Irish diddy (FINISHED)

Love can be fucking complicated...
(a Niall/Harry fanfic)


4. Irish diddy; Chapter 4


“And is he the love of your life and are you together now?” – “No Nialll! Stop it now!” I got quite angry. Four weeks had passed since we spent that day in town and kissed. Nothing like that happened afterwards and on the first Friday of the year the boys threw a party. On the party, they invited almost everybody from year three, two and four. Some kids of year one also showed up. They were like fifteen and sixteen. I was drinking a lot, trying to forget about the fact that I loved my best mate, he kissed me earlier that week though he didn’t love me and that right now he was fucking Aitana in some bedroom. I couldn’t care too much I was concentrated on getting a guy to fuck with in that night. So I would fuck with Nialls feelings. After a while I found Christian sitting alone in some corner. He was actually pretty good looking and with that thought I pulled him upstairs, into Harrys bedroom. Harry was my best friend, he wouldn’t care. I started undressing him while passionately kissing him. The sex was nothing special, I was just fucking with him because I wanted to hurt Niall. And it obviously worked.

Over the past four weeks after the party he was annoying me with how the sex was and everything. Every time, I lied. “It was like so great” I said with a serious voice. “I wonder if I should call him or talk to him sometime, I want this again” His eyes looked like they were dead, although he acted normal. He was going out with Aitana for two weeks now but they weren’t together. Which brought us to today again. Like usual, he was asking me on how much I liked Christian etc.

“Well, but you like him, right? Why? He’s not a footballer or anything, he’s 18 and in second year. What the fuck?” It was just enough. “Niall! Don’t you recognize how much you ask for that? I don’t want to sound arrogant but do you like me or anything? Because you give me the fucking feeling of you liking me. Though you have a girlfriend. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with you?!” I shouted. “She… isn’t my girlfriend” he said and walked off without another word said. “I KNEW IT!” I screamed and threw my books to the floor. I should’ve been happy but I was angry. Why did he insult Christian? I mean he shouldn’t care, he had his Californian Princess.

The rest of the day was absolutely horrible. Everybody annoyed me and pissed me off. I even shouted at Vali. “Wow, chill your life” she slowly said. “Stop the weed!” I answered and angrily tried to continue my homework. “Ya know, ya should tell ‘im how ya feel” Zayn said and took a drag of the joint. “GOD! This is your fifth joint today! You junkies should turn that a bit down!” – “But why?” – “It is NOT healthy, whatever you say. Yes, nobody died from it but you can get schizophrenia. Yes, people died from fucking alcohol but only because they don’t know their fucking limit. Just stop it!” – “Wow somebody is pissed” Vali sarcastically said while she prepared her bong. “Seriously?” – “Yeaaaah” – “FUCK OFF ALREADY! BOTH!”

They got up and slowly walked out. They seemed pissed but they wouldn’t remember later anyways. Both of them were such smokers. Look like Barbie, smoke like Marley I always said to her, as she had beautiful long and blonde hair. She was on the shorter side and the way she did her make-up was unbelievable. She was so beautiful but anyways I was absolutely angry at her.

After I had done my homework, it was already dark, I decided to sit down on my window shelf and look into the stars. It was one of the first days of fall and it was still warm and comfortable outside. I was sure Niall wouldn’t show up so I just wore my sweatpants and bra, it was so warm I needed to take the chance to sit outside only in my bra for one more time until the bitter cold winter would come.

“Nice bra” This time I really fell down my shelf, inside and on Valis bed which was placed under the window. “NIALL!” – “Sorry” He laughed. “Stop your laugh! Oh my god I need to get a shirt!” I ran around inside looking for a pretty shirt to wear. All I found was Harrys “Enjoy my Cock” shirt which he left here for me. “Oh god…” I whispered to myself as I sat down on my window shelf again. This time it was Nialls turn to fall down his window shelf, because of laughter. “Shut up already! It’s the only shirt I found!” He calmed down and sat back down. “Actually I came to talk to you” – “You don’t say?” I giggled and rolled my eyes. “Well, Aitana told me today that she is… um well… not attracted to me anymore and she wanted to end it before I would get hurt”

Nialls POV

I didn’t look up while I slowly spilled those words. As I looked up Emily had disappeared. “Emily?” I asked and tried to catch a look into her bedroom. “Hello? Where are you?” Suddenly I was engulfed into a hug from behind. “I am not here for any cheeky reason, I know you need a best friend now” she said and hugged me even tighter. I knew why she was my best friend. “Thanks” I whispered and buried my head in her shoulder and neck. A slow tear dropped from my eye and ran down her back which made her shiver. “Sorry” I said and wiped away the tiny bit of water the tear had left which caused me to put my hand under her shirt. I slowly stroked along her back until there was no water left. She shivered again. “It’s okay baby” she suddenly said and stroked my head. “How about I will get us some ice-cream and tissues and we talk about everything, just like the other year where Ryan broke up with me? Ben and Jerrys?” – “Sounds lovely” I smiled and fell onto my bed. “Give me 10” she said and disappeared.

So, it was over with Aitana before it even began. Maybe it was better this way, I always thought about Emily when I was with her. The party started everything and made everything go into the wrong direction. Although it was now over and I was officially single there was still the little problem which could get quite big. I was distracted when Emily came back inside with two big cups of ‘Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough’ and a big boy of tissues. “You’re the best” I smiled and pulled her into a hug.

I should go for Emily. But there still was the little problem.

It all started with the party.


A/N I already finished chap 5, so it will be up next! Please guys leave some feedback! Xxx Sam

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