The Abomination of Jake

Jacob Drake Vines has had a pretty hard life so far. But when his sister is born comes new problems. Will he survive the cruel world, or take the short way out?


1. New Born


WARNING!!!! This story has lots of violence and foul language!! 


The Abomination Of Jake

I stood petrified as my parents walked up the the lonely driveway, holding a complete bundle of human. Great. One more person I have to look after besides myself. One more person to protect.

“Jacob! Open the door!” My father yelled to me.

“Yes sir.” I mumbled as I opened the door for my parents.

“Don't mumble boy.” My mother snapped at me vigorously. I nodded and ran into my small room at the end of the hallway that was located on the right of the front door. I walked into the room and turned on the light. The walls where a navy blue with the occasional splatter of red. My bed lay in the far right corner of the room, with a mass of tattered blankets piled high on it. On the other side of the room was everything that a baby girl would ever need. That's how it all starts. That's how it started with me.


I ran and jumped on my messy bed, the blankets fluffed under my weight. I reached under my pillow and pulled out my favorite story book. Learning to read in unusual at five but that didn't stop me. I stumbled over the words like a newborn learning to walk. I hardly understood any of the book, I didn't even know what it was called. But that didn't matter to me. All I cared about was that I was reading.


“Jacob! Get out here now!” I heard my mother yell from what seemed like the kitchen. I jumped up and ran into the main room of our small house.

“Take your sister and put her to bed, then I want you in bed to. If I hear a peep out of either of you. You'll pay.” My mother ordered. I looked at her astonished. How was I suppose to do that?

“Stand there a little longer boy. I dare you to.” My father growled, from behind me. I picked up my baby sister and ran into our room. I didn't know any better so all I did was set my sister on the floor of our bedroom and hopped that she would go to sleep. I climbed onto my bed and covered myself up. Even though it was only four O' clock in the afternoon I still tried to sleep. I wasn't sure why I was suppose to go to sleep, but I learned not to question my parents orders. I heard my baby sister cry out softly, I prayed that she wouldn't make anymore noise than that. But she did. She began screaming at the top of her lungs. Her voice carried throughout the house like a captain calling, 'All aboard!'. I heard something stir in the main room of the house. I stiffened and my blood ran cold. I heard someone move through the house, rather quickly towards the bedroom. My sister kept screaming at the top of her lungs though, she didn't know what she was getting the both of us into. My father came bursting through the bedroom door with and enraged look on his face. My mother came in after him looking just as mad. She picked, up my sister and put her in her cradle. Meanwhile, my father stood two feet away from me raging mad. I could feel the heat coming off of him he was so mad.


“Ron.” My mother snapped, he quickly turned to her. “Leave it for tonight.” She said calmly.

“He deserves it now!” My father growled. I tugged the blankets over my face trying to hide from him. He turned to me and scowled, his gaze seem to cut through me, like a knife cutting pudding.

“Ron, no.” My mother snapped. Ron leaned down to me and breathed on me, his breath was full of alcohol

“I'll deal with you later.” He whispered to me. I shuddered at his words, and tried to hide my fear that threatened to show itself in tears. My mother set my sister into her crib and pulled my father out of our room, slamming the door on the way out.


I was jolted awake, and pulled out of bed, by my flimsy shirt collar. I manged to peek outside to see if it was night or day. Night. Thank god. I was roughly dragged into the kitchen, where I was thrown down. My head hit the crappy tile floor with a bang. My father hoisted me up onto the counter, and held my arm down tightly with his fists. He took out a rather large knife and set it to my skin. I felt the cold metal rush through my arm, leaving a trail of pain, and blood behind it. I screamed out in pain and began crying loudly. My voice was muffled by a gag that soon covered my mouth. 

"Shut up boy!" My mother snapped from behind me, jolting my head back violently. I was pushed off the counter and onto the floor quickly. I chocked on the gag as my face hit the floor, again.  My father came up behind me and kicked my sides repeatedly. I tried crawling away, but was stopped by my mother who kicked my face. I felt blood and more tears rush out of me onto the floor. I saw my mother's foot come towards me again, but this time I dodged it. My father picked me up, took off the gag and shoved me into my room. I was shoved violently onto the floor of the room. My father pinned my now helpless body to the floor. He scowled at me and spit a huge glob of spit into my face.

"Worthless." He mumbled as he got and walked out. I laid there on the floor, quivering, blood and tears rushing out of my body, until I was drained from everything, and blackness surrounded me.


My eye fluttered open, lazily. I lifted my head slightly and looked around the room. Everything was the same. My bed untouched, my sister still in her crib. Nothing had changed from last night except for me. I pushed myself off the floor and dusted myself off. I walked slowly, feeling every part of my body ache, I walked over to the window, and pulled back the curtains. The morning sun of Wassila, Alaska, shone through the navy blue room and pin-pointed me. I heard my baby sister cry out softly. I glared at her vigorously. She ruined my life, more! I hated her with a burning passion. I punched the window angrily, making a hollow sound when my fist hit the glass. I heard it make a hollow sound when my fist hit the glass. I to my knees and began to cry. With every sound my sister made my sobs got louder, and louder. I heard the front door slam, I was alone for the rest of the day. My parents both “worked” long hours everyday. I was used to being alone, but now my sister was here. I slowly pushed myself up off the floor, and walked out of the room. Making sure to slam the door on my way out. I heard her cry more, my hate burned even more.


I walked into the kitchen and looked around. I stood two inches below the cabinets. I reached up and grabbed the phone and my favorite uncle's number.

“Hello?” answered an tired male voice.

“Uncle Vinny!” I pipped up

“Jacob! How you doing little man?” His voice suddenly sounding cheerful.

“Good.” I lied.

“That's good. So what's the reason for calling little guy?”

“I'm alone.” I replied sighing heavily.

“Your parents working again?! They left you and your baby sister home alone?!” He exclaimed, “Hold on buddy, I'm coming to getcha.” He said hanging up.

I smiled and hung up the phone, and ran into my room. I grabbed my small bag and stuffed my book into it. I looked into my baby sister's crib, she looked up at me with wide eyes. Her bright green eyes pierced my skin, burning it. I glared down. The sound of the front door opening startled me. I peaked out the bedroom door. My uncle stood in the entryway stretching his arms out. I ran out under his arms and hugged him.

“Hey there Jacob.” He said patting my back.

“Hi.” I replied, my voice muffled, as I buried my face into his chest.

“Go get in the car, I'll get your sister.”

I nodded up at him and walked out into the morning Alaskan light. The yard was covered in grass with a stone path leading up to the porch. I jumped down the three steps and skipped to the car. I opened the back door or the white ford five hundred, my uncle drove, and climbed into my cousin Jace's car seat. My uncle came up to the car holding my baby sister, in her car seat. He jerked the door open and facended my sister in. I glared at her intensively. My uncle slammed his door and started the car.

“You ready?” My uncle asked looking back. I nodded and smiled, as we begun moving forward out of the driveway.


I pushed open the car door quickly and jumps out at my aunt and uncle's house. My oldest cousin Hattie came walking outside, her arms spread wide waiting for a hug from me. I ran to her and wrapped my arms around her as best as I could.

“Jake!” She squealed as we collided. “How have you been?” She asked releasing me from her hug.

“Fine,” I answered looking up at her.

“Hattie!” My uncle yelled from the car, “Come and take miss Emily.”

Hattie smiled widely and ran to grab my sister. I glared and walked into the house with my small bag slung over my shoulder. I set foot in the white house and was greeted whit my cousin's rocket flying at me. I stepped out of the way and let it fly past me. I dropped my bag and raced twards my cousin. His eyes grew wide and he ran around the corner. I flung myself, spread eagle, onto him.

“Get off me!” He yelled as I had him pinned.

Suddenly I was yanked up by my shirt collar.

“Stop fighting you two,” My aunt said pushing us away in the process. Unlucky for me, she saw the new bruises on my sides. She gasped.

“What on Earth happened to you?” She exclaimed.

“I. . . I fell.” I lied quickly.

“I may not know much about medicine, but those,” She gestured to my sides, “Aren't from falling.”

I gulped.

“Come on lets get you clean up.”


I was given clean clothes, a bandage for my arm and me and Jace were both given ice cream. So far, it had been the best day ever. I had my favorite food and I hadn't seen my sister all day. Absolutely perfect. Me and Jace were sitting in the kitchen when the front door was busted open. An angry voice bellowed through the house. I froze in mid word. That voice belonged to my father, and he was definitely not happy. My uncle stood in front of my father, just as tall and stiff. Both men breathing heavily from pure anger and rage. Yet uncle seemed calmer than my father. My cousin Hattie muttered something then took me and Jace into the back yard. As we walked outside the birds were chirping and the sun was shining down happily. Hattie led us to the tree house and told us to stay there until we were told to come out. We watched her as she waled back to the house. I was quite content to stay in the tree house, but Jace on the other hand was not. He yelled at the top of his lungs and kicked the ides of the tree house. I rolled my eyes at him and sat in the corner rocking back and forth.

Finally Jace gave up on the kicking and screaming.

“Come on guys,” Hattie said appearing at the tree house door. Her face was red and her eyes were puffy. Jace and I looked at her for a second then followed her.


As we walked into the house I almost fainted when I saw my uncle sprawled out on the couch holding a towel to his nose. Also my father holding a raw steak to the side of his face. My aunt was cleaning up blood from the floor. The room was completely silent until Hattie broke it with loud sobs.

“Oh Hattie,” My aunt said rushing over to her. Jace and I stood there speechless as Hattie cried. My father stood up and grabbed me by the collar and dragged me out of the house. I was thrown into the back seat of the trick along with my sister, who I hadn't seen all day. My father slammed the door and climbed into the drivers seat. We drove off without a word said.


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