Irish diddy (FINISHED)

Love can be fucking complicated...
(a Niall/Harry fanfic)


11. Irish diddy; Chapter 11


I knocked on Nialls door after Harry and me said bye when we got back to the school. “Yes?” a weak voice came from inside and I entered the room just to find everything dark and really cold. I took on the first vest I saw and went over to his bed. “Niall? How are you?” – “How do I seem?” – “Bad” He nodded his head and moved his hand to show it to me. Sitting down to actually take it I suddenly realized how it looked like. “It hurts and I don’t know why because I haven’t opened my eyes today. Does it look bad?” – “It looks awful! What have you done? We need to get you to a doctor, it might be broken!” I was terrified, his back of his hand was all blue and purple and swollen to the double size of it. “Wait here, I’ll get you some ice and the nurse but first the ice” I ran downstairs into the common room just to bump into Liam.

“Oh Liam! Good to see you, do you mind helping me? I need to get some ice in a bag” I rushed down the words. “Sure, wait here” He was just a minute away and as he got back I grabbed the ice and ran back upstairs. “What’s wrong?” – “I’ll show you! Come!” I shouted through the whole house which wasn’t a good idea, I wasn’t allowed to be here on Sundays but I didn’t care, medical reasons get excused. I ran back into Nialls room and covered his hand in the bag. Suddenly he screamed “Don’t touch it!” And almost fell off his bed because it obviously hurted really bad. “Shhhh, it’s okay” I whispered when Liam finally arrived. “Liam could you go and get the nurse of the school? Niall is ill! Don’t tell her we went to the Pub last night though” In response he quickly vanished to get the nurse.

“How’s your head?” I whispered. “Bumping” I started stroking his hair and still gently pressed the ice against his hand. “It’ll all get better” I smiled and he eventually fell asleep again and we waited another ten minutes until Liam and the nurse arrived. “What has that little boy got?” she asked. “Today, in the morning he felt really ill and called me so I could close his curtains and turn the heater down. And yesterday he beat against a wall and I thought his hand broke but he said it didn’t, now look at it” I showed her his hand and she said “I see… looks like he got ill because of the pain. No worries little man, we can fix this but only in the hospital. Who’s coming with him?” – “I do” I snapped before Liam could even think. “Good”

When we arrived he was taken to the Emergency room and the doctor said if he wanted to keep his middle finger he would have to do surgery. “Will you call his parents?” I asked though of course they would. “It’ll just need half an hour and we can call them afterwards. It’s an emergency so we need to do it now” and with that some guy nurses and the doctor took Niall away for surgery. I decided to call Harry.

“Hello baby. What’s up?” – “Hey Harry! You remember that Niall was pretty drunk last night and today I thought I should at least ask him if everything is alright and then it came out his hand is triple broken and the nurse and I took him to hospital. I don’t know when I’m coming back. Just felt like you should know” – “Oh my god! How bad is it? Should I come too?” – “If you want to but I think it’s fine… he’s just in surgery now…” My voice trembled. This was about my best friend. “Oh baby, I’ll come over! You need me now” – “Please hurry” I said and hung up while my eyes slowly dropped some small tears. I really was worried about Niall.

Ten minutes after the surgery started some strong arms wrapped around me and my beloved husky voice said “It’s alright Emily. He’ll do just well” I brought up a crumbled smile and said “It’s another twenty minutes left until he gets out and then he’ll probably have to stay here until at least tomorrow. I think you understand when I will stay here as well” He let go of me. “I’m not sure… would I like it when you and him spend a night together in one room even if he is injured? No” My eyes widened and I couldn’t believe it. “I will stay here Harry. He is my best friend and I am worried about him” I said in a calm voice. “Your best friend who likes you which I was too and now I am together with you. What guarantees me that you won’t just dump me and go together with him?” – “Harry you’re being silly. I will see you tomorrow” I said and sat down. He left without another word and after twenty minutes I got called up to get to Nialls room. He was still a bit tired and his hand was wrapped up in a big plaster but his eyes brightened when he saw me. “Hey Emily! How did you get here?” – “I took you here with the nurse. How’s your hand?” I must have sounded really worried. “It’s better now… I think I remember what happened” Confusedly I looked at him and waited for him to explain.

“I think I drank too much and then when you and Harry left I knew what you were about to do… I got really upset and eventually ran away from Liam. Somehow I woke up in the middle of the night up the school area on the basketball court. There are trees, you know. I punched really hard against them… because it was him not me who… well yeah I was being really stupid and childish. I think then I went to bed and the next thing I knew was you waking me up”
I was speechless.

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