*Summer Love*

Beth, and her best friend Jamie have an awesome opportunity to spend their summer in London. What will they do there and will they meet someone special?


1. Birthday!

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BETH AND JESSE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!" Me and my twin brother James blew out the candles of our 16th birthday cake. I can't believe we were already 16! "Happy birthday sweeties!" My mum said to me and James. "Yeah, Happy Birthday!" My big brother, Dan, told us. "It's time to open presents!" Uncle Matt told us. Jesse and I ran to the lounge room as fast as we could so we could see what we got. We sat down and Mum handed us a box each, the same size. "You will like this!" She exclaimed. Eager to know what is was, we tore off the wrapping paper and saw that the box said 'iPhone 5' on it. "OHMYGOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH MUM AND DAD!" Jesse and I said at the same time. "That's okay kids! You only turn 16 once, right?" Dad laughed. Next, Uncle Matt turns to us and told us some exciting news. " I am going to let both of you stay in my apartment in London, with a friend each. You are both allowed to take one of my credit cards and you can buy whatever you want." We legit screamed and ran to Uncle Matt and hugged him. We opened more presents, but I wasn't really concentrating as I could only think about going to London. I ended up with two new dresses, a pair of Vans, a silver necklace, the complete volume of Star Wars (I'm a bit of a nerd like that..) and a signed Manchester United jersey (girls can love soccer too!). "Okay kids, tomorrow you will be flying out to London! Here's the key, and here are my credit cards." Uncle Matt said as he gave us the key and the credit cards. "Thank you so much Uncle Matt! We love you!" Jesse and I chorused. "Any time kids! Bye!" He said as he walked out the door. I raced to my room to call Jamie and tell her the news. "Jamie! My uncle said me and Jesse could go to London for the whole summer in his apartment and we get to spend as much money as we want!" I said, a bit too quickly. "Oh, and I can bring you!" I added. "ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I'M SO EXCITED!" She screamed. " I can't wait! "Yeah me either! So I will pick you up at around 11am tomorrow if that's okay?" "Yeah, cya then! Oh and happy birthday!" I went to the bathroom to wash all my makeup off and got dressed. I was so excited I couldn't even get to sleep! But as soon as I did I dreamt about the amazing adventure coming up. Tomorrow!
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