Irish diddy (FINISHED)

Love can be fucking complicated...
(a Niall/Harry fanfic)


10. Irish diddy; Chapter 10


Two weeks later I still was happy with Harry and everything was cosy and romantic. We were in the honeymoon phase, every song on the radio was played for us and every cloud was ‘our’ cloud. People couldn’t stand us because we were so cheesy but we were both happy and nothing else mattered. Although whenever we were about to have sex I shut down and left, I wanted to wait. Today was Saturday and we all decided to go out in Dover, grab a drink somewhere and maybe go to the club we had around here. ‘We’ included me and Harry, Vali and Zayn, Amanda and Louis, Niall and that strange new guy who just joined our school, Liam. He was from Wolverhampton and his parents divorced this year so he decided to keep a bit distance which meant for him a four hour distance and never seeing his family for a long time.

So we all got ready and went down to an irish pub who wasn’t far away from the way up to the white cliffs of Dover.  We drank a few pints and eventually I grabbed one too much. So did Vali. When she was drunk she always almost had Sex in publicity with Zayn, no matter where they were. For now, it was the Pub and everyone just looked away from them as if we didn’t know them. The clock said 11pm when Louis said “I think Amanda will throw up and that’s why we’re going back now, I don’t want her to be embarrassed tomorrow. What do you think, baby?” – “I need to sleep” we all said good-bye to them and now, as Vali and Zayn already vanished and probably had Sex somewhere outside or on the toilet, only me, Harry, Niall and Liam were left. Oh boy, please let Liam stay forever I prayed.

“So, Liam, you’re from Wolverhampton?” – “Indeed. It just became too much for me there, you know why” We all nodded in disappointment and Niall ordered another pint. “Niall, I think you had enough for tonight” I said and ran my fingers through his hair. It was a bit sticky. He shook his head and drank the pint in one sip. “Oh boy, you’re going to have an awful day tomorrow” Harry said and then turned his head to whisper something in my ear. I needed to giggle but nodded my head. His eyes lightened and he quickly paid and muttered a “See you guys tomorrow, Liam take care of Niall” and pulled me outside. “Bye guys” I managed to say but I think they didn’t even hear it.

“So, are you ready?” Harry said as he put something over my eyes so I couldn’t see anything. “Yup but please watch my step” In a constant speed he pulled me up somewhere but I didn’t know where as I didn’t see a thing, I only heard the sea, silent and peaceful in the night. I think we went up a hill or something. “Harry, what time is it?”

In answer he took down my sight distracter and hugged me from behind. “It’s midnight” he whispered and playfully bit my neck, imitating a vampire. I was very ticklish so I laughed and almost fell down to the ground so he would stop it but he pulled me back up to my feet and then I realized how beautiful it was where we were standing. It was a small meadow, hidden from the one the tourists go to when they visit Dover and up the hill, with a beautiful sight on the sea. “Wow… it’s amazing” I whispered not unlocking my gaze from the wonderful view. Harry suddenly turned me around and sweetly started kissing me and I joined in. After a while I said “It’s really wonderful here” – “Like I said. I promised to bring you to paradise but you have to finish the promise” His eyes said everything.

“Do you think it’s clever to do it here? I mean the weather tonight is really weird? What if we get a cold? It could rain! And if we move to close to that edge then we’re both dead! Harry, you really didn’t overthink this” He rolled his eyes and I giggled. “I’m just messing with you” I smiled and sat on top of him.


The next morning I woke up, still on the meadow, curled up to Harry who was still asleep and covered in a red duvet he probably took here. I replayed last nights happenings over and over again. I almost forgot Niall, with Harry I was fairly happy and that was fairly enough. Slowly I stroked Harrys stomach and twisted one of his curls. Silently I got up just to find some new clothes prepared for me and some food. That boy planned this. I sat down on a stone and ate a bit. I thought about how much Niall drank yesterday and how he might feel today. “I should go and look after him” I whispered to myself when I heard a “Look after who?” from behind. Harry already stood up and sat next to me. Naked. I giggled. “What?” – “You have a boner” I bursted out into laughter. “Last night that was all okay but now, I don’t know why it is like so funny” I brought out and pointed at his fairly large boner. “You’re still drunk” he chuckled and didn’t move a bit and shook his head. “Maybe” I smiled and laid down on the meadow. “It’s so beautiful here. Can we build a street up to here, build a house and live here forever?” He giggled and laid down next to me. “This is our meadow now” – “Actually it belongs to the town” – “No” I turned my head.

“What?” – “I bought it” I laughed at him. “You really bought this? Oh my god!” He looked disappointed that I actually found that funny and got some clothes on. “Oh baby, don’t be pissed” I still laughed though. “That’s really cute of you, and romantic” – “But you still think it’s silly” – “No I don’t. I love it! Historical moment right now, maybe someday we will live here with our four children!” – “Would you like living here with our two children?” I giggled and we kissed. He was so sweet and caring and I was glad I got together with him.

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