Irish diddy (FINISHED)

Love can be fucking complicated...
(a Niall/Harry fanfic)


5. Irish diddy; Chapter 5



“Do you have a condom?” I asked breathless as she kissed her way up back my torso. “No” – “ We should stop it then” I moaned not making a move to stop but taking off her underwear. “We should stop” I said as I slowly got, well into her. She groaned. “We  take the risk, would be late already”

After half an hour we both were finished and totally exhausted. She was breathless and couldn’t even say anything. “Wow” I spilled out while still catching breath. “Best sex… ever” she moaned and smiled. I ran my fingers through her long and brown hair. “I am like so drunk” I added and smiled. In answer to that she kissed me wildly and put her hand slowly down my torso again. “Me too. When I’m drunk I can be really naughty” – “I like that”


I thought back to the night of the party. Emily has already left me here in my bed and returned to her room. I also remember that I was thinking of Emily quite a few times while having sex with Aitana. I knew it would come like this, that I’d fuck her. But not without a condom and so many times. She should get her period tomorrow, if she doesn’t get it until Friday which is five weeks after it then she will go to the doctors. I was quite worried. I didn’t want to be a father, I was deffo not ready for this. I ran my fingers through my own hair. What have I done? I should’ve thought twice. Though I wanted to I haven’t told Emily that I could possibly be a father, she was my best friend but she also loved me. I didn’t want to hurt her. Aitana decided to keep the baby if she was pregnant, which would mean she would still live here but with the baby and I would continue school but also work here, we already talked to the school doctor and another doctor in town. But nobody could tell if she’s pregnant or not. It was killing me.

“Baby? How are you now?” I heard her sweet voice from the other window. “I’m okay… I guess” I sat down on my window shelf. „Why are you even so much down? You weren’t even together with her!“ – “I think it’s time to tell you…” – “Tell me what?” She sounded nervous. “I probably… got her pregnant” – “YOU DID WHAT? Are you fucking kidding me? I sit here, loving you and caring and telling you that so many times and then you get that Californian girl PREGNANT? I was there for you! What if you become dad? Does she want to keep it?” She got really mad.

“She would want to keep it if she was pregnant and I know I’m so fucking dumb… I’m sorry baby” – “Don’t tell me that you’re sorry! I bet you’re not. I bet you had awesome sex with that awesome girl and I’m sure you’ll get awesome babies and be all awesome your life LONG!” Before I could answer her she jumped back into her room and slammed the window behind her. Okay, now I got her really angry.

Emilys POV

I couldn’t believe what he has done to me. Well, not to me but to the Californian Bitch. He put a baby into her belly and I bet it will be absolutely awesome and he will forget about me. Of course he will. They always do. I will lose my best friend to that girl and her baby. I can’t be mad at him for leaving because he has a baby but I can be mad at him for not using a fucking condom and putting that bitch before me. I didn’t know what I was doing and before I could think I was throwing several things against the wall and onto the floor. Some books ripped apart, glass shattered. I screamed. I knew he would watch this scenario right now. Good.

I went to our bathroom. He couldn’t stop me now, out of my anger I took my razorblade. He should see this. I went in front of the window and took off my long sleeve shirt, only standing there in a bra I made sure he watched. His eyes widened as I showed him the blade. I smiled and slowly pulled it down my wrist, from my hand to my elbow, one whole round.  It built kind of an S. The blade fell down to the floor, my arm was bleeding. I wiped the blood off with a towel. He still watched every move I made.

I pulled the window up. “Thanks for fucking with my feelings” I said and closed it again.

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