Irish diddy (FINISHED)

Love can be fucking complicated...
(a Niall/Harry fanfic)


12. Irish diddy; Chapter 12


Three weeks had passed since I was at the hospital with Niall. We didn’t talk much about what he said back then but I still stayed the night just to let him know although I was with Harry I really cared about him and also I felt really bad for everything. I never thought he could cause himself physical pain. His parents were called but Niall said it’s fine he’ll just stay in his room one week and then join school again because the flight to Ireland would have been very stressful as he was about to have important tests and couldn’t go home now. His parents agreed.

The tests were over now and everyone got in Christmas mood. It started snowing, and the nights of cuddling in the common room and drinking hot chocolate came around. Mostly, Vali, Niall, Liam and I went to the other boys common room because they had a small fire place and an old radio. It was all wonderful and we all really enjoyed it. Although things between me and Harry started getting weird. Ever since he left me alone in the hospital he was all shut down when Niall was around and didn’t touch me at all. I tried my best to ignore it anyways, because my Christmas mood couldn’t be taken away from me. Christmas was my favorite time of the year and this year would be the first time I would stay here in Dover College and not going home. When I told Harry about it I was sure he would stay too because he used to the last years but this time it was different. His grand-mother died two weeks ago and he was really upset. One day I decided to cheer him up a bit.

I went to his and Louis’ room. “Hey baby” I sang and placed a short kiss to his cheek. “How about we go to Starbucks and have a lovely day just on our own? We won’t be able to see each other for three weeks” He nodded and got his wallet. We went to Starbucks and sat down on the big chairs. “I was thinking… as we aren’t able to meet for three weeks we could make our own little Christmas, just the two of us in my or your room. Get a little tree, give each other presents. What do you think?” He nodded. “That’s all? A nod?” He sighed. “I’m having a really bad day can we just sit here and do nothing?” he sounded pretty pissed and rude. “If you’re not enjoying my company just tell me right away” I said and left. Quite angry about it I walked my way back to school when suddenly I got twisted around and engulfed into a hug.

“I’m sorry” he whispered and stroked my head. “It’s just… I have to cope with my grand-mothers death. Sorry I was rude” – “It’s alright I guess” I said. We got back to school.

The next day we had our little Christmas and it was all cute and silent, just us two. That was the 22nd of December and he would leave on the 23rd. For three weeks I would be alone with a bunch of third year students, mostly the ones I don’t like. And Niall. I haven’t told Harry so far though but all the students who would stay were living in the boys house where Niall had his room. I was about to spend three weeks next to Nialls room and without Harry. To be honest, I was scared.

Scared of what may happen as Niall still liked me, at least I thought so. What if we went to a bar and I drank too much? I decided against telling him, it would just make him angry anyways.

“Okay baby. See you in three weeks? I will totally call you everyday” he said and smiled at me and I just nodded and leaned in for a sweet good-bye kiss. “I’m waiting for it. See you in three weeks” He got on the bus who would take the students who go home to the train station or next airport. I waved at him through the window and after they exited the school area I spotted Niall waving at them as well. I walked over. “Who are you waving at?” – “Liam” – “Oh no, he’s home? I thought he’d stay! He’s here because he actually couldn’t cope his family?!” – “He’s staying at his sisters place, she’s pregnant” – “Oh that’s so nice! I will miss him though” After a short silence I asked “Wanna go to the basketball court? I  got some from Valerie before she left. It’s enough for the whole holiday” He knew what I meant. He nodded and I quickly got it out of my room. We went up the hill and it wasn’t at all an awkward silence which surprised me. The silence between us was peaceful and comfortable. We sat down on a wall behind the basketball court, our usual spot. I rolled it and gave Niall the honor to light it. “Merry Christmas” he said and lifted the joint. “I put in a little much, just saying” I laughed and took it. After we were finished we laid down on the meadow behind our wall.

“Are you… are you shaking?” he asked and laughed. In answer I started laughing uncontrollably as well and in some way I managed to let out a “Yes”. In answer he came over so I could cuddle up to him. “Your present from me will blow your fucking mind” he whispered and started laughing.

Oh crap. I didn’t get him a present.


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