Irish diddy (FINISHED)

Love can be fucking complicated...
(a Niall/Harry fanfic)


7. Irish diddy; Chapter 7


“Hellooooooooooooo beautiful!” he said, he was here earlier than usual. “Hey. How was your day?” I let out this usual first question not looking into his eyes, as usual. “Good news!” Glass shattering in my head. Aitana is pregnant. He will be a dad and that is fucking good news for him. Oh hell, my arm will hurt. “I will… not be a father!” I almost. fell. out. of. the. window. “WHAT?? OH MY GOD HELL… Good for you!” Fuck I need to calm but oh my god, the boy I love… like doesn’t become a dad so I can go for it. Just one problem, my best friend loves me. But I can’t talk to Harry about this story because it involves him… Fuck. I am so fucked.

I didn’t notice he disappeared when I was thinking about my fucking fucked up life. I looked closely into his room. “Niall? Niall! Where are you? Hello? Anyone?” I repeated for five minutes. Deciding to call him and turned around just to fall into some arms not noticing whose arms they were. “Arms… around me. Smells like… Niall” I said and hugged even tighter not wanting to let go of this moment, of this day. Niall told me he doesn’t become a dad of an irish-american baby and now just came over to hug me. And maybe more.

A husky voice pulled me out of my wonderful dreams. “Nope, it’s Harry here. I needed to see you” He let go. “You expected Niall…” – “I… Harry I am…” He backed off and said “No… it’s okay. I understand. By the way no need to make the call anymore about the… just forget it” I grabbed his hand and turned him around. Next thing I knew was him and me locked together on my bed, kissing.

I was surprised how much I liked kissing him and being next to him. Oh god no. “Harry… I am supposed to like Niall… and now” – “Why? Why are you supposed to do this? I mean seriously…” – “I don’t… my head says ‘YOU, like Niall not Harry’ and my heart says ‘Go for Harry… now’ and I don’t know what to do” He placed a sweet kiss on my lips. “Praise the lord, please listen to your heart” I snuggled up to him, into his chest and into his purple hoodie. “Can we just… cuddle and stay here for a while?” – “As long as you wish princess” he answered and gently stroked my hair. His strokes got slower and after a while I noticed that he fell asleep while I still didn’t know what to do.

I thought about everything for a while. When I chose Niall there was no guarantee that I will even get together with him or that he will treat me right. Nothing was guaranteed. With Harry everything was sure, he would get together with me in a heart-beat and I know him. He would be the sweetest and most gentle boyfriend in my life. I think my heart already made the choice without asking me or letting me know…

Harry was still asleep. I twirled one of his curls and whispered “Hey… you don’t know it yet but when you wake up you will already be my boyfriend” He smiled in his sleep and whispered back “You just made me the happiest guy on earth baby” He snuggled even closer up to me.

I fell asleep after some time smiling like a dumbass… Not with Harry on my mind but with some certain irish guy on my mind.

My dream was one thing over and over. Niall how he says just one word… “Why?”

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