Irish diddy (FINISHED)

Love can be fucking complicated...
(a Niall/Harry fanfic)


15. Irish diddy; Chapter 15


The next day I woke up in Nialls room but he wasn’t in sight. I panicked and checked if I was naked. Sweet relief, I wasn’t.  “Niall?” I shouted but there was no answer. I decided to go to my room where I found all my things. I freshened up a little bit and then I checked my cell phone just to find 8 unanswered calls from Harry and a few text messages from him. “Where are you? .xx” – “Please call me, I’m worried .xxx” and stuff like that so I called to comfort him.


“Hey Harry”

 “Oh my god! What happened? Are you okay? You didn’t call yesterday”

“I was just in London with Niall… and some friends. Haven’t checked my phone there”

“I know for a fact that no friends of you are at school. So it was just you and Niall… Having a great time in London. That’s just… great. How was it? Was it great?”

Awkward silence appeared. I didn’t know what to say. He caught me ice cold and his sarcasm killed me.

“It was nice… I guess. Listen… I don’t really know what to say because now you think I am… cheating on you… am I right?”

„That guy is just madly in love with you and you were alone with him in London. What the hell am I supposed to think?”

“You are supposed to trust me and this is just ridiculous to discuss on the phone! I am not cheating on you”

“Emily… I don’t want you to hang out with him when I’m not at school”

“So you aren’t trusting me… Great relationship we have, aye?”

“I trust you. But again he is in love with you and you were in love with him… If you love me then please do me this favor and don’t talk to him anymore”

“Are you serious? Like… if you want me to do this…”
“Okay then hang around with him. It’s okay. Just cut this ‘ridiculous’ shit off. If you don’t love me…” His voice raised and I could feel the sarcasm in the air like I could touch it with my hands.

“Harry… Please…”

“We’re good. Bye”

The sarcastic ‘We’re good’ in the end gave me the rest. I couldn’t believe it. He really just broke up with me. Over the phone. Absolutely speechless I went to Nialls room. He was sitting on the bed and played a bit guitar. “Hey! Sorry, I was in the shower” – “Harry… just broke up with me. Over the phone” His jaw dropped. “What?!” I sat down on his lap and as a surprise I couldn’t even cry. “I am not even realizing it… He broke up with me. I expected everything but that…” He stroked my back with one hand and put the other one around me. Suddenly I realized it. I couldn’t hold my tears. “Shhh it’s okay. It will get better and you deserve somebody who appreciates you and treats you the right way. You will need your time… it’s okay” I chuckled into his chest which made him chuckle too.

“What’s so funny about this?” I got on one of my knees and looked up to him.

“Niall James Horan. Will you… be my re-bound boyfriend?” He smiled. “I do” and next thing I knew was his lips meeting mine a hundred times.

“I just need to think about it positive… At least Harry took the choice off of me. I finally listened to my heart” – “What choice? Have you… have you had a crush on me while being with Harry… All the time?” – “Kind of” He giggled. “That’s cute”

We spent the whole day in his room just enjoying each others company. As we laid down to sleep I thought about it and if I was rushing things down with Niall. Not even an hour after Harry broke up with me I got together with Niall.

Was I a whore?


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