angry about this? Or what? I mean…” – “Would you PLEASE already kiss me you dumbass?” I chuckled and pulled him over to sweetly kiss him.

I looked into his green, lovely and full of tears eyes. “Of course this is not the end what were you thinking? I just wanted to talk about it and if you feel bad about it but I never thought you’d be so cute! You’re such a dumbass!” I repeated and kissed him again. He looked at his legs again. “Now I feel dumb…” – “Hey, look at me. I wasn’t even thinking of leaving you baby it’s just… this whole letter really confused me but now that you’re a crybaby I thought ‘Yeah, he might be the happiest guy in the world. But I am the happiest girl and your feelings won’t destroy that Niall’ so please get over it. It’s all fine again, okay?” A final tear strolled down his face and I caught it with my finger tip. 
“See this? It’s wasted water” – “Nothing is wasted when it’s about you though”  He pulled me into a kiss and I felt the butterflies creep into my stomach and suddenly erupting. I was about to fall for this boy.

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