Irish diddy (FINISHED)

Love can be fucking complicated...
(a Niall/Harry fanfic)


6. Irish diddy; Chapter 6

A/N 7 is also finished so it will be up soon! X Sam


Three weeks passed since I have been acting like a baby. The day after I was cutting myself in front of Niall I went up to him and apologized for being so stupid. He answered that it’s okay and he hopes that everything’s alright again.

Yes, yes I said. It wasn’t. Nothing was alright. I was so fucking broken that I was cutting the wounds open again every week. Nobody noticed. I only wore long sleeves.

Everything was more or less okay until this one Monday. I was in my room, lying on the bed doing nothing after finishing everything I had to do. Like always. That’s depression everyone says. They were right, it was a normal afternoon. Suddenly someone knocked at the door. “Hello?” – “Hey babe, it’s me! Let me in!” Harry’s husky voice came through the door. It made me shiver, his voice was so awesome although it sounded a bit sad. I opened the door and the next thing I knew was Harry’s lips pressed against mine. I pulled away in the same second as I screamed “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON” – “I love you” – “Again… what was THAT?” He sat down on my bed and looked at me with his surprisingly green eyes. I didn’t know what I should do so I just randomly stood there and said nothing while staring at Harry’s lips. They tasted like strawberries.

“Raegan and I broke up… actually a week ago. Before she went to America” Raegan went to America for two weeks because some uncle of her died and she needed to go to the funeral. “It was a mutual decision, she said it though. She was thinking about it a few weeks. She noticed the way I was looking at you, not at her. The way I was laughing about your jokes, not hers. She knew I liked you more than her. Emily, I love you. And I’m telling you now because I can’t keep it anymore”

My mind was so fucking blown I couldn’t even breathe. I really forgot to breathe. After some time doing literally nothing I catched some breath and sat down next to him. “Harry, you’re my best friend you know that. And you know about me and Niall. That I’m depressed and stuff like that” – “Yes but… if you would give me a chance I would never ever hurt you like him I would even use a condom so I wouldn’t get you pregnant well not until we’re married” He winked at me and I needed to giggle.

“But seriously, give me a try, it’ll be worth it and you won’t regret” – “Harry… You just told me that you LOVE me after years of friendship. I don’t know what to think or do I am like a 100% confused now! Please… leave now and I will call you later” He looked quite disappointed but still he bravely answered “I’ll be waiting for your call” He kissed my forehead and left.

What… was that? I slowly lied back down on bed and overthought this situation for hours. When it already was dark I went to sit on my window shelf. Niall hurted me the most in my life but still I wanted to see him. I decided to tell him about the thing with Harry, maybe he got jealous.

And even more jealous when I tell him that I’ll go together with Harry.


A/N I will not be updating 'The other one' for a while! X Sam

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