The Bad-Boy And The School Nerd...

Alexa(Alex)Darke is as nerdy and geeky as you could get. She has never even gotten a detention, dismissal or even a warning. Shes not one of the most well known people ever... She lives with her foster parents Layla Darke and Brent Darke who always watch her intently like hawks. She has tried to forget the past, but one thing she doesn't know is that the past is back to haunt her.

However, on the other side of the school is the more. Popular side.

Jace Blake is the schools typical smoking hot bad boy. His parents have moved him to three other high schools and have decided it's enough. They are making him stay hoping this last move could be the icing to the cake. His cowardly girl friend Hazel is the typical mean girl. She is the captain of the Tigers team and the most flirty girl in the school. Even though Jace hates her with all his heart he keeps her.

What would happen if you put the Bad-Boy with the Nerd.. Especially when the task is to work together. Hell is ought to break loose


4. Chapter4- Introducing me.




"Shut-up!" My scream echoed through the room. I knew I couldn't live like this. I mean who could? I am living with three retarded boys who have no idea how to be quiet in the morning. Well if I am honest with myself it's actually 2.20 in the afternoon. But this is morning to me. I blame myself for putting myself in this position. 


I throw off the duvet covers off the double bed and stomp over to the bathroom next door. Wow, I look like a.. I can't even put this into words. My tired eyes are really sore and heavy. I couldn't sleep last night, it was awful. I don't think I am used to the idea of living with six people yet. I don't think I ever will. Ever.


"Hurry up Alex. I want a shower!" Ariel screams through the crack of the bathroom door. Why would she want a shower right now? This is certainly not the Ariel I know. Shes been acting extremely strange since the day we were introduced to the other 'bad-boys' I really want to know whats going on, I know she will never tell me, so I will have to find out on my own. 


Time for my inner detective skills to come in. Now, let me flashback to what happened that day, it seemed pretty legit. Actually it was far from it.




"I'm going to bed. And don't you dare wake me up or I will physically mur-" The door creaked open. And I was left with my unfinished sentence. 


"You better be decent nerds." Someone called from the other side of the door.

"And you better have cookies. I'm hungry." Another called out.


Nerds. Pfft I am used to it now, doesn't affect me. "No we are naked and eating cookies." Ariel yelled back. Hiding the smirk on my face I shut my closed and begin to eat the second last cookie I bought  at Subway. Yummy, I don't see how people don't like these. Wait, that's not possible everyone loves Subway cookies.


"We're coming in!" I hear Jaces voice through the crack of the door. And the door is forced open and three unattractive teenagers come through our room, and sit on the already made  bed. Who am I kidding, they are actually handsome.


"You might be wondering why we are here..." Jaces friend on the left states softly. He is cute, with his grayish blue eyes. And his soft brown hair and full lips. His muscles bulge out, since he isn't wearing a shirt you can see it perfectly. He doesn't have a tattoo yet, but that wont last long. I'm sure of it.


"You know, I was actually wondering if you wanted to dance around and play barbies." Ariel sarcastically says back. She is really something. I don't know how people just let her get away with the comments she states. I thought she would have been slapped by now. There is still time I suppose.


"Actually we are here to introduce ourselves to you nerds since we will be living with you for six months." Jaces friend on the right says. He is actually really good looking, with his deep blue eyes, and his dark brown hair. You can see his muscles and tattoos through his rip-curl top. He is cuter then Jaces friend on the left. By a inch. He is really dreamy, I'm surprised I don't know his name. And ever more surprised I haven't noticed him before.


"You can stop drooling now Alex" Jace snaps at me. Wow, what did I do this time. Again with the Alex...


It's weird I might have seen their names before, but I have just forgotten them. But they are  both decent guys, in looks anyways. And I do know that looks are deceiving  I should probably say something before Jaces friends realize Ariel's red cheeks. 


"Uh, so um we will be uh living with uh you guys? uh right?" I ask looking directly into both the guys eyes. They look so peaceful, but I can see the fire in their eyes. 


"Yeah, I'm Blaze, my room is in the room with the green door." Blaze is a really nice name, you can't really make fun of that name, unlike mine. Blaze's causes fire. Am I right? Huh, I'm jealous of his name already.


"I'm Cash. My room is the dark blue door." Cash interrupts my thoughts.


"And my room is the room with the red door" Jace continued looking around the room.


I don't know what else to say, everyone is so awkward, we are talking about the 'Bad-Boys' here. Not some popular group that has typical people. This is the top of the food chain group. Someone has to speak up, and Ariel is too busy observing Blaze.


"Well um, nice to meet you guys. I am Alexa, and um this is" I nod in Ariel's direction "This is Ariel." Ariel's head snaps to mine and she smiles a genuine smile. 


"Nice room I didn't think you would be so barbie like" All the boys started laughing, even Ariel, who actually really hates pink.


"Well, I uh actually really like the color pink." I state looking around the room, until someone grabs my arm.


"What?" I yelp. 


"Oh my god." I hear Cash yell. He quickly jumped onto my just made bed. Followed by Jace and Blaze. Their faces were scared. Aha, thats new. I didn't think I would ever see that happen. Ever.


"Whats so scary?" My voice turning quieter.


"There. Is. A. Spider. On. The. Coffee. Table." The glare I am receiving is really intense  But still, my laugh still managed it's way. Well, the tables have turned. 


"You are pathetic." I interject before my laughing cascaded through. 


"Watch your mouth Nerd" Blaze warns me. Back to reality. This is not some friendly reunion. This is the 'Bad-Boys' Jeez Alexa took you a while for the realization.


"Um Sorry" My muffled voice projected.


The problem with this whole situation is that I don't know who I am dealing with, because they are completely miscellaneous. Maybe I should just stay clear of them, that would make things 100% easier. Yep, master mind I am.


"Well uh nice meeting you um yeah" I say looking up at Ariel for support.


"Yeah um get out. And nice meeting you fully Cash, Blaze." She smiles as she ends the sentence.

Awkward silence. The most deadly silence, that kills your brain cells. And your socially.


"Seeya nerds." Blaze mutters before he leaves the room followed by Jace and Cash. 


Is it just me or was the completely strange. 


"Whoa. Are you thinking what I am thinking?" Ariel's whisper screams at me. Really, I know exactly what she is thinking.


They were extremely nice, too nice if you look at their personality's  They called us nerds, but we are used to that. But to think that they didn't kill us when they had the chance was just, amazing. 


"That. Was a close one." She breathed, and blushed. "That Blaze is cute." Her smile is contagious. But she is right, Blaze is really decent looking. Blaze and Ariel would be so cute together, but then again as he said. We are the nerds.


"More about this later! I want to know about the other night when you went ninja on me." I laughed it off at the time, but if I come to think of it I don't know the whole story yet. 


"Fine, but don't get mad because I think I know what happened." She explained the whole story of how she was walking home from school when the 'Barbies' as we like to call them drove next to her and told he that her secret was out. Everyone knew that she secretly had a crush on someone called Blaze. That would have all been fine if one of the 'Barbies' didn't have a massive crush on him as-well. So they promised her that they would make her life miserable if she made any contact with him. And then I find out that Blaze is one of the Bad-Boys. 


"Wow, and you thought I would do that to you. Ariel.." 


"Yes, well remember that night when I was at yours and I was constantly on my iPhone. Yeah, well I was on Facebook with Blaze. And I identically told you that I liked him, and it came out wrong and then you promised me that you wouldn't tell anyone. And you were the only one I told, so that is why I would've had to blame you. And wait, i'm not even finished." She took a deep breath and continued.          "Once they drove off I ran home with tears flowing. Once I came to a realization that only you knew, I became furious and sped to your house. And well you know what happened there.." She stopped.


"Yeah you called me a bitch, and said that it was all my fault." I finished.


"Not the point, after that I got a phone call from Ben and he said that he found out, and that the whole school knew. And after your calm reaction I realized it couldn't have been you. That's where I am stuck. I don't know who said it, or found out and it's ruining me." A tear fell from her eye. It still doesn't make it right for her to accuse me for what someone else did. But I need to forgive and forget. Shes my best friend after-all. 


"You need some ice-cream. And lucky I know where everything is around here. Get ready and i'll meet you in the car in then minutes. 


"Thanks Alexa. I love you" She hugged me before descending to the packed closet.


What I plan to do is find out more about this rumor, and get who came up with the assumption  Take my revenge and then set up Blaze and Ariel. That will be the worst part. Especially since I don't even know what I am going to be able to do.


But right now, is for faze one. Gathering all the information, by using my best friend. Ice-cream. This shall be fun!




Hehe. A new complication. Is it just me or is Alexa forgetting that she has a major speaking problem. Uh ohh. >:) I am missing the sarcastic Alexaaa. But she will be back soon >:) 

Did you like the flash back? :D

OMFG how HOT does Blaze and Cash and Jace seem? AFBGUSDF Yeah, I'm sorry Ariel, I will have Blaze first. I mean.. Unless Cash wants me. 


D: If you are wondering about her 'parents'  I don't know if you have realized yet but they are her step-parents. You don't know about her real parents yet >:) 


Should I write more about Ariel? Or Ben? Or none.

Next Updaaaate: 35 or earlier, depends if you want me to update straight away. (:

Next Chappy: Just a fill in chapter, I might add a few turns and twists, buuuut you will have to keep reading >:) 

xo (: - Tess







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