If You're Ready

Beau Brooks Fanfic


1. Reunited and It Feels So Gooooood

Bleep Bleep

I woke up to the sound of a text message on my iPhone. I sit up and attempt to rub the sleepiness out of my eyes before looking at the bright screen of my phone. Picking it up I see that Beau had texted me.

Hey gorgeous meet me at the diner in an hour <3

I smiled knowing he wanted to meet at our diner. Beau and I go there all the time but lately he’d been so busy that we barely had time to hang out at all. We’ve been dating for two years now, we met in high school and he was now getting fame for the Youtube videos he, his brothers, and a couple friends had made. Due to that, we would talk less and less each day but I wasn’t worried because we loved each other and nothing could go wrong. Right?

I quickly checked the text again and he’d sent it ten minutes ago so I needed to get ready. I quickly sent him a text that I’d be there and got myself ready. I would usually just usually pull my hair up in a bun and wear my sweats because Beau has seen me at my worst and didn’t really care what I looked like but since I hadn’t seen him in a while I decided I would put a little more effort into my look.

I straightened my hair and chose to wear a new pair of dark-wash skinny jeans I had bought and a burgundy jumper with my black Toms. I added a bit of eyeliner on the top lash line only and minimal blush. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I was pretty pleased with my appearance. I wasn’t that tall, only reaching 5 feet and four inches. I was thin and my body was proportional.

I stuffed my phone and keys into my tote bag and passed by my parents’ room. I was going to tell them I was heading out but they were still asleep after a long night of work., I could send them a text later. Both my parents worked long hours. My mom was a scientist at a lab and my father was a lawyer. So yeah, you could say my family had more money than others but we were modest and didn’t like to show off. We had a really nice home and it was great.

I head outside and got in my black Lexus. I loved this car, I got it for my sixteenth birthday. I drove to the diner which was about ten minutes away driving distance and I parked next to a car with a guy sitting on the hood.

I got out of the car and walked over to the guy, playing with the keyring and with a smirk on my face.

“Hey sexy.” I said to the colored-eyed boy. His skin was slightly tanned and he was thin yet toned. He had nice brown hair and a smile lay on his face.

“Hey beautiful.” He said with his Melbourne accent, snaking an arm around my waist and pulling me closer to him. “I missed you.”

Oh how I wanted to hear those words, like I said before, I hadn’t seen him in a while. It was summer and I would start university in the fall. We had a whole summer to spend together before I left town.

I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tightly. He kissed the top of my head then took my face in his hands. He looked at me for a while, as if inspecting me.

“What?” I ask, chuckling.

“What?” He asks back.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Stop it.” I chuckle again, hiding my insecurities. I knew I wasn’t ugly, I just felt weird with him looking at me so closely.

“I just missed you and I was checking if you looked any different.” He finally spoke up after a while. What he did next made the butterflies in my stomach return. He pulled my face up to his and gently placed his lips over mine, kissing me softly. It was a very nice kiss. Beau was a very good kisser. He pulled away smiling and I’m pretty sure I was smiling like an idiot because he laughed.

Beau let me go and took my by the hand, pulling me into the diner. “Let’s go get our table.” He said, opening the door for me.

I walked in and the aroma of coffee instantly hit me. It smelled very good and I waved to the lady at the cashier. Beau and I used to frequent this diner so much that the lady grew very fond of us and sometimes even let us stay past closing time when Beau and I used to come on some nights like after prom or when we just came for late night dinner.

Beau led us to the table we always sit at and he sat across from me.

“How’ve ya been? I missed you. When was the last time we saw each other?” I could tell that last question he had asked himself because he was looking up like he always does when he’s thinking and he was counting with his fingers.

“It’s been a month,” I speak up. “Since that time Jai invited us to the tennis match.”

“Riight, right.” He nodded.

“To answer your question, I’ve been good. You?” I ask, scooting my chair closer to his.

Beau simply nodded and picked up the salt shaker. Was something wrong? He always distracts himself when he’s nervous. I grabbed his hand from across the table and he looked at me.

“What’s wrong Beau?”

He shook his head. “Nothing’s wrong.”

I frowned knowing that he was lying to me. He noticed my change in expression and gave my hand a light squeeze.

“I’ve just…been thinking..” He said.

Oh no, I thought. Is he going to break up with me?

I tensed up a bit and I think Beau felt it because he raised my hand up to his lips and kissed it.

“I’ve been thinking about us and what’s to come. I mean, you going to school and me with the Janoskians and stuff.”

I lowered my head, hoping to not hear the words out of his mouth that I thought he would say.

“And I was just wondering what’s going to happen to us?”

I just sat there, my hand still in his.


Ok, time to process this in my head. He wouldn’t break up with me now, would he? At our diner? No…this place was too special for us. Maybe he wanted for it not to hold a special meaning for him since he lived so close and came here often? I don’t know..maybe I’m overthinking this.

“Darla” He asks again. “Are you listening to me?”

“Huh?” I break out of my thoughts and look at Beau. He looked worried.

“Are you ok? You seem distant.” He was now standing up and moving over to the seat next to me.

“Yeah, um I’m ok.” I say, turning to face him.

“Did you hear what I said?”

I nod. “Yeah, continue.”

“Well, I was thinking we should make the most of this summer, we’ve got no time to lose and I want to spend every waking moment of this summer with you, alright?”

I look at him and smile, sighing in relief.

He smiles back and grabs both my hands.

“So whaddaya say, love?”

I nod once again, smiling. “Yeah, I think that’s a very good idea.”

“Great!” He says. “Cause there’s a party at my house tonight and I want you to come. It’s going to be HUGE!”

“A party..?” I ask.

“Yah, my parents are out all weekend and Luke had the greatest idea to throw a party. It’s going to be insane lotsa people will be there and there’ll be drinks and food!!!!!”

My smile widened, I could tell Beau was really excited about this party. “I’ll come.”

“Awesome, mind helping me set up beforehand?”

“Not, at all.” I say.

“Great. Oh and…bring clothes. I’m kidnapping you for the weekend.” He grins.

I nod, chuckling.

A party at Beau’s house and a whole weekend with the boys, how exciting. A whole weekend with Beau….all to myself, after the party of course, even more exciting. I couldn’t wait!



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