The tough choice

Clarissa takes a walk with her friends and bumps into Harry.They suddenly fall in love.Harry finally asks Clarissa to go on tour with him.Clarissa didn't want to leave her friends so she has to choose.BFF's or a cool famous guy?Read to find out!


1. The walk

I was walking with my friends Mia and Bella.We were going to the mall to shop for cool new clothes.We were so busy talking we accidentally bumped into Harry Styles!"Sorry." I said as I picked up the bags I dropped"I know we just met but will you call me sometime?" Harry asked.I was shocked.A date?With a guy in one direction?Of course!Why not?"Sure" I said."Do you want to go look at some stuff for a little bit?" Harry asked."Sure"I holded his hand as me,my friends,and Harry went to the mall.
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