Irish diddy (FINISHED)

Love can be fucking complicated...
(a Niall/Harry fanfic)


16. Irish diddy; Chapter 16


The rest of the winter holidays were awesome. Niall made me forget about Harry as good as possible though I still knew it would be weird when I met him again. The thought of the awkwardness when I see him ran down in my mind over and over again at the day where the buses arrived again. Niall and I waited in the park for the others to arrive again and as the buses arrived I felt an uncomfortable feeling creeping in my stomach and the coldness which Harry would look at me with.

“Niall… I’m scared” – “Of what?” – “Of the looks and glances that Harry would barely throw at me. He will be cold to me and ignoring me… It will be horrible. He was my best friend” He hugged me from the side and the first bus arrived. “It’ll be fine baby, he’ll get over it someday and your friendship was so strong you’ll be able to build it up again sometime” I knew that Harry would be on the first bus and I gulped. This would be horrible. We greeted everyone as they got out. As I was about to leave I spotted a huge teddy bear exiting the bus in the angle of my eye.

“What the…?” I hushed and behind the bear a tired looking Harry appeared behind it. He saw me and his eyes brightened and the half smile I loved so much showed up. Somehow I knew I needed to walk over to him.

“Hey” he said in his early morning voice which I also loved a lot. “Hello…” – “Listen before you say anything… I brought you this teddy as a kind of apology and I’m terribly sorry about our fight… Of course you can hang out with Niall I really was ridiculous. I hope everything’s okay again?” – “You… broke up with me over the phone. And a teddy should make it ‘okay’ again?” I couldn’t believe it but suddenly…

His face dropped. “You thought that… I broke up with you?” His eyes lost any happiness and my beloved half smile disappeared. As if it couldn’t get any worse Niall suddenly grabbed me from behind and kissed my neck. “You two okay again?” Harry dropped the bear and walked off. “What’s wrong?” – “He most certainly did actually not… break up. He thought it was just… a fight” Niall let go of me immediately. “Go run after him and fix it” He kissed my forehead. “You sure?” – “Go! He’s more pissed every second Emily. I’ll be fine. Was nice to be your boyfriend even only for two weeks. You belong together with him now go” My eyes filled with tears as I turned around and ran over to the house where Harry had his room.

I ran upstairs and Louis was sitting in front of the door. “Sorry not allowed to let anyone inside, I Think he’s crying” – “Screw this” I whispered and pushed him aside to get in the room. I found a crunched Harry, drenched in tears and leaning over the basin. “Harry…” – “No. Go away. You wanted your break up. You can have it. I see, you’re happy with Niall and it’s all good” – “Let me explain… “ – “GET OUT! I do NEVER want to see you again! Seriously just get out of my life”

I remained standing in the middle of the room. “Harry. You said ‘We’re good’ and I thought that was it. You were so sarcastic how could I know it was just a fight and that you weren’t serious?” – “You could’ve asked before you fucked with the next best guy you found” – “I am sorry! I didn’t have sex with him! I love you… Tell me you don’t love me and I will leave forever. But I know you do and I am sorry that I have made this mistake. Do you love me?”

He came close. “Of course I do. But it is destroying me to see that you love Niall too and he loves you too. I can’t stand this. You will have to choose. Him or me” – “What…?” – “Just choose” His eyes filled with tears and he already knew my answer. I knew it too. I knew that it was going to be Niall, whatever I say. “Harry… you can’t just make me choose someone. You’re my boyfriend and I love you” I could touch the pain in my voice it was in the air. “I knew it. You didn’t say anything about you not loving Niall. We both know very well that in the end… He will be your choice. Not me. Let’s just cut the shit off and go back to be best friends I guess we’re better at that…” he whispered. “Now get out”

I couldn’t move a muscle. I didn’t want to hurt him. “Harry…” The tears dropped down on my chest. “I need distance now… would you please leave?” – “I can’t” He walked over to his bed and rested his face on his hands. “What do you mean you can’t? It’s easy, just move your feet” – “Something’s holding me here… I don’t know what it is” He lifted his head and gave me a confused look.

“I guess I can’t just walk out now and leave us like this…” – “There is no us. Again, you wanted your break up… here it is. Why can’t you take it?” – “Because… I didn’t want it. I cried my heart out…” For less than an hour… my thoughts ended the sentence.

“No. This is a bad idea. In the end we’ll fight over this again if we stay together. Please, leave now” I realized that any argument would have been useless. I slowly walked outside and found Louis sitting there. “How did it went?” – “What does it look like?” I asked and ran off to my room. As soon as I arrived I found a note on Valis bed “Sleeping at Zayns. See ya .xx”

Good thing that I was alone because that night I cried my heart out. At about 4 am there was a knock on my door. Who could that be?


A/N Ahh I hate the cold outside BRRR!

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