Picture This

Hallie Mercer was always in the shadows of her cousin, Tracy. She was the pretty one, and had the hottest boy in school as a boyfriend, Zayn Malik. Sienna wasn't the prettiest. When Hallie gets into a freak accident, she needed plastic surgery. When she gets released, she's the prettiest of the pretty. What happens when Tracy is in the background, and Zayn and his other mates are interested in Hallie?


1. PT:Chapter 1

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"Ugly ass!" Zayn snickered with his friends, and my cousin, Tracy and his friends, Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall. I don't even understand why they do this, I mean, I was really close to Tracy. She was always the pretty one. I had boring brown wavy hair, multi colored eyes which are really dull, and pale snow white skin. She had the perfect blonde curls, amazing green eyes, curvy body, and the boys worship the floors she walks on. 


I let a tear slip, before walking out of the school, ignoring the hurtful comments past on the way. I slid into my red Lexus, leaning my head against the steering wheel, before sobbing. I slammed the gas pedal, and zoomed off. The tears blurred my vision, and the next thing I knew,

a bus was coming right at me.

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