The Bad-Boy And The School Nerd...

Alexa(Alex)Darke is as nerdy and geeky as you could get. She has never even gotten a detention, dismissal or even a warning. Shes not one of the most well known people ever... She lives with her foster parents Layla Darke and Brent Darke who always watch her intently like hawks. She has tried to forget the past, but one thing she doesn't know is that the past is back to haunt her.

However, on the other side of the school is the more. Popular side.

Jace Blake is the schools typical smoking hot bad boy. His parents have moved him to three other high schools and have decided it's enough. They are making him stay hoping this last move could be the icing to the cake. His cowardly girl friend Hazel is the typical mean girl. She is the captain of the Tigers team and the most flirty girl in the school. Even though Jace hates her with all his heart he keeps her.

What would happen if you put the Bad-Boy with the Nerd.. Especially when the task is to work together. Hell is ought to break loose


2. Chapter 2- Wake Up Call


-Chapter 2- Wake up call.           "Come on Alexa, it wont be that bad. I mean we can just ignore them." Ariel tried to soothe me, but I was a complete mess. Anger, frustration all persuaded me to back down from the project. I couldn't just go and ignore them. No that was ruled out a very long time ago. I still remember when he spoke those words. Those words weren't even harmful, but they were strong, really strong. My body shudders at the memory. I don't think I could last him ever talking to me. Let alone being in a house with him for six months. A loud sob escapes my body and Ariel grabs me yet another tissue.    "Come on, lets get to class." She stands up before grabbing my hand and helping me up. I am so lucky to have a friend like Ariel. I dry my wet cheeks and look in the mirror. I look like a corpse bride, gone horribly wrong. I hurry to fix my make-up. Re-applying everything, that was on my face. But got washed off by my flooding of tears.    "Hey I don't think we have any classes together today, so i'll see you at the cafeteria." She gives me a warming hug before walking the opposite direction. I hope I don't have any classes with Jace today. I would die of humiliation if he saw what a mess, I still looked like.    It actually wasn't a bad day. I didn't bump into Jace or any of his minions today, which was a relief. But the lingering memory from lunch today is still aching my mind. "Earth to Alexa?" Ben waved his hands frantically around my face. I slapped his hand down. He gave me his puppy eyes. It's not working. Nope still not working. Ben proceeds to tilt his head to the side. Aww.    "I'm sowwy Benjamin" I pull him in for a hug. He pulls away too soon and gives me a uncertain look.   "What now?" I gesture around his head.   "What going on Alexa? You have been acting really weird lately, and it's scaring me." He prods me with his index finger. My body shudders at his movement. And anger bursts through me.   "I'm fine! Okay everyone has been on my nerve today. And today is the only day that I haven't been torched by Jace's appearance So just stay off my case, and everything will be alright." My last words came out more like a question then a answer to his. Ben's eyes look at me sharply. Then he just walks off.   "Ben! Wait!" I scream after him. But he doesn't look back at me, he just continues to walk. I look at his stripped skinny jeans, and his red jumper, I always loved that jumper. One Christmas I gave it to him as a present. I didn't think he liked it because the last time I saw it was in the back of his wardrobe.   'What have I done?' My whisper caught me in my breath as I slowly walked home in the cold winter breeze.    I reached under the door mat to my house key and unlocked the door. I was greeted with Amarie, my baby girl. No, I haven't had a baby yet. It's my cat I adopted from the pound.  (A/N I swear if you thought... *shudder* )  Yes I am a big softie for animals. Amarie is has a mixture of colors  mainly dark chocolate brown, and grey with a tint of orange. Really she is just so beautiful. I don't see how she wasn't adopted sooner.    Amaries meows echoed through the house, indicating she was hungry. I went and grabbed some cat food called 'Kibble' Can someone please tell me why it's called kibble? Ugh it's so baby-like. Another soft meow came through the house as I poured the kibble into the bowl. Then Amerie started to nibble on her cat food.   I went to the lounge room and slumped down on the couch. I turned on the T.V on and scrolled through all the shows that were on.   "No. No, No, Maybe, NO. Meh, Ewww, Maybe, Maybe, Maybe, No, No, N-... YES!" I stopped scrolling and started watching 'High School Musical' Boy was this my favorite movie ever as a kid. Anddd maybe... Possibly now? Who care this movie is EPIC.    I was soon joined by a satisfied Amarie. But I was to satisfied with the movie to acknowledge her appearance. This was the best part. The scene when they sing 'Breaking Free' It's just so enhancing  I begin to sing along with Troy, and Gabriela  I was half way into the chorus when I heard someone knock at our door. I stopped in my steps to put on my slippers. Whoever it was started to bang on the door harder and harder each time.  Some people are just uncivilized.   "Calm yo' tits bru." I shout before being confronted with a fused bomb. Ariel. Uh oh, this doesn't look good, maybe I should run I mean I am a faster runner, I was on the track team.   "Uhh.. Should I run?" I ask my eyes nearly popping out of their thingumabobs  I have never seen Ariel this angry, hell, I didn't even know Ariel could look so angry ever. And she is one hell of a grumpy person, I mean you should see her when she wakes- Wait that's not the point. The point is that I get the hell out of this house before I become the bacon and eggs I cooked this morning. And lets just say I nearly died. A life and death situation.   "YouAreACowHowCouldYouBeSoMeanEver!" She spat at me.   "Uh what? Please speak English, I don't understand AngryArielLanguage." Her nose flared and her hands turning white from her tight hold on them both of them.   "You are a one hell of a bitch!" Did she just say that I was a bitch? WhatDaHell?    "Last time I checked I was a human. I mean if you thought I was a were-wolf then that's different but this-" I stopped myself before I said anymore. Why did I just say that. Shes going to rip my head off now and there will be blood everywhere and I wont be able to meet Justin Bieber, and my baby girl will see me hurt, and then  my mom will come home and kill me even more and then I will be dead. For sure.   "I thought I could trust you with my secrets! And I find out you told Hazels minions! You swore Alex, you SWORE!" Tears started streaming down her face and as soon as I know it her face is red and splotchy.   "Ariel..-"   "Save it, save it for someone who cares Alex. I'm sure Ben would be thrilled to hear the story. Oh wait. HE HATES YOU TOO!" She ran back to her car, started her engine and sped off.    Okay from what I have heard I am a hated bastard. Nice now we just need that scene of me breaking down in tears crying, because my life is the worst. Here is the twist! I'm fine. I'm all good. I just need to figure out whats going on. I mean like that was some real shit right then and there. Me and Ariel were fine at lunch. What happened?   Whatever, I have better things to do right now then think about things I don't even know about yet.    I decide to go to my room and pump some music and go through my drawers. I have alot of shit in there that really need to go. I probably haven't been through my drawers in a year or so. Hey what can I say, I have friends. Oh god, now I am going to think about what just happened. Okay um, well I have better things to do like eat pie. Or pizza, OH MY GOD I  really feel like pizza right now. I'm sure Bruno's would be open.    I pick up my home phone and dial the number.   "Helloooo?" I sang into the phone.   I ordered the pizza and once I get it I am going to watch some serious Hannah Montana. Bitch please, tell me who doesn't still watch that shit? It's the best shit on television. But before I do any of that I am going to have a comforting shower.   I put my iPod on it's doc and choose the playlist 'Justin Bieber' And 'Baby' Begins to play through the speakers. I hop into the shower and sing along to the beats.   "Ohh woah, Oh woah, Oh woahhh. You know you love me, I know you care. Just shout whenever, and I'll be there. You want my love, you want my heart and we will never ever ever be apart. Are an item? Girl quit playing. We're just friends what are you saying. Said there's another look right in my eyes. My first love broke my heart for the first time. And I was baby, baby, baby oh. Like baby, baby, baby no. Like baby, baby, baby, oh. Thought you'd always be mine, mine.  Baby, baby, baby oh! Like baby, baby, baby,  no. Like baby, baby, baby, oh thought you always be mine, mine. Oh For you I would have done whatever and I just cant believe we aren't together And I wanna play it cool but I'm loosing you. Ill buy you anything! I'll buy you any ring!" I continued to sing with my amazing voice.   "SHUT IT ALEXA!" Mum shouted from the kitchen. Whoa well someones home early. And how dare she tell me to shut up I have an amazing voice just waiting to come out.    I finished my shower, and ended my day with me watching 'Hannah Montana' Then I was purely dead, I couldn't even lead myself up to my room, and that was  only about a mere seven steps from the lounge room.           "With you, with you. I wish we had another time I wish we had another place. Now Romeo and Juliet bet they never felt the way we felt Bonnie and Clyde never had the high like we do, we do you and I both know it cant work its all fun and games until someone gets hurt and I don't  I wont let that be you. Know you don't want to let go and I don't want to let you know that there might be something real between us two. Oh no! Now we don't wanna fall but were trippin' in our hearts and expect this a'int clumsy because I know you can't love he in here. I wish we had another time I wish we had another place! When everything we have is stuck in the moment and there is nothing my heart can do  to fight with time and place coz' i'm still stuck in the moment with you.... Justin don't go! No! Justin!" My own scream pulses me up as I realized my phone was ringing.    'Unknown Number' Whats weird. I have never had an unknown number all year, and I mean no one calls me in the morning. That's really weird. But if they are important they would call again-   "With you, with you. I wish we had another time I wish we had another place. Now Romeo and Juliet bet they never felt the way we felt Bonnie and Clyde never had the high like we do, we do you and I both know it cant work its all fun and games until someone gets hurt and I don't  I wont let that be you.- Hello..?" I answered in a uncertain tone.   "Alex. Great to talk to you. I  missed you yesterday so I was just hoping you remember that today we are going on our little... vacation.." That voice. That husky voice. There is only one guy that- Jace. Come on Alexa, you have had worse I mean your best friend Ariel cracked it with you yesterday remember- ARIEL. Oh no! I'll have to face her today. Uh oh, today might be worse then I thought.   "I uh mean it's not a uh vacation i mean it's um a uh project." Yep I sound like a retard. I don't know why my words always come out like that when I talk to Jace. He is just like everyone else but maybe a little but more known.. Reality check. He isn't a normal person he is a friggin hot guy that everyone loves.   "No. Trust me babe. This will defiantly not be a holiday. Oh and just remember first person at the 'holiday house' gets first choice of rooms." His last remark made me grin like a freaking retard. Wait! I better get packing or I will get the worst room. Lets just hope I can just stay in my room this whole time. I wont be socializing with anyone anytime soon.   "Um I have to um go. Thanks for uh reminding me." My body felt tight and stiff. I don't know how Jace can make me feel like this.   "No need to thank me Alex" They were his last words before he hung up on me.   Wow. Just wow. Jace Ryder. Just. Called. Me. And. Called. Me. Babe. Like. Whoa  I shook my head reminding myself that he was just calling me that because that's what he calls all the cute gi- Shit. He just called me babe. And in 'Jace Ryder' Language that means cute. Wow, I mean Jace called me cute. I gave myself a little 'whoop' and danced around a little. I mean this is a big deal I can't wait until I can tell Ariel all of this. Wait... Scratch that I can't wait until I  make up with Ariel and then tell her everything.   I grab my Ghanda bags and start to pack my belongings. Really quickly. Especially since I have to get the best room no matter what. I mean I would rather die then not get that room.   I finally finished packing my bags. I grabbed my keys and waved good-bye my life for six months. Wait did I 'Divergence'? Whoa I didn't. I grab the book from the shelf and run to my car. Unlocking it and packing all my stuff in it as fast as I could.    I started the engine. "This is it. I will finally be in hell. My dream just had to come true." I accurate going forward. WAIT. Where the nuts am I going? I haven't even looked at the directions Mrs Chanel gave to me. I read the map and memorized it. It's just about twenty minutes from here. I will be there in no time. I speed up the street. I. Need. This. Friggin. Room.          A/N    Woah guys I have been up writing this for about three or four hours on end. I also have been editing a video I am creating for this. It wont be the best video. But hey! It's just a small intro to the story. I hope you love this update since I have enjoyed writing this so much I have giggled a lot when writing this. I hoped you did too. I mean Alexa is so friggin blonde. And yes her character is blonde too. (: I have the characters all sorted out. Well the main ones anyways.    Love you all [: x   P.S     Was just wondering if some of you could create some cool covers for 'The Bad-Boy And The School Nerd' Message me if you need some details. ( And lets be honest I don't like the cover I made :3 :P) Thanks a heap. I'll update again as soon as I can but I have lots of birthdays coming up and I mean I would rather write. But who doesn't like a little party once in a while? :P (: x -Tess PP.S Sorry it's so short :3 :P 


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