The tough choice

Clarissa takes a walk with her friends and bumps into Harry.They suddenly fall in love.Harry finally asks Clarissa to go on tour with him.Clarissa didn't want to leave her friends so she has to choose.BFF's or a cool famous guy?Read to find out!


2. Are you kidding?

The next day I saw Harry and he asked me a question that I have been dying to hear."Clarissa,will you go on tour with me and the rest of the band?"I had to say yes.But I didn't want to leave my friends!"I'll think about it"I said.I went home and my friends were there."Guys, Harry asked me to go on tour with him!"Then my friends just walked out of the house without another word.That's why I said that I will think about it to Harry.Mow my friends are mad at me.
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