The Bad-Boy And The School Nerd...

Alexa(Alex)Darke is as nerdy and geeky as you could get. She has never even gotten a detention, dismissal or even a warning. Shes not one of the most well known people ever... She lives with her foster parents Layla Darke and Brent Darke who always watch her intently like hawks. She has tried to forget the past, but one thing she doesn't know is that the past is back to haunt her.

However, on the other side of the school is the more. Popular side.

Jace Blake is the schools typical smoking hot bad boy. His parents have moved him to three other high schools and have decided it's enough. They are making him stay hoping this last move could be the icing to the cake. His cowardly girl friend Hazel is the typical mean girl. She is the captain of the Tigers team and the most flirty girl in the school. Even though Jace hates her with all his heart he keeps her.

What would happen if you put the Bad-Boy with the Nerd.. Especially when the task is to work together. Hell is ought to break loose


3. Chaper 3- Why Does He Do This To Me.


Chapter 3- Why does he do this to me.




I reach the house just in time. I see no cars around, it's like it's deserted. I reached for my keys in my pocket. Unlocking the door I see Jace appear from behind me with his irresistible  devilish grin. 'Alexa you need this room hurry the hell up!' Right, I forgot about that. The door opens with a squeak. I take my surroundings in. Pure white walls. Cream carpet. Brown Sofas. Wow, I could get used to this. It looks really cosy. 

"Stop daydreaming Babe, we have a room to choose." A voice came from behind me. I whipped my head around to see Jace staring at me. 

"I was not daydreaming about you, if that's what you were uh, thinking." Wow he called me babe again. Wow. The blank look on my face gives Jace enough time to run up the staircase and unlock one of the rooms. 

"Dammit Alexa. Stop thinking of him. I felt a small tap on my shoulder. And for it to be the most unexpected person made me shudder. 

"Uh Ariel?" I look into her eyes. She has calmed down, but just one little spark, will set her off. So I should take this easy. 

"I am still mad at you, but I couldn't go through this on my own. Lets find our room?  Shall we?" She says whilst giving me a sad smile. How could I resist her offer. I am a forgiving person, to please who are nice about it. 

"Sure. But um Jace just went upstairs to the-" It just came back to me.

"RUN!" I shout as I run upstairs and find all the rooms locked. God dammit. How didn't I see this coming. I sigh heavily before sitting down.on the soft carpet. Ariel soon joined me.


"How did I not see this coming? I knew I should have been faster." I said, staring at the carpet. It's tinted pink, but mainly cream as the boys wont like 'pink' There is no problem with the color pink, it's pretty.

"Oh who do we have here. Alex, and Ariel. Well, I thought I might pick your room for you, since I knew that Alex couldn't stop daydreaming about me. - Who couldn't?" Jace's voice echoed through the house, leaving a shudder on my shoulders. Why does this keep happening to me.

"We are um, I wasn't daydream about uh. You." My voice came out a little shaky. Before Ariel stepped in.

"What Alexa meant to say was ' She wouldn't ever daydream of anyone with a scrawny face like you. ' "  Uh, oh. She probably shouldn't have said that. Her cockiness always gets the best of her I suppose.

"Scrawny face huh." He said with a grin. "Using big words now are we Ariel? I didn't know you were so.." He thought for a moment. "Adult." He said looking at her whilst chuckling to himself. Ariel turned bright red, obviously embarrassed from his comment. I'm surprised she couldn't think of a cocky comment. It's my turn to 'gulp' step in..

"Ariel and uh me, want to see uh our room now. Um please?" I asked trying to sound as normal as I could. But pretty much failing, as I could see the grin on his sexy face.

"Well since you asked so nicely Alex." He opened one of the doors stepping away, he left us there to have a look. "Enjoy" He muttered whilst walking completely out of the second floor.

"Wow, that was totally weird!" I said after checking if he was still there.

"You got that right!" She said. "Lets take the first step in our room together, I don't think I could deal with a prank all on my own." She grabbed hold of my hand and we both closed our eyes preparing for the prank of our lives.

"One.." I begin to count. Knowing it's going to be awful


Be prepared Alexa, be prepared.


We both take a step into the room. And our eyes flutter open. I was greeted with the most beautiful room I have ever seen. The walls were painted in a deep-ish pink color, and the roof a light pinkish color  The window drooped under the pink curtains. A table and desk to work at, was a elegant brown color  with roses set on top. And the bed. The beautiful pink laced bed. With pink pillows around it.  I could die. This is me and Ariel's room for the time being. This is my dream room, come to life. It couldn't get any more perfect then this.

"Wow." The word escaped my lips leaving me with my mouth still set wide open.

"It is.." Ariel started.

"Beautiful." I finished her off.

"Are you sure that Jace chose this room for us?" She said under her breath. 

"Hard to believe I know." I replied. 

"You know what. I shot gun window side!" She said as she threw her backs onto her shot gun side of the bed. 

"Well. You are lucky I didn't want that side anyways. This is my side.. Oh and by the way, you might not want to wake me up in the morning. I am not a morning person." I stated before giggling to myself.

"Hey, I'm sorry for cracking it at you it's just that you promised." She said looking into my eyes.

"You know I still don't know what happened!" I said laughing. 

"Well.. It's a long story. I'll fill you in later. Right now I am stuffed, I'm going to unpack." I nodded before unzipping my own bags and unpacking my own stuff. 

As I was going through my bag, I found a unexpected note in the end of my bag. I reached for it, unwrapping it.

It read:

Dearest Alexa,

                      I knew you would not have any time to say good-bye to me, and your father. So I thought I would write this note to note only say good-bye. But to say 'We love you' and Good luck, not that you will need it. Since you are with Ariel and three other boys, who will treat you right. Remember you can visit, but we wont be home for a while. Your father and I are going on a business trip to England.    
              Much love my sweetheart. - Mum, and dad. 

Wow, she has this all wrong. 'Three other boys who will treat you right.' Yeah right. Anything but will happen. She doesn't know how much pain I will be in. Especially since they wont be at home, so there goes my escape plan. - Yes I did have an escape plan, that was all set out, until now.

"Good-Bye mum, dad. Sorry I wont be there" I said silently.before a tear feel from my eye. No I will not cry. I forbid myself from bawling my eyes out again. 'You will not cry because you are stuck with three retarded boys. You will NOT.'  I hid the note in my bedside drawer. You would think I would be crying because of my so called 'parents' But really, they aren't my real parents. No one could ever be my real parent. No one, will ever be my real parent.



Hehe. Did you like it ? 

I bet you thought she would cry because of her 'parents' 

I gave a little  clue out this chapter.

If you didn't get it. Well.. Keep reading. :3

Next Update: 31 maybe earlier. Maybe a little late because of high school. ( I'll do my best :3 )

Next Chappy: More of Jace, and his friends. This could be interestinggg.



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