The Bad-Boy And The School Nerd...

Alexa(Alex)Darke is as nerdy and geeky as you could get. She has never even gotten a detention, dismissal or even a warning. Shes not one of the most well known people ever... She lives with her foster parents Layla Darke and Brent Darke who always watch her intently like hawks. She has tried to forget the past, but one thing she doesn't know is that the past is back to haunt her.

However, on the other side of the school is the more. Popular side.

Jace Blake is the schools typical smoking hot bad boy. His parents have moved him to three other high schools and have decided it's enough. They are making him stay hoping this last move could be the icing to the cake. His cowardly girl friend Hazel is the typical mean girl. She is the captain of the Tigers team and the most flirty girl in the school. Even though Jace hates her with all his heart he keeps her.

What would happen if you put the Bad-Boy with the Nerd.. Especially when the task is to work together. Hell is ought to break loose


1. Chapter 1- Closer


Chapter One   Closer...   Alexa's P.O.V   "Who would like to read their poem out loud?" Mrs Chanel called out her eyes wondering off to mine. At first I thought she was just looking at me because I'm freaking sexy. But then I realized her head nod to me. I nodded back in her direction  This is exactly why I hate being the school nerd, the teachers expect you to show an example to the rest of the students. If I do say so myself, the nerds always have to do everything the teacher wants pronto' or we get a straight detention. - And they wonder how we stay so 'well behaved'     I grabbed my paper and swallowed. I walked up to the front staring at the floor, oh that's a nice floor. Hello floor. When I finally reach the front of the class I peer up at my friend Ariel who gave me the thumbs up. Something caught my attention just as I was about to start reading my poem. I look to see what it is. Well my day just got so much better. Not. Jace Ryder the bad-boy of the school just walked in with a evil grin. This isn't good.. He sits down and chuckles to himself. I frantically look at the teacher who is currently correcting our history papers. I stare at my own paper and swallow. I can't do this, who am I kidding this is Jace Blake we are talking about, I already am on his death wish.      Deep breaths Alexa. One breath, two breaths, three breaths. Just don't make contact with Jace, you can do this. Remember, school is everything your life depends on this. Okay.   I sigh and take one last breath before I devour my life into reading my history paper.    Once I finished I heaved a big sigh and sat back down at my table. Hey, that wasn't that bad, who am I kidding that wasn't bad at all. Well at least I can go on with my daily life as per usual. The lunch bell rings, with the most  piercing sound ever. They really need to change that bell. Ariel taps me on the shoulder making me snap out of my day dream.      "Mrs Chanel said we must meet her in the staff room when lunch begins." She looks at me with her beautiful blue eyes. I allow my head to nod, but Ariel tugs at my arm and with a THUMP I am lying on the ground. Hello there again floor. I guess we should marry now. I mean it is our second date.  "Alexa. Listen Mrs Chanel needs us now! Don't stall again. I don't want to get a detention like we nearly did last time" Her squeaky voice surrounds me as I stand up.     "Okay, okay lets go then!"I push her forward making her almost trip over her own feet. She scolds me and continues to walk along the corridors.     By the time we reach the teachers office Mrs Chanel is hesitantly glancing over her watch as if she was expecting someone, or something.    "Mrs Chanel?" She quickly looks at us blankly. She looks really ill, maybe I should get the nurse here. Nah, shes a teacher she can do that herself.     "Girls, it's about time. I have been waiting for quite a while. Now take a seat." The motions us towards the green moon chairs that look really appealing.      "You needed us?"Ariel asks sounding a bit concerned. You see we aren't usually sent to the staff room. It's quite new to us.     "Yes. I have some... Interesting news..." She trails off. This sounds a bit cheesey, and trust me. I do NOT like cheese.     "As a new program the school has come up with, four students will be living with each other for six months, just to see how well your ... socializing skills are... And we have had the pleasure of choosing Ariel, and you and a few... other people.. Of course you will have to complete a few bits and pieces of school work. But not as much as usual."     Wait does she mean Ariel and I.. In a house together for six months. Oh my god. Yes! This is going to be so cool, Ariel and I just chilling at home on the weekends. Reading books, and studying together. This could be just like a dream! And.. Not as much work!      "YESSSS!" Ariel jumps up and down squealing. I get out of my seat and join her. This is going to be.. EPIC. Ariel mouths to me 'This is gonna be AWESOME!'     We just walk out of the room, expecting the convocation to be done. That is the best news ever. I really have the urge of dancing in the middle of the corridors right now. But even I have to admit, that would just be torture. Nothing could be wor-     I feel a arm wrap around me. It felt warm and soothing, but really awkward.      "Hello Alex." Jace's voice interrupts my thoughts and my whole body starts to warm up.      "What d-do you w-want" I stutter my words and I begin to feel really weird and tingly     "Oh Alex, Alex, Alex. I want to be your first kiss." He whispers into my ear.  He is so close, I can barely think, but is words are embedded in my brain.      "I-I have K-kissed before!" I really want to punch him in the face right now, but I can't. Firstly my body is weak, and secondly I would get a detention. Not going to happen.     He blurts out laughing like I was lying. Well the truth is. I was lying, I haven't ever kissed anyone. I was close to when I was about five and that was with my best friend Ben. We wanted to see what it was like, but then his parents saw us and quickly broke us apart before out lips touched. Now Ben and I are just really close friends.     "Sure you have Alex, sure you have." I hate when he calls me Alex. It's a horrible feeling. It's kind of like I want him to keep saying it. But I really don't. I swear if I as ever stuck in room with this kid I would most defiantly die; in pain.      "I-I have t-to g-go!" I push him away and he doesn't try to stop me. I am too scared to look back so instead I just ran through the corridor, everyone looking at me like I am a complete physio. I probably am.      "Hey Alexa wait up"' Ben tugs at my shoulder making me look into his deep brown eyes. My eyes are damp from crying, and my head feels as though it is going to explode. I rub my temples and Ben pulls me into a hug, I can't resist. I hug him back feeling his warm embrace. It doesn't feel completely right, but neither did it feel right when Jace was holding me.     "Are you alright there my Alex Bear?" His voice calms me down and I begin to feel more comfortable. I really just need to tell someone what happened. Just not Ben.     The end of school bell rings and I happily leave the school hoping I will never have to go through that again! Now I know I am on the top of Jace's death wish, that's really comforting. Why couldn't I just marry the floor. We are both so similar. So plain, and boring. No one even notices us. Perfect match.     "Alexa?" He looks at me. All I do is hug him tighter and tighter  The worry in his eyes is becoming more, and more clear to me.      I straighten my body and hold my hands behind my back. I don't wanna make him feel awkward as I already am feeling. So I do the only thing I have always wanted to do. Run, and run and don't look back. I know running from my problems won't help at all, but what are my other options.. Death? No thank you! I have a 'holiday' soon, and I can't miss that. Jace won't remember my face, i'm barely noticeable  this will pass by tomorrow.         'Get away from me!' Ben slurs his words as alcohol enters my nose I wince at the strong sense  I don't understand why he wanted to go to this party. Actually I don't even know why I went along with this. Unfortunately I am the designated driver today, so I will be stuck with a alcohol consumed retard, that unfortunately is my friend.      I sigh, and look at the girl who wanted to dance with him. She steps away with a bright red face. I mean, this is a worlds first. Benjamin has never been asked to dance before. I mean, he is cute but he is quite the nerd. I mean, nobody even tries to socialize with us. I mean nobody.      "Ariel, where is my Ariel the reindeer?" He once again slurs his words, and once again the strong scent of alcohol invades my system. I block my nose and cough. I don't understand why people drink.     Without warning flops to the ground. God he is wasted I don't know what to do. I just stare knowing I am disowning him if this ever happens again. I pick Ben up with all my strength and end up toppling down right on him.      "I'm so sorry!" I glance around to see everyone looking at me, intently. Okay now it's getting awkward. Really awkward. I stand up and shudder. I have never had this much attention before.      "Ben, i'm going to be right back." He nods and rolls around the floor like a helpless puppy. I don't feel good I need some water. I find my own way to the fridge and throw it open.     Water, oh sweet water. I grab the bottle of water and throw off the bottle cap. I look at it's contents. Yummy.... Without hesitation I drink the whole bottle in one go. My belly feels full and I lean against the table. I see Ben in the corner of my eye dancing like a complete nut head. Oh dear god.  I run to my phone and dial Ariel's number.      "Hello Alex?" She sounds tired, but I don't really care.     "HEY ARIEL!" I shout into the phone. Why did I shout into the phone? Whoa I think i'm a... Tiger.. Rawrrrr!     "I'm sorry my reindeer friend" I whisper and I hear Ariel heave a heavy sigh. Uh ohhhh! Someones a wee bit angry!!     "You're drunk aren't you?" I hear her laugh a angry, but funny laugh. I can hear her grab something, as it jingles in her hands. That's when, my body starts to move against the beat of the music. It's really catchy.      "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Everyone looks at me. I know i'm sexy, I mean by looking at me, doesn't mean you have my number to call. I wink the the really cute guy looking at me and he blushs. AWWWWWWW!     "I'M SEXY AND I KNOW. DODODODODODODODODODODODODODODO" I sing loudly and everyone starts to laugh. I am NOT funny. And that's when everything went blurry  I grabbed the water bottle and take another swig. I put the cap back on and start to walk around to Ben, who is happily sucking out another girls life. It's really interesting to watch.     "Ben! Hey I was wondering if you wanted to dance... With me!" I sounded really stupid.  He pushes the girl away, looking at me surprised. Then he continues his make out session. I do feel really sick, dancing probably wasn't the best idea anyway. I should sit down and drink some more water.      That's when I bump into something. Something really solid.I wince at the pain. And hold the table beside me for support.     "Ouchhhh-" Oh god. I look up and nearly vomit all over her new designer jeans. Ariel's here.     "What do you think your doing." She glares at me, then at Ben who is now sitting on the couch, with his 'girl' then she stares back at me. She gives me a disappointing look along with a grunt of anger.     "Stay right here, I just need to get Ben. Can you do that without me having to assist you!" She snaps at me. I really wish I could punch her, I really, really do wish I could. She doesn't have a right to snap at me like that. Who does she think she is coming here being mean to me. I haven't done anything wrong. I have just quietly drunk my water. In peace. I restrain myself. She is in fact my best friend. I have to forgive her.     She comes back dragging Ben by his ear just like what my mom used to do to me when I was young. But I really don't want to remember that. I see Ben yelp in pain as he tries to fight off Ariel. But Ariel is way too strong for him. I mean she could bash that little twat Hazel. I hate her so much. She thinks she so cool, just because she is the head cheerleader, and always flirting with the boys. I swear if I ever had a chance to murder that girl I would do it without hesitation.      "You both are coming with me. Now!" She pushes Ben and I out the door and leads us to her black Volvo. I really love her car, it reminds me of rainbows, and pony's. No.. No Rainbow pony's, that's what it reminds me of!      Ariel opens the back door and Ben and I pack in. The seats are really comfy I could almost fall asleep in here. But I can't not when a maniac is driving a car. I mean Ariel goes menace when she drives. I surprised she hasn't been caught yet. I feel Ben's head rest against my shoulder.      "Ariel I don't -" I was too late. The Vomit sprayed all over her black Volvo. Oh how I was in for this.     Ariel shreiks loudly, enough that most of the neighborhood would hear her.     "Firstly, get out of my Volvo. And go straight to the lounge room. And secondly Alexa. You my abnormal friend, are going to die." She forces a smile as I get out of her car. I stumble  over a lot of rocks. But I can't see them, it's like they are INVISIBLE. Oh no, I knew that one day rocks would turn on us.     I take dibs on the couch, and realize I am more tired then I thought I was. I yawn as I lay down on the soft, warm couch. Pain erupts through my face. Like something hit me.  My eyes flutter open and I focus my eyes on the action figure laying on my cheek.      "Ben that huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurt!!" I cry loudly. That is sure to bruise up. Like a tomato. Wait no.... Tomato's are too fat. Like a water melon...     "No it didn't you baby! Throw it back to me now!" He glares at me. No way was I going to give this back to him. What a baby he is. No one plays with these anymore.     "No! I wont give it back. EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" I practically screamed at him. I hadn't realized I was so loud until Ariel comes in with two bowls of hot soup. And a very unpleasant face. She curses to herself and looks at both me, and Ben.     "Why don't you shut THE HELL UP. So we all can go to SLEEP." She yelled through her teeth. She places the bowls of soup on the coffee table and Ben and I fight for the one that is the fullest. I came to the party with him, I should get it.     "It's MINE!!!!!" I yelled at him.      "No!! IT IS MINE! I SAW IT FIRST!" He yelled back.     "Guys. I will smash YOUR FACES IN. Just PICK ONE!" Without hesitation I pushed the bowl forward to Ben who grinned frantically, while I just pulled the 'less filled' bowl towards me. Some people are just nut heads. Like Ben.     "Guys, mum and dad aren't home so I need some rest. Please go to bed once you have finished your soup. We have a big day ahead of us." I missed the last part of what she said, as I slurped up the last of my soup.     Ariel left the room, and I rested my head against the couch pillow. My whole body ached. But I had no trouble falling asleep. Even with the loud snoring noise, coming from her room.             'BANG'      A loud noise came through my ears. And my eyes shot open. I jolted my body forward and looked next to me. Where am I? Oh no, please don't say I am in a old mans house, and then he will try to kill me, and then I will be dead, and then I will be in hell because I shouldn't have been in this place anyways, and I was most likely drugged to get here. What if they have a butchers KNIFE!!     "Alexa, it's okay!" Ben's voice interrupts my thoughts. And I am happy he did. I don't know if I could survive this place without him.     "Alexa, we are only at Ariel's place. Remember?" No I don't remember, you know, because I was probably drugged.      "Uh Yepp. I remember, my brain is just, you know being funny on me! Ahaaa!" I fake a smile, and look around the room, as the surroundings become familiar.     "Hey Guyssss! Here, take this, oh and I have some toast cooking." Ariel sings as she hands me a couple aspirin  I don't even know why I needed it, i'm not sick or anything.     I sit up, and my back begins to crack, in places I didn't even know existed. The pain came right after the cracking party. I squeeze my eyes shut and try and push the pain away.      I  have to admit. I feel like crap. My whole body is aching, and I internally feel awful. Maybe the aspirin  would be perfect.     "Hey Alexa! We find out who is our.. Room-mates today! I really hope it's that really cute guy in chemistry  I mean, I could snog that guy in no time!" You could almost smell the happiness. She was really excited. And I am too. But I couldn't care less who was our room mate.     "Hurry up and get ready, were leaving in 20 minutes. And Ben is staying here. Don't ask.." Her grin just gets bigger and bigger!         We reach school, and Ariel almost trips about every school kid that was in her way. She was one maniac of a kid that one. She grabbed my hand and started to jog to Mrs Chanel's door. We finally get there quick enough. I drop my bag and sit on it.      "Are you ready to find out Alexa!" She squeals, and jumps up and down.     "Yeah whatever."     Then came the silence. She stopped jumping up and down, she stopped squealing, and she practically stopped breathing. Her eyes grew big, and she scoffed. Was it that bad? I mean if it was that really gross kid, I would have died.     "What, what is it?" I stand up and look at the sheet of paper with the names of five people. It read.     -Ariel Carlson     -Blaze Tai     -Cash Depth     -Alexa Darke     and the last but not least....     -Jace Ryder     Oh no. No please no. Now I understand why Ariel isn't moving. Jace. Yes Jace is going to be our room-mate. But no, no that isn't the worst of it. We would be sharing a house with not just Jace, who already would cause enough pain, and torture, but his army of friends. Which means.. Triple the much pain and torture. There must be a mistake, I mean, how can Jace and his friends be picked. And then me and Ariel. We both had two different sides of things. I tried to speak but all that came out was a heavy sigh. Was this world trying to kill us.?         A/N  Hey Guys, this is the first chapter of The Bad Boy And The School Nerd. I hope you like it! It's been hard to write since I have been grounded  therefore meaning no usage of my laptop, iPad or iPod. I will be getting it back fully soon. So I will start the next chapter as soon as I can. Please comment what you think, and like and you know whatever you want. :3  xo - Tess ____________


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