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Beau Brooks Fanfic


4. Don't Make This Easy, I Want You To Mean It

Did I really want to move in with Beau? I’m not sure. Did I want to hurt his feelings? No, and that I was sure of. That’s why I accepted to move in with him when he asked, but by the way things turned out he could tell it might not be happening anytime soon.


I stormed out of Beau’s room, which I had been in for a while thinking things through. I went to search for Beau and I couldn’t find him anywhere. I opened the door to Luke’s bedroom, nothing but a pile of messy clothes here and there. Next I checked Jai’s room. Nope, he wasn’t there either. I made my way down the stairs and saw that and saw that everyone was in the living room watching a tv special. I decided to check the kitchen and backyard but he was nowhere to be found. I huffed and went over to the living room where everyone was engulfed by the television screen. James was sitting on the ground with a pillow on his lap, Tara was sitting on the couch between Skip and Jai, and Luke was sitting on the chair with the foot-rest up.


I cleared my throat, “Guys, have you seen Beau?”


Annoyed because I was interrupting their program, Tara shushed me. “Shut up, we’re trying to watch something.”


I gave her the finger and saw that Jai stood up and walked over to me, pulling me into the kitchen.


“What’d you do to him?!” He exclaimed.


What did I do to him? “What?! I didn’t do anything to him!” I retorted.


“If you didn’t do anything then why did he storm out of here the way he did, huh??” Jai countered.


“And in what way, exactly?”


“Throwing stuff around, cursing, slamming the door as he left. Ya know, typical angry Brooks brother stuff.”


I crossed my arms.


“Well what makes you think I had anything to do with his mood change?”

Jai gave me an are-you-serious-look and I sighed.


“Right, well did he say where he was going?”


He shook his head, indicating no.


“Now I’m gonna get back to the program.” He said, pointing behind him.


“What are you guys watching anyway?” I asked curiously.


“Nothing!” Jai said, jumping over the couch and successfully landing in his seat.


I grabbed my keys off the counter and walked to the front door, before leaving I told my friends “Bye,” but they were too hypnotized by whichever program they were watching that they didn’t even notice me leaving.


“Alrighty, then.” I said to myself, now sitting in the driver’s seat of my car. I stuck the key in the ignition and as I heard the engine start running I wondered where I would be if I were Beau. Where could he have gone? A thought popped into my head: THE DINER, OF COURSE. We would always go there if we were having a hard time, needed a place to think, or just to hang out. It wasn’t a very popular diner so not many people hung around there, so it was a perfect place to think. It wasn’t dead silent but there was minimal noise that would allow you to think. I drove as quickly as I could without going over the legal speed limit and parked in the first open spot that I could find. I walked through the double-glass doors, the overhead bell dinging as it always dead when someone opened the door. I looked around and spotted a guy sporting a backwards Chicago Bulls hat. I walked over to him.


“Is this seat taken?” I asked, pointing to the empty space in the booth seat across from him.


He looked up and didn’t say anything. I sat down, sighing.


“Beau,” I spoke, reaching out to touch his hand but he removed his hand from the table, setting it on his lap. “Why are you so mad at me?” I asked, hurt. “I didn’t do anything! If anything, I should be mad at you.” I exclaimed.


He looked at me and chuckled sarcastically. “Of course.”


“If I do remember correctly, you were the one who woke up with another person today.” I continued, earning another angry response from Beau.


“Damn it, Darla! I thought we were past this! Youre never going to let me live this down, are you?!” The now standing Beau replied.


I stood up as well, refusing to be inferior.


“Beau, I think you’re overreacting a bit. Calm down, you’re causing a scene.” I said calmly, trying to get him to sit down. I looked around and surely enough, people were starting to notice us.




I stepped back, looking at him incredulously. His eyes suddenly were overtaken with sadness and I could tell he regretted saying what he just did.


“I’m sorry,” He apologized.


I shook my head, trying to stop the now forming tears from pouring out. I ran out of the restaurant and went straight to my car, sitting on the hood. I heard the overhead bell of the diner door ding, indicating that someone was either entering or leaving. I hoped that it was someone entering the diner and not Beau coming out but, as luck would have it, it was Beau. I felt an arm brush against mine and I looked to my left to find Beau sitting next to me.


“I’m sorry.” He repeated.


I looked at him and I could see regret and sadness in his eyes. I simply nodded and looked to the ground. He sighed loudly and I looked at him, now he was the one looking at the ground.


“I don’t like it when we fight.” He spoke up, still looking at the ground.


I played with the seam of my shorts. “I don’t either.” I responded, my voice barely above a whisper.


Beau wrapped an arm around me and pulled me closer to him. I leaned my head against him and sighed.


“You don’t have to move in with me, Darla. I understand, it’s too soon.”


Was it really too soon, though? We’ve been together for two years and people get engaged by this time. I guess it was a good time to take the next step in our relationship. But, we are both young and I’m not sure we (Beau) have the maturity to live with a partner. Then again, it’s not like we’d be getting married, not this soon at least, so it’s not that big of a commitment.


Beau interrupted me from my thoughts. “Darla?”


I looked at him.


“Did ya hear what I said?”


I nodded even though I had no clue of what he had just said. I was too enveloped in my thoughts to pay attention.


“I want to move in with you, Beau.” I blurted out for the second time today. He searched my eyes like he’d done before and he smiled.


“You mean it.” He stated.


I nodded. “How can you even tell?” I asked him.


“I can see the sincerity in your eyes.” Beau said. “This may not be true but I haven’t been proven wrong yet, your eyes glisten when you’re telling the truth.”


I raised an eyebrow.


“Just kidding.” He chuckled. “ You looked so fucking confused when I last asked you, and kinda terrified too.”


I softly punched him in the stomach and he feigned hurt.


“We should get back to the house.” I said, ignoring his fake moans of hurt. “We still have stuff to clean up, I said.


He nodded. “I’m gonna call them and tell them we’re bringing pizza.”


“Ok,” I said, getting into my car and checking the glove compartment whilst he called one of the boys.


As I was rummaging through the mess of papers I had created in the glove compartment, Beau got in the car. I looked at him worriedly.


“What?” He questioned.


“I forgot my wallet at your house.”


Beau laughed. “As if I was gonna let you pay.”


We drove off and purchased a couple of pizzas to take back to the house. When we arrived at Beau’s house, we were greeted by a loud scream which belonged to Skip. Beau and I shared a scared expression and when we opened the door, our jaws dropped at the sight we encountered.

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