Irish diddy (FINISHED)

Love can be fucking complicated...
(a Niall/Harry fanfic)


18. Irish diddy; Chapter 18


Almost a month had passed since Harry handed me the letter from Niall. Harry and I were almost best friends again we forgot differences and everything and tried to bring everything back to normal. After Niall left we had the talk about who I was going for in the end.


I knocked on Harrys door. “Who’s there?”-“It’s me”-“Come in” I opened the door and lied down on the bed. Harry joined me after a brief minute. “What do you think about?” he whispered. “I wish it was you… but I’m thinking about Niall all the time” – “He’s the one you will go for huh?” I nodded not sure if he would see it but it didn’t matter he knew my answer anyways. “It was a wonderful time and I will forever keep the ground I bought for us. Now it’s best friends ground” I giggled, took his hand and interwined our fingers. “Harry it will always be me and you against the world” – “I know” he turned his head and kissed my forehead. “So what will you do about Niall?” – “I can’t do more than calling him” – “Then call him” – “Already did” – “And?”- “Nothing” These one word conversations were my favorites because although we barely talked Harry knew how I felt. “You can keep the teddy though” he said again and I nodded. “I will keep it as a memory of the wonderful time” – “I’m still not over you” I turned my head and snuggled up to him “Me neither. But I love Niall more I guess…” – “You do” We cuddled for a while and I ended up falling asleep in his arms for one last time.

Everyday I remembered the conversation Harry and I had this day. I dialed the number which by now I knew without looking it up. “Hello this is the Mailbox of Niall Horan. Please leave a message, I will try and call back!” his beautiful voice said. “Hey Niall… It’s day 26 without you and I miss you. Again, your letter was bullshit please come back. I need you here. Please answer this call or call back babe… I want to hear your voice saying different things than ‘Hello this is the Mailbox of Niall Horan’. Please… call me” I hung up. I need to hear his voice. A knock on the door made me lose my trail of thoughts. Harry entered without waiting for a reply. “Anything heard from Niall?” – “No…” – “Oh well I have good news then” he sat down on Valis bed and took off his jacket. “I heard, not sure if it’s true though, that Niall is coming back and I know which flight he takes. So we both could go to the airport and surprise him. What do you think?”

My heart ran faster and I jumped up and tackled Harry down so we both fell off the bed. “YES” I shouted and whispered “You’re the best Harry Styles” He giggled. “Yeah, I know. Tomorrow there’s no school for us” He stroked y hair. “You will have to think about what you wear”

We searched a whole afternoon long for an outfit. “Where’d you hear about the flight anyway?” I asked. “Um someone from school has contact with him as it seems and this person told Liam who told Louis who told Zayn who told me. A little complicated, I know but the important thing is that he comes back!” he grinned. “And who is the person?” now I  got curious. Niall wasn’t able to call me but keeping in touch with someone from the school. “I don’t remember her name…” – “HER? Is it by any chance AITANA?” I was furious. “Yeah, why so angry?” – “Can you leave me alone for a sec so I can call Niall? Please?” He nodded and left the room. I dialed.

“Hello this is the Mailbox of Niall Horan. Please leave a message, I will try and call back!” – “You are in touch with AITANA? NOT WITH ME BUT WITH AITANA? What the hell are you thinking??” I hung up not able to say anything else to him. Why? Why her? She wanted us to be together yes but I still didn’t like it when he had contact with her. I picked out any random outfit for the next day but Niall couldn’t expect a happy welcome.

A/N okay guys the next chapter will be the last... I'm not sorry Xx Sam

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