Irish diddy (FINISHED)

Love can be fucking complicated...
(a Niall/Harry fanfic)


14. Irish diddy; Chapter 14


I woke up in my own bed though I was sure that I fell asleep in Nialls bed. Slowly I got up and realized that a small blue note was on my table.

“Hey babe! Give me a call when you wake up?  I have a surprise for you ;) – Niall .xxx”

I couldn’t resist but smile and got my phone out. “Hey. What’s the surprise?” – “Good morning! Get ready, I’ll pick you up in twenty” And with that he hung up again. I quickly put on some black jeans and a my comfy pullover plus my comfy winter jacket. After packing my things I went outside and sat down on a bench in front of the boys house I was staying during the holiday.

Suddenly handy covered my eyes. “Guess who?” a girls voice said. “Who?” – “Me” she said and sat down next to me. “You?” Now I was confused. “What do you want?” She sighed, she really looked worried.

“Look.. I am really sorry. You know, Niall and I are still friends. I mean, we had a rough start you know…” – “I kind of recognized that, yeah” Why was Aitana even talking to me? Like I was interested in what she thinks. “Yeah… Well now him and I are really close friends and I… do still like him. Really bad… But I have seen how he looks at you. He talks about you 24/7 and I see how much he actually loves you… I know you’re with Harry and I know I have no right to say this but please overthink who you are together with. I’m pretty sure it’s the wrong one. Niall is the right one for you and I want him to be happy. I wish it was somehow possible that he would be happy with me but I see… he can only be that with you. Think about it…”

“Exactly… you have no right to say this” I was so angry. How could she possibly say this? I am able to choose my boyfriend by myself and sure didn’t need any advice of some American tramp. “I just felt like you should know… I have to go now” With that she left towards the house and Niall exited just in that moment.

Of course her words made me think a lot… the song and Aitana now… but now I would concentrate on Christmas. “So what’s the surprise?” I asked after I hugged him. “We’re going to London!” – “No way! Haven’t been there so long!” He smiled and we walked to the bus station. I got really excited, spending a day in London and with Niall. Getting away from all the thoughts “Harry or Niall” and just having a decent christmasy day. When we were on the bus we shared our headphones and had a Mac Miller concert in our heads. We knew all the lyrics.

After the bus ride we decided to have a meal at Pret A Manger, our favorite fast food restaurant in London. He got us the sandwiches and after we sat down he gave me a small note.

“What’s that?” I asked during unpacking my sandwich. “The clue” – “For what?” He grinned.

“I made a kind of tour for us today. You have to guess where we go next while we go there. If you guess it right, I will pay everything for you there. If not, you have to do something embarrassing. Should we start?” – “Okay” I weirdly got excited a lot and wondered what would be the first place. I took the clue I got and read it.


You really like it there, it’s a little bit hidden and you always said Canterburry to the street it’s at although you know it’s not a city. If you found it, remember the day when we went here last summer .xxx


“What…? How should I possibly guess that” – “Somehow you can” He smiled and stood up. “Can we? We’re going in the right direction but still it’s up to you to find the right place where you get the next clue” We started walking towards Oxford Street. “Oh I know! It’s Carnaby Street, right?” – “Yes! But which shop?” He cheekily asked. “The clue says I really like it and I should remember last summer. What could that be?” He shrugged his shoulders and we walked into Carnaby Street. “Wait… It was this Shop, right? Right? I said I would really like to get something off here, the shoes are hilarious!” He nodded and went inside. “Pick a pair of shoes, you guessed, I pay” – “No! You won’t get me shoes!” I refused to let him pay so much money for me. The shoes were all really expensive. “Then just Toms?” – “JUST Toms? They’re expensive too!” – “Here’s the next clue. I won’t leave until you picked some shoes” He stated and sat down in the back of the small shop.


Congrats, you made it through the first round! The next place is green, next to a lot of famous people, some of them are dead, others of them still live. The green place will offer us light .xxx


“How do you have time to think of such things?” I giggled. “It clearly is a Park, but which one?” I wondered for a while. Niall still didn’t move, refusing to leave when I don’t pick a pair of shoes. I got some 10 pound ballerinas, the only cheap shoes I could find and we started walking. We reached a metro station. “This time you have to be more quick, we only have a few stations to go” he whispered and sat down, signaling me to sit down on his lap as there was no seat left. I placed myself there and thought. “It’s a park… and next to alive and dead famous people… Wait. Isn’t there a park next to ‘Madame Tussauds’?” – “You’re good. Just say the name of the park and you win your next thing” – “Green Park? No… St.James Park?” He hugged me and nodded.  As we arrived there I realized winning was getting a snowball rubbed into my face and after I solved the third clue within seconds we decided to take a break at the park because it was a beautiful Christmas. Almost no people outside, snow and just the two of us having no cares.

The rest of the day was really funny and as we got back home I fell asleep on the bus, on Nialls shoulder.

 In my dream I was in a white room and Liam together with Aitana talked to me. “Get together with Niall” – “Niall is the right one for you” They said over and over again.

“GET OUT” I suddenly heard myself screaming. They ran away and as I turned around I faced Niall and Harry. They both said “I want you to be happy” which made my choosing even harder. I woke up, I still hadn’t picked any of them in my dream.

How could I pick in reality when I couldn’t even do it in a dream?

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