The tough choice

Clarissa takes a walk with her friends and bumps into Harry.They suddenly fall in love.Harry finally asks Clarissa to go on tour with him.Clarissa didn't want to leave her friends so she has to choose.BFF's or a cool famous guy?Read to find out!


7. Do we have to go?

A couple weeks later, we came back and my friends were so happy to see me again.I was happy to see them,too.I told them about when I went to the first concert on a helicopter and how my dream came true to sing with one direction.We all went to Applebee's to celebrate that me and one direction were back from our tour.when we got back Harry gave me a photo and a scrapbook for all the memories we had"That photo was from the tour."Harry said as he slipped the photo in a page.It was a pic of me and Harry singing together"It's beautiful."I said as a tear came out of my ete.
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