Irish diddy (FINISHED)

Love can be fucking complicated...
(a Niall/Harry fanfic)


3. Irish diddy; Chapter 3

A/N 'The other one' will be updated later tonight, just enjoy this one ok ;D xxx


I opened my eyes. “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat the heeeeeeeeell did I dooooo” I slowly moaned to myself and aggressively rubbed my eyes. “Something good, Emily” I heard him saying which threw my body to the floor out of shock. “NIALL! Seriously turn that down!” He laughed and came over to carry me on his hands to the couch and to lay me down. My heart flattered. “What are you doing?” I finally said after spending eternity in his green and blue eyes. “Caring for you and being a good friend” – “Good friends don’t carry good friends on their hands and slowly put them down on the sofa while staring into their eyes seductively…” I whispered. He smiled. “I think you should change now, school starts in fourty minutes and we still need to grab breakfast” – “I don’t want to go to schoooool” I moaned and hit his shoulder.  “Well then let’s go to the town”

I looked at him suspiciously. “Sure?” – “Yes. Let’s spend a day together, let me make it okay again. Yesterday I was so rude. And no, you didn’t destroy our friendship” He smiled and kissed my forehead. Okay. My heart just stopped I guess. “Let me just get myself ready, okay? Give me 15” – “Waiting outside your room”

As soon as he was outside I jumped up, quickly put on my hottest of hot pants and some flattery green and white shirt. I stuffed my things into a huge white bag and took my sunglases. I sprayed some hair spray onto my hair. I almost was at the door when I remembered I should brush my teeth. I ran back, into our bathroom and right back to the door. I took all my bravery and opened it. “Let’s go then” I smiled.

Nialls eyes widened as he saw me. “Dang!” – “Oh thanks” I sarcastically answered and rolled my eyes. “Let’s get out before anyone sees us” – “We’re going to the doctors!” Niall answered in a serious voice. I laughed and went outside, straight up the gateway of the school. I tiped in the code and went outside, holding the door open for Niall. “Thanks sweetheart” he lifted my chin and winked at me. My knees got weaker than ever I swear. I walked behind him. His flawless walk made me go fuzzy inside. I bit my lower lip. I was about to spend the day with Niall, just us two, good to become close with him.

We made our way up to the white cliffs of Dover. There arrived we took the silliest pictures of all time with our phones. We laughed like never before. After that we went to Dover castle and relaxed on the meadow right after the entry. After an hour of relaxing, he pulled me close to him so I could snuggle up to him. “I like how you act today” – “Well, how do I act?” – “Adorable” He stroked my arm and kissed my forehead. I fell asleep for a while, I felt safe in his arms. Suddenly my phone rang. “Vali …” I said and picked up. “Yeah?” – “Aaaaaand? Having a good day with Niaaaall?” – “How did you know?” I was confused. Niall giggled. “Well, I told him to spend the day with you, actually I put the idea of it into his head” – “Um, okay. I’d like to sleep again now” – “Kay, bye” She disconnected and I put my head back down on his chest, ready to sleep again. 
“How about we go to the beach now?” he said before I could fall asleep. “Only if you carry me and my bag” I joked. In answer he picked me up for the second time this day and started carrying me down the hill. “Niall! Stop it! I’m too heavy” – “You’re not, it’s not a long way to the beach, it’s okay sweetheart” He continued walking and only put me down once when he needed to press the button so we could cross the street. When we reached the beach he put me down, got a towel and sat down on it. “Come here, I wanna cuddle” I sat down on his lap and placed my arms around his neck. “Wait… why?” – “Why what sweetheart?” – “Why getting my hopes up? That’s a terrible thing to do”

He let go of me. “I guess you’re right… but can’t we just enjoy ourselves without this ‘you like me’ thing between us?” I was shocked. “Not like that. Cuddling all the time, calling me sweetheart, it’s like you haven’t listened to me yesterday night!” He looked sad. “I listened to you, I really did, okay? Listen, don’t be mad at me, please. I’m too afraid to destroy what we have” – “Oh, what do we have then?” I actually was pretty mad already. He pulled me back into a hug. “You know…” – “No! I don’t know, as you said nothing”

He pulled my face against his and sweetly, gently placed a long and delicate kiss on my lips. This was what I wanted for over two years. And finally I got it.

I pulled him closer than close and found myself sitting on top of him after a while, not in a sexual way but in a cute way. We were all cute and adorable the rest of the day. Like an old couple who has been together for years.

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