The tough choice

Clarissa takes a walk with her friends and bumps into Harry.They suddenly fall in love.Harry finally asks Clarissa to go on tour with him.Clarissa didn't want to leave her friends so she has to choose.BFF's or a cool famous guy?Read to find out!


4. Saying goodbye

Harry was going to pick me up in an hour and I was have way packed!So I decided to pack every thing I needed.I went to my friends house when they began a goodbye party for me and I was having a great time.When I had to leave I said my last goodbye to them and went to my house.When I got there I saw Harry with all my bags."Are you ready to go now?"He asked me as he carried some of my bags."Sure"I replied as I carried my other bags.When he got in the car I thought of my friends and how much they will miss me.But I was still exited that I get to be on stage with one direction.I hope my trip with 1D will be great.
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