Irish diddy (FINISHED)

Love can be fucking complicated...
(a Niall/Harry fanfic)


1. Irish diddy; Chapter 1


Emilys POV

“Vali! Wait for me!” – “NO! We’re already late!” She ran as fast as she could, past St.Martins House and upstairs. “Why is the school house even up that effing hill?” I asked while trying to catch her. “I don’t know but it is and Otis will give us detention if you don’t hurry up!” Otis was our English teacher and 25 years young. We were allowed to call our teachers by their first names. “He’s okay he won’t give us detention on the first day” I sighed as I finally reached Vali.

“Whatever. Move your ass” she said and pushed me into class. “Sorry Otis, Emily didn’t hear her alarm” Vali said and sat down next to Zayn, her boyfriend. He was muslim and wore his hair like nobody else. His style and Valis style, their everything, it just matched perfectly. “Just sit down, as long as this doesn’t repeat I don’t care, I have something important to tell you” – “I promise” I stated and let myself fall onto the seat next to Vali. Nobody was paying attention to Otis.

“Everyone shut up!” We became quiet. “Thanks. Well, we have a new student in class, everyone welcome Aitana Cantu. She moved to England from California” A tall and tanned girl with beautiful long brown hair and bright blue eyes entered the class. She shily smiled and shortly waved. All the boys looks were locked to this stunning piece of  beauty and so was mine. “That’s a hard piece of competition” Vali whispered and pointed into Nialls direction.

Niall was irish and on the shorter side of the guys but still tall in my opinion, he had blonde hair which he wore a little bit up and that looked absolutely cute. He wore braces but I liked him better when he didn’t have his teeth fixed. I’ve had a crush on him since year one, when we all went to this boarding school for the first time. Niall and I were in neighbor houses and our windows were face to face. Since the first year, we have talked about everything almost every night, while watching the stars. I know what you think, a girl has a crush on a guy who seems perfect and she knows him for two years now but still didn’t tell him. I know, I’m in year three from today on and I still didn’t tell him. I’m shy and how could he like my boring curly reddish-brown hair or the fact that I wear those stupid glasses.

Nialls eyes were fixed on Aitana. She has been placed between Zayn and Raegan. Raegan was my best friend after Vali. She was on the shorter side and with her blonde hair and blue eyes she looked stunning to me. And to her boyfriend Harry, who was my best friend. Harry was a really tall and skinny boy and he had a head full of messy brown I-just-hopped-out-of-bed curls.

My mind went back to class. “How about we just sing a song guys with some new vocabulary, you will write those down for me and find out what they mean until Wednesday. The song is on page 8” Everybody moaned and pulled out their books. After the bell finally saved us from more homework Vali Raegan and I jumped up to run to the class one level above us where we would find Harry and Louis. We hugged and talked a lot, we haven’t met for over two months. “Ah, I’ve missed Dover College and I’ve missed all of you” Louis stated. He was really tall had brown hair and a really awesomely pretty face.  “And this year we can go out whenever we want!” Vali said excitedly.

After another five hours of torture we finally could go back to our room. Vali and I had a room in Dukes House, a small girl house. Raegan and Amanda also had room there together with another girl. Amanda was Louis girlfriend since first year, they had the perfect relationship. With her perfect hair and perfectly blue eyes and her absolutely perfect body she was the right girl for him.

“So what will you do about Aitana?” Vali asked while I was refreshing my make-up. “I don’t know maybe nothing?” I sarcastically answered. “EMILY! You need to tell him! It has been two years now! And you’re really good friends this could all work out” – “Vali. Look at me and then tell me somebody like him would like to be with something like… me” – “Babygirl you are absolutely stunning! Don’t you let anyone tell you different”

I sighed. “You can talk as much as you want, you have nothing to lose. You have Zayn and you guys are happy and everything… What if he doesn’t like me back? I would lose a close friend”

She came up to me and hit me with a pillow on my head. “Zayn risked this too and look at us!” – “Yeah but that’s different, you’re not me” I smiled. “I’m hungry let’s go to the great hall” – “Alright then” Vali gave up and walked downstairs, outside, past the meadow in the middle of the campus and into the great hall. We queued up and when we finally got our food we sat down next to the others. Us nine were like the popular kids, not trying to be arrogant but everyone wanted to be friends with us while we just wanted to be on our own. I looked at the order they were sitting, just like always.

Zayn next to an empty place where Vali sat down, beside her was Raegan and Harry and then there were Louis and Amanda. On the other side I found Liam and Anya who I both didn’t meet so far that day. “Hey babe” I said and placed a kiss on their cheeks. I sat down next to Liam and started eating. I was the only one on the table without a boyfriend. I’ve already had a few and I have been dating some guys but I never could forget about Niall. It was like a disease, eating me inside out. Whatever I was doing I was thinking about him, a stupid annoying wonderful disease.


A/N so was it good or should I stop ;')  xx Sam

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