Irish diddy (FINISHED)

Love can be fucking complicated...
(a Niall/Harry fanfic)


2. Irish diddy; Chapter 2

A/N I love the story so far and I can't stop writing! Here's chappy 2! 3 will be up next! Tell me if it's ok ;D xx


“Let’s go and buy some food” Harry said and pulled Raegan up. “No! Let’s order some Pizza!” Zayn shouted. The others agreed and Louis ordered some pizza with ham and pineapple. I couldn’t really listen to them all I thought about was that picture of Niall together with Aitana at lunch. I didn’t tell Vali but as I sat there and ate I saw him sitting down next to the Californian girl. I bet he offered to show her the campus such as the computer halls next to the sports place and the basketball court on top of the hill. When he sat there talking to her, she laughed really hard and they seemed to have a good time. While they were laughing my heart was shattering apart.

My thoughts went on and I didn’t feel the tears fill my eyes. “Is everything okay?” Harry asked and came over. “Yeah it’s fine” I said while sobbing and wiping away my tears. “I need to go now” I said and quickly ran away. It was a long way from the boys common room to my house and my room. I ran as fast as I could while the tears kept falling from my eyes as I couldn’t hold them anymore. Why was I even crying? He wasn’t like my boyfriend or telling me that he liked me so technically he did nothing. Well it wasn’t him who I was sad about. It was Aitana. I haven’t changed a word with her and she already was the girl I hated the most around here although I bet she was a nice girl. I finally reached Dukes House and entered the code.

“Emily! Wait!” I heard Harry shouting behind me. I turned around to see that he was running for his life after me. I quickly got inside and closed the door behind me Harry didn’t know the new code. “Emily, please open the door” he kept knocking and repeating my name. I sat down on the stairs which were right in front of the door and kept sobbing. “Emily, let me in. I want to help you!” After half an hour I decided to open the door. He was my best friend. He engulfed me into a hug immediately. “Let’s go to your room honey and you’ll tell me everything okay?” He carried me upstairs and laid me down onto the bed. He snuggled up to me. “And now you tell me what happened” I told him everything about Niall and that I didn’t even know why I was crying and that I just wanted him to be happy but also wanted him to be happy with me not with anyone else.

“Oh Emily, why didn’t you tell me or him earlier? He needs to know” – “ No he doesn’t need to know” – “You should tell him before he goes on with that Aitana girl” – “Whatever, leave me alone now” – “Okay but you really should tell him” He kissed my forehead and went back to his house. I put on a white tank-top and my blue sweatpants. I took off my glasses and sat down on my window shelf, waiting for Niall. We always met here. I hoped that at least that would mean something to him and he would actually show up. I waited for a while, looking up into the stars thinking about the day.

“It’s a beautiful night” he suddenly said. I almost fell out of the window. “NIALL! Don’t you scare me again!” He laughed his incredibly cute laugh and with his irish accent he said “I’m sorry for being late lovely, I was busy” – “There’s no specific time you need to be here” I giggled because he called me lovely. “But you already waited and I don’t want you to wait for me, I should be waiting for you” He smiled at me and then looked up into the stars. I sighed because it was true. “What were you busy with?” I asked suspiciously. “Showed Aitana the campus” – “ I knew it I just wanted to be sure” – “How did you know?” I took a deep breath so I wouldn’t cry again.

“I saw the way you… looked at her in class and how you talked to her at lunch” I smiled but my smile was broken. He still stared into the stars. “Yeah she’s really cute and all that…” – “And attractive” I added and sighed. “But there’s… Why are you even sighing so much?” He sounded worried. “Never mind it’s not that important” – “It is when it worries you” – “Thanks for caring but… It’s better not to tell you”

He unlocked his look into the stars and placed it onto me. “Emily you know you can talk about everything with me, I’m always there for you” I smiled my broken smile again and looked down to my hands. “You are sure about this?” – “Yes” – “Don’t say that I didn’t warn you that it’s better not to tell you” I sighed again, closed my eyes and started talking. “Niall, from the first day we went to this boarding school here in Dover and the first night we both sat right here and talked for the first time I started… liking you. And you made me like you more every day. Everything about you is perfectly perfect to me I don’t know what is wrong with me I mean you never even touched me in a ‘more than friends’ way or anything it’s just… You know all those cocky boys we have here and then there’s you you’re so down to earth and… Now there’s this Aitana girl from California who you obviously will start liking, dating, loving. And I’ll sit here one day alone and wondering if you’re with her now but wishing you’re with me. I will cut this now because it’s already embarrassing enough for me and I probably just destroyed a two year friendship but yeah you wanted to know” I was too shy and too nervous to look up my heart was beating a hundred miles per hour.

Five minutes of silence. Ten minutes. After twenty minutes it was enough. “Could you please already answer to break this awkward silence?” – “I don’t know what to say… Nobody ever said something like that to me I just… wow” – “Wow what?” – “I never realized it, why didn’t you tell me?” I rolled my eyes. “Because you always had someone you were looking at with your ‘I like her’ sight but you never looked at me like that. I would’ve told you if I knew it would actually change something but it won’t and I will go now to make this less awkward. Bye” I said and jumped down my window shelf and hopped into bed.

What the hell did I just do?



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