Picture This

Hallie Mercer was always in the shadows of her cousin, Tracy. She was the pretty one, and had the hottest boy in school as a boyfriend, Zayn Malik. Sienna wasn't the prettiest. When Hallie gets into a freak accident, she needed plastic surgery. When she gets released, she's the prettiest of the pretty. What happens when Tracy is in the background, and Zayn and his other mates are interested in Hallie?


2. PT:Chapter 2


I groaned, squinting at the light, when my door was knocked. The door opened, revealing Ethan, my best friend. He widened his eyes. "Did I get the wrong room?" he stuttered. 

I raised an eyebrow. "No? What's wrong with you? Don't recognized your best friend?" I giggled lightly. Not taking his eyes off me, he gave me a hand mirror. I took it, and my jaw fell slack.

In the mirror wasn't me. It was a hot model. Like, seriously. Her hair was in soft mermaid waves, her green multi colored eyes were sparkling, and a fading green to the pupils, her heart shaped lips were curved into a small pout, and her skin was still snow white, but blemish free.

"Wh-What happened to me?" I stuttered.

"The damage done was so horrible, they had to do plastic surgery. Don't worry, the only thing they changed was your skin, because it had too many scratches," Ethan muttered, running a hand through his saggy blonde hair.

"I look completely different," I muttered, my eyes looking up to the roof.

"Hey, come on, you can outstage Tracy," Ethan said, smiling softly. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, right." I scoffed.


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