I Think That Possibly, Maybe I'm Falling For You

A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic


7. Ch. 7

I looked at myself in the mirror and I definitely did NOT like what I saw. I had huge bags under my eyes. I hadn’t slept much last night because I couldn’t get Louis’ sad face out of my mind. What was hurting him so badly to the point of tears? I thought about this as I brushed my teeth and showered. I must’ve been in the bathroom for a while because Niall started knocking on the door asking me to hurry up.

“Kayla!!” Knock-knock. “Hurry on up, I gotta peeeee!”

I quickly rinsed the remaining shampoo out of my hair and wrapped a towel around my body. I didn’t have time to change so I just dashed out of the bathroom and toward my room.

“Ahhhhhh” I heard Niall sigh in relief after the bathroom door slammed close.

I chuckled to myself then looked for something to wear. I wasn’t aware of the day’s events because I didn’t bother to check the schedule so I just decided to wear black skinny jeans, a black tucked-in blouse, my motorcycle boots, and a skinny brown belt to complete the outfit. I decided to go see Louis and I wanted to catch him before everyone met up for breakfast, since we all were supposed to have breakfast together today for a special announcement. I figured I didn’t have time to do proper make-up and hair so I just put eyeliner, mascara, and minimal blush. I didn’t bother doing anything to my hair, I just put it up in a bun.

“Byeee Niallll!” I said as I walked past the bathroom and grabbed my room key and brown bag from the couch. I knew he hadn’t heard me over the sound of the water running, he was taking a shower, but I still thought it would be appropriate to let him know I was leaving.

I made my way down the corridor to Louis’ room and knocked.

No answer.

I knocked again, louder this time, and covered the peephole with my finger so he wouldn’t see who it was.

Again, no answer.

I was about to knock once more when the door opened revealing a tired-looking Louis. It looked like he hadn’t slept much either and his eyes were still puffy and a bit red.

“Hey..” I smiled softly.

“Kayla, what are you doing here…?” He asked a bit confused.

“I..I came to see you?”

“Why?” He asked, not rudely, but more in a curious manner.

“Because yester-“

He stopped me and pulled me inside his room, closing the door behind me. He leaned down close to my face and I tensed up.

“Yesterday?” He spoke.

I nodded, not being able to speak because his proximity made me nervous.

“Nothing happened yesterday, alright? You didn’t see anything. Don’t mention what happened at the pool to the lads. Got it?”

I nodded once again.

“Alright.” He said cheerfully. “Let’s go have some breakfast!”

I looked at him with a confused look on my face and he smiled brightly.

“Go on, before Niall eats up all the food!”

He held the door open for me and we made our way downstairs to the dining area of the hotel.

When we got there, everyone was there but Harry and Zayn. Liam looked a bit tired but he was smiling, as always, and he was eating pancakes. Niall’s hair was still wet, he had two plates full of food in front of him. Paul was walking around the breakfast buffet wearing his crocs with socks. Ms. Novak was munching away on her fruit salad and granola with yogurt. Typical.

Louis greeted everyone then made his way to the buffet. I sat next to Niall and smiled at him.

“Top of the mornin’ “ I greeted with the best Irish accent I could muster, which wasn’t very good.

Niall laughed at me, rather loudly I must add. Everyone turned to look at us for a second then returned back to what they were doing.

“That was HORRIBLE!” Niall said after he was done laughing. “But good mornin’ love.” He gave me a quick one-arm hug as I looked around.

“Where are the others?” I asked.

“Huh? Oh..you mean the lads?”

I nodded.

“They’re still sleeping,” Niall said. “Zayn and Harry are the hardest people to wake up.”

I looked at my watch with a raised brow. “Don’t we leave in an hour?” I asked.

Niall nodded nonchalantly. (Haha, alliteration).

“I’ll go get them.”

Niall nodded.

“You do that.” Ms. Novak said.

Who was talking to her? Bitch.

I stood up and before I could leave, Paul handed me a room key to Zayn and Harry’s rooms. I made my way to the elevator and luckily both the boys’ rooms were on the same floor.

I knocked on Harry’s door first just to make sure he was decent. I knew he had a tendency to walk around in the nude a lot. When he didn’t answer, I slid the room key Paul had given me into the slot and turned the handle when the indicator turned green.

“Harry?” I called out in a semi-whisper. “Harry??” I called out, this time a little louder.

I heard a grunt coming from the couch and there lay an already dressed Harry Styles dozing off.

“Harry, get up, you have to go eat breakfast!” I said, shaking him.

Harry groaned again and rolled over, making him fall off the couch.

“Oops! Are you ok?” I asked, helping him up.

Harry nodded, his eyes still closed. “Kayla I’m tired..”

I grabbed his face and smacked his cheeks repeatedly. “RISE AND SHINE HARRY, WAKE UP BOY.” Harry laughed and swatted my hands away from his face.

“Come on, we have to go get Zayn, he’s still sleeping.”

“Lazy arse.” Harry said, I laughed.

“Um, excuse you Harry, but you were still sleeping too. What were you doing on the couch, though? Were you that drunk that you couldn’t make it to your bed last night?” I laughed.

Harry shook his head laughing. “No, I woke up this morning but I couldn’t quite keep my eyes open so I lay down to rest my eyes but I fell asleep.”

“What a dork,” I said, as we made our way to Zayn’s room and Harry filled me in on what happened at the club last night.

Apparently Zayn was hammered and threw up on the van, EW. And Niall was the star dancer. Liam, being daddy direction, stayed sober to keep an eye out for the lads.

I knocked on Zayn’s door for precaution, just as I had done previously with Harry. And just as had happened with Harry, Zayn didn’t answer the door. So I slid in the room key and opened it. “Zayn, dear. We’re here to wake you up!” I sang.

Harry went straight toward the couch and lay down. I turned to look at him and told him to get up but he refused so I just let him stay there while I went to wake Zayn up.

Zayn’s room was messy. There were clothes everywhere….including the clothes he was wearing last night….I hope he’s not naked.

“Zaynnnnnn….” I poked his side. Nothing.

“Zaynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.” I sat on his bed and shook him gently.

“Zayn, wake up, buddy. It’s almost time to leave.” Still nothing.

They weren’t lying when they said Zayn and Harry were hard to wake up.

“ZAYN!” I said loudly. “WAKE UP.”

I looked over at the clock that read 9:28. I was calculating how much time we had left before we had to leave when I felt two arms around my waist, pulling me down.

“Shhhhhh, five more minutesssss.”

“Zayn, let me go! We need to leave soon! Come on!”

The only result of that was him pulling me closer. I suddenly remembered his clothes on the floor and shut my eyes tight, hoping he wasn’t naked under the sheets. I slowly lifted the sheets and looked under them…nope. Ok, I was safe, Zayn was wearing his boxer briefs. Damn. Is it bad that I was the slightest bit disappointed?

I shook those thoughts out of my head and I called for Harry.


I heard a thump then Harry came dashing through the door.

“WHAT’S WRONG?!” He asked, rubbing his eyes.

“Save me….” I whispered and pointed to Zayn’s arms around my waist which felt like a death grip by now.

Harry gave me an “are-you-serious?” look but gladly helped me.

After I was released from Zayn’s death grip and stood up, Harry jumped on Zayn and screamed in his ear. “WAKE UP ZAYN!”

Startled, Zayn sat up and looked around the room, confused. Aw, haha.

Harry got off of him and stood at the edge of his bed. “We’ve gotta go, man.”

Zayn simply nodded and the look on his face was just so adorable. He looked so confused. It seemed like the whole being his prisoner for five minutes didn’t even happen.

“Be ready in ten.” And with that, Harry walked out the door.

Zayn got out of bed, picked up a towel and what he did next confused the hell out of me. Just before he passed me, he gave me a suggestive wink.

The hell…?

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