Irish diddy (FINISHED)

Love can be fucking complicated...
(a Niall/Harry fanfic)


8. Irish diddy; Chapter 8


The sunshine tickled my skin and I woke up. Alone. “I am Harrys girlfriend… I am Harrys girlfriend” I repeated over and over and over again, still not believing it. I found a note on my desk in a certain sloppy handwriting I know pretty well. “Just went to change my clothes. It’s Saturday, wanna go to the beach and eat some ice-cream? Love, H .xxx” I got ready and decided to wait outside on a bench. I spotted Niall playing beach Volleyball with some friends. Topless. “Niall?” I shouted and waved, he said something to his friends and came over. “Where have you been yesterday?” – “I went to shortly take a shower, I told you! You didn’t react though and when I came back you were gone. But it’s okay” he smiled at me. “Oh… I was lost in some thoughts of mine, just don’t mind it” Suddenly Harry sat down next to me, turning my head and kissing me. A little uncomfortable but still happy I stopped the kiss after a few seconds to say something to Niall but he was already gone. “Let’s go?” Harry said and pulled me up. We went through the village and looked at some things, bought some “Ben&Jerry’s” and went towards the beach, which actually was just a bunch of stones nearby the sea.

After we ate the ice-cream I snuggled up to Harry and closed my eyes. “Harry… it feels weird to be together with you. Somehow right but still weird”

He sat up and looked into my eyes, he eventually looked really hurt. “Why?” Remembering my dream, I couldn’t concentrate on what I would answer. “Hello? Anyone home?” I giggled and kissed him. “Maybe I just need some time to actually fall in love with you” – “I could make you fall for me, that’d be easier for you, wouldn’t it?” I nodded my head. “Then let’s start with this”

He leant in for a kiss, really slowly. Not even opening his mouth but giving this simple touch of our lips a kind of meaning. Gently he opened his mouth, asking for entrance which I agreed to. Our tongues colliding and his slowly exploring mine. He ran his fingers through my hair, not fast. Like everything was in slow motion. Somehow I felt how little butterflies appeared in my stomach making me feel dizzy and realizing that this moment was one I was suffering for.

After some time he removed his lips but still not moving his head. “Waited for this a little eternity” he whispered which made me giggle. “That sounded so cheesy” He joined my laugh and looked into my eyes. “I prepared a surprise for today, you have to come to my houses common room” – “Will be there” – “Expected nothing else” He leant in for another kiss and just before our lips met again he tickled me and I bursted out into laughter.

“Stop it! That’s not funny” I laughed and twisted, trying to escape. “Then why are you laughing?” he grinned and tickled me even more. “Stop!” I shouted and he removed his hands. I sat on his lap, facing him. “Mind if I take the lead once?” – “I beg you”

Slowly I moved closer and when our lips were about to meet I stopped and smiled, twisting one of his cheeky curls. He smiled back. When he smiled I slowly flipped my tongue on his lower lip ending it up with a simple kiss and we both smiled in the middle of it. I pulled back. “Don’t stop” he begged. “I got a text message let me just check it” I giggled and took out my phone. “Niall Horan: So you and Harry?” I didn’t answer it, thoughts of Niall shouldn’t destroy what I was about to build up with Harry right now. We continued our little game for a while and we went back to school in the afternoon. I kissed Harry good bye and we both went to our rooms in the separate houses. Vali was there and immediately asked “YOU AND HARRY? OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED?? Tell me everything!”

“We’re together… And I think I fell for him” – “What about Niall then? By the way, he dropped by and left you this” She handed me a CD. “Our soundtrack” it said and the songs were written on the back. “Also this. Listen, I need to go now, gonna meet up with Zayn but we’ll chat later about Harry and you! Love you” she said and rushed outside. It was a letter from Niall.


“Hey Emily.

Why I brought you this CD? I made it for you… and me. I thought about all that you said to me and how cute you were when I told you I won’t be a dad. I think I like you too and now that you’re together with Harry it doesn’t matter anyway… Yesterday I actually wanted to surprise you with the CD and tell you how I feel. That kind of failed, didn’t it? I wish you the best with Harry, you’re prefect for each other. I’ll deal with it, it’s fine, really! He’s the luckiest guy on earth. All the best,

Niall xoxo

P.S.: I wish I could be him”


Tears streamed down my face, onto my shirt. What is happening? I was suffering for a boyfriend or at least for a boy that likes me for over three years and now I have two of them, not able to decide. Forgetting about everything else I sat down, I just needed alcohol.



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