I Think That Possibly, Maybe I'm Falling For You

A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic


6. Ch. 6

When we got to the boutique, after about half an hour, we all piled out of the bus and stretched. The boys were quickly pulled into the boutique before any fans could notice them. I stayed out here for a bit to catch some fresh air. The ride here was…awkward, to say the least. All the boys were into their own conversations except for Louis, he wasn’t talking to anybody. He was just on his phone. It kind of bugged me that he wasn’t talking to me and I still think Niall owed me a proper apology for making all of this awkward. I was so caught up in my thoughts, like I always am, that I didn’t even notice Ms. Novak had come out looking for me.

“KAYLA.” Her sharp voice made me cringe.

“Yes, ma’am?”

She shot me an evil glare. “What did I say about calling me ‘ma’am,’ Kayla? Hm?”

When I didn’t speak up, she continued.

“We’ve been waiting for you. You’re not on vacation, you know?! YOU’RE HERE TO WORK. GO ON, GET IN THERE.”

I rolled my eyes and made my way inside the boutique.

It was chaotic in there! Clothes were flying everywhere, people were rushing here and there. Apparently fans had found their way inside the boutique, but not many.

“I’ve got three of the boys trying on clothes in the fitting rooms, go help the other two while look for more clothes.” Ms. Novak said.

I nodded and found my way toward the confused-looking guy staring at the rack of clothing. I tapped his shoulder.

Niall turned around and his face instantly brightened up. “Kayla!”

I looked at him with the same expression-less face and his smile turned into a soft frown.

“What’s wrong, love? What did I do?”

“Really, Niall? Really?”

He sighed and stuck his hands in his pockets. “I’m sorry, Kayla. But it was quite a laugh!”

I also sighed and shrugged my shoulders. “It’s fine. Just don’t do it again please.”
The smile returned to his face and he pulled me in for a Horan hug. Ahh..that was nice.

Niall pulled away. “So are you gon’ help me pick out clothin’?”

I smiled at him and started picking out clothes that I thought would look good on him and the witch would approve of. After a few hours, I was finally done with Niall and smiled to myself when Ms. Novak was pleased with what I chose. I was surprised, but extremely happy.

Just as I thought I could sit down and relax, I turned my attention to the couch and saw a lonely Louis slumped on the couch playing on his phone. I walked over to him slowly and took a seat next to him.

Louis looked up from his phone and offered me a weak smile.

“Hey..” I spoke up.

He simply nodded and went back to playing with his phone.

“Have you uh..been helped yet? With your clothes?” I asked.

He shook his head without taking his eyes off his phone.

This was bugging me, why isn’t he talking to me? Grr.

I sighed and stood up. “Listen, Louis. I know what happened back there was awkward but can we just put it behind us? I mean, we ARE gonna be spending the rest of the tour together.”

He looked at me and nodded. He also smiled but I could tell it wasn’t legit.

“Ok, then. Let’s go get you those clothes.”

We both stood up and rummaged through the racks of clothing. We ended up finishing rather quickly since he still didn’t really speak to me. All I could get out of him was “Yeah, I like this,” “No, this makes my bum look small,” and “Sure, I guess that could work, even though it’s so last season.” At least there were no distractions. The rest of the boys were done and waiting on us in the vehicle by the time Louis and I were paying for his clothing. The ride back to the hotel was ok, nothing special really happened.

When we got to the hotel, I went straight to my room and didn’t bother talking to anyone. Niall walked in about 7 minutes later and I was sitting on the couch, watching tv.

“Kayla, what’re ya up ta?”

I shrugged my shoulders and pointed to the tv with the remote. “Just watching some tv movie.”

“Why dontcha go get dressed? The lads and I are gonna go dancing!” His smile was really big and I could tell he was excited to finally have a good time.

I chuckled a bit and shook my head. “No thanks, I’m fine. I think I’ll just stay in tonight. I’m feeling a bit under the weather.”

He just looked at me.

“Ya know, a bit sick.” I clarified.

He laughed and patted my back. “Alright am gonna go get ready. Have fun!”

Niall got ready and left pretty quickly and I was left alone once again. I watched a couple episodes of Monk then Doc Martin. When I was bored of watching television, I decided to step out onto the balcony. I had a great view of the pool! It was already dark so no one was out. As soon as I turned around, I heard someone jump into the pool but I had already made up my mind on going to the pool so I dashed to get my swimsuit on. I decided to wear the same one I had previously worn because I didn’t feel like going through my suitcase and making a mess.

When I got down to the pool, I saw a person sitting on the edge of the pool, their feet dangling in the water. Their back was toward me so I couldn’t tell who it was. I set my bag down on one of the lounge chairs and slipped out of my shorts and tee shirt I had used to cover myself up for the trek down the elevator, toward the lobby, and the pool. Whoever that person was, I didn’t want them to look at me because I was kind of insecure so I just ran to the edge of the pool and jumped in.

“Bloody hell!” I heard the person mumble as I resurfaced.

I turned around to apologize and I was surprised by who it was.



“W-what are you doing here??? I thought you guys were going clubbing!”

“Yeah…I wasn’t up for that.” He said. He seemed kind of down.

“I’m sorry for splashing you..” I apologized, swimming over to the edge and taking a seat next to him. “Are you alright?”

Louis nodded but I could tell something was bothering him. I didn’t know him personally for long but I could see the sadness in his eyes. His eyes…the water made his eyes glisten. His complexion glowed thanks to the reflection of water. I mean….he looked really sad. Yeah..

I snapped out of my own thoughts and tried to focus back on the conversation. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, he wasn’t talking. Why wasn’t he talking?


He looked at me and I noticed his eyes were a bit puffy. Was it the chlorine? Oh no..it couldn’t be. Was he crying?

“Louis, have you been crying..?” I asked.

“Listen, Kayla, I’m gonna head back to my room. Goodnight.”

And with that, Louis was gone and I was left alone once again. And this time, I was a bit confused.

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