Irish diddy (FINISHED)

Love can be fucking complicated...
(a Niall/Harry fanfic)


19. Irish diddy; Chapter 19 !LAST CHAPTER!


“You ready?” Harry asked as we left the bus and got into the airport. “Yes” I said and suddenly I felt the need to run to the arrivals because maybe there was a chance that he arrived faster. I ran and ran and ran. Harry after me. “This airport is huge” I said and ran faster. Finally I was there and immediately checked the time. 10.43 – The voice suddenly said “Flight BO4581 from Dublin, Ireland is now arriving” – “That’s his flight!” I shouted and jumped up and down. Harry smiled and hugged me from behind. “Calm down tiger” he giggled and I giggled as well. “I’m just very excited!” In the morning I left Niall another message trying to sound as sad as possible. “I miss you and I’m sorry for the second message yesterday… Please come back I need you here” I said and then hung up just to go and hop on the bus. Now I was placed at the front row of the arrivals. “Look! The plane has landed! He must be here at any minute!” I whispered. Some shouting people which only could be from Ireland exited and I knew now he would come through the doors. Any second.

But he didn’t. “Flight CE6183 from Madrid, Spain is now arriving” The voice said. “Where is he?” my broken voice whispered. “I don’t know he was supposed to show up!” Harry almost panicked because he got my hopes up so high. He called Liam and went away a bit so he could talk. I still was looking out. Suddenly I saw him. “Niall…” I whispered and ran to the exit he was about to take. He stopped and stared at me. “Why are you…?” – “I needed to…” – “But…?” – “Yeah I know” we whispered while still staring at each other. The next second we both just made one step which was parting us and our lips met again. Finally. After minutes I pulled away and rested my head on his chest. “Never ever do something like this again to me Niall James Horan” – “I promise but only if you promise something” – “Anything” – “That I am your number one of all guys” I giggled.

“You’re not the number one” His face dropped. “You’re the one” I whispered and kissed him again. He smiled in the middle of kissing just like I did and we knew everything would be fine. 


A/N yeah well...this is it I guess. I hoped ya'll enjoyed reading it! I loved writing it so YAY! There won't be a sequel to this story, because I think that would suck. Thanks for reading. Lots of love SAMMEYY

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