I Think That Possibly, Maybe I'm Falling For You

A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic


15. Ch. 15


“Remember I always get what I want, love.”

Those boy’s words kept replaying in my head. There was something in the way he said it….with dominance and so much seriousness. But he also said it in a mocking tone. He probably just said it to try and get under my skin. Well, it most definitely is working. I was deep in thought that I barely felt the shove on my shoulder. I turned to see Niall smiling.


“Hey.” I said, returning the smile.


“So yeah?”


“Yeah…what?” I asked confused.


“Kayla you never listen to me.” He pouted and made the most adorable face ever.


“Awww,” I couldn’t help but to reach over and pinch his cheek like a grandma does to a chubby-faced grandchild, making him scrunch his nose which made him look even cuter.


“Go on,” I urged him to continue.


“I asked if you’re going to pick your friend up at the airport.”


“Ohhh..” I nodded.


“By yourself?”


I nodded again. “Mhmmmm.”


“Can I come?”


I looked at him.


“For protection of course.” He continued.


I eyed him suspiciously. “Protection?” I laughed. “Protection of what? If anything, I’m the one who has to protect you. You’re the one who’s famous.”


Niall scratched the back of his neck.


“Well people are gonna start recognizing you, take Paul with ya.”


I nodded, ruffling his already disheveled hair before starting to walk away. I wasn’t even halfway down the hall when I heard Niall called my name.


“Kayla! I almost forgot to tell you.”


“Zayn said to go to his room.”


I stood there, frozen. Zayn wanted me to go to his room…but he told the boys to tell me… I swear, every time his moves get bolder and bolder. Wait… he couldn’t have asked all the boys…..


“He told you to tell me?”


He nodded.


“Who else?”


“Just me, why?” He asked.


Does that mean Niall knows…?


“For what?”


Niall shrugged. “He just told me ta tell ya to go to his room whenever I saw you.”


“Oh. Well uh, see you later.”


“Gonna go watch the football game now. Derby, Derby, Derby.”


And with that he was off and on the way to his room.


I walked to the elevator and pushed the “door close” button so no one else would get on. I couldn’t really be bothered today. The elevator stopped on my floor and I walked out as soon as the doors opened. I dreadfully looked at the door to my hotel room, the last one down the hall. I’d have to pass Zayn’s room to get to mine. I don’t know why but for a split second I contemplated whether I should stop by and see what he wanted but my mind ended up telling me no. As soon as I got close to his door I ran to my door, opened it quickly, and locked myself inside my room. I jumped onto my bed and pulled my iPhone out of my pocket. I decided to text Stephanie.


Hey! Did you get on the plane? Everything going good?”


I waited and waited but she didn’t reply so I’m taking that as a sign that she did get on the plane. She wasn’t supposed to join us on tour just yet, but I missed her so much and started to act all pissy so the boys convinced Ms. Novak to let me have a visitor over. Although I’m sure Harry was the one who did most of the “convincing.” I watched tv for about two hours then grabbed my tote bag and started making my way toward Paul’s room. The elevator door was about close when a hand made the automatic doors retrieve.


“Hello, love.” It was Louis. He was wearing a black tee with rolled up sleeves, black skinny jeans, and black converse. His hair was a messy and his eyes were still a bit puffy. But he still looked so damn hot. Granted, seeing a guy dress in all black attire makes me weak in the knees but Louis just took it to a whole other level.


“Hi,” I smiled coyly. “Did you just wake up?”


“Yeah.” Louis chuckled and stuck his hands in his pockets.


I nodded, I could tell he’d just stumbled out of bed but his disheveled look was cute.


“Where are you going?” I asked his when the elevator started descending,


Louis shrugged. “Wherever you’re going.”


Watch me make this awkward in less than three seconds…


“Oh, I’m going to the gyno.”


Louis’ eyes shot wide open and he coughed. Luckily for him, the elevator stopped and the doors opened. Not so luckily for me, the guy who joined us on the elevator was checking me out, and he wasn’t being discreet either. His eyes watched me over hungrily and I shifted uncomfortably. I guess Louis took notice because he grabbed my hand and gave it a light squeeze. His gesture took me by surprise and I looked to him for an explanation but he wasn’t looking at me. He was looking at the guy, with what looked like anger in his eyes. When the elevator stopped on Paul’s floor and as soon as we stepped out, Louis let go of my hand and nothing was mentioned. It was as if it didn’t even happen. I wiped my hand on my jeans because it was sweaty, awkward maybe that’s why he let go, and I knocked on Paul’s door. He opened it and told us to wait a minute so he could grab some stuff.


“Where are we going?” Paul asked.


“The g-“ Louis started.


I smacked Louis on the side. “The airport.” I finished, glaring at Louis.


Paul went back into his room to pick up the things he needed leaving Louis and I alone in the hall again.


“Thank God we’re not going to the gyno.” Louis said, breaking the silence.


“You held my hand.” I blurted out.


Where did that come from? Errr….


Louis laughed. “Yes, and?”


“And what was that?” I questioned.


“I didn’t like the way that guy was looking at you.” Louis said with a shrug.


“Oh, yeah that was weird.” I agreed, nodding.


“Can I kiss you?”


Now that’s weird.


“What?” I asked, looking at him.


He didn’t answer, he just pushed me up against the wall and kissed me but I wasn’t able to enjoy it because the back of my bumped the wall. I let out a yelp and Louis immediately pulled away, taking two steps back. I rubbed the spot on my head where I’d been hit with the wall.


“I am SO sorry, Kayla.” Louis apologized, not knowing what to do.


Paul busted the door wide open. “What’s going on?!” He asked, looking around.


“Oh..nothing.” Louis answered.


Paul then looked at me and I nodded in assurance.


“You sure?” Paul asked.


I blushed, realizing I still had my hand on the now growing bump on the back of my head. “Mhm..”


We silently went to the van and Paul drove us to the airport where Stephanie was set to land. When we got to the airport, Paul walked us in and when he saw their were no fans around he left us to go get some coffee.


“You excited?” Louis asked.


I nodded. “I’m a bit nervous, though, I haven’t seen her in like a month and she said she had important stuff to tell me about what’s been going on back home.”


Louis reached for my hand once more. “Don’t worry, love.”


He smiled brightly and I couldn’t help but smile back. He started leaning in and as soon as I was realizing what he was doing I stopped him.


“LOUIS!” I exclaimed in pure shock. “We’re in public!” I let go of his hand and turned around, looking for Paul. Looking anywhere but at Louis.


“Listen Kayla, I’m sorry, I…”




I’d know that piercing cry anywhere..


I turned around to see my best friend running toward me and finally embracing me in a suffocating hug.




Louis just stood there awkwardly.


“Louis,” I let go of Stephanie and turned to face him. “This is my best friend, Stephanie.”


Before Louis could stick his hand out Stephanie gave him the dead hand fish shake (you know, like when you just stick your hand out or like when a gentleman is going to kiss your hand) and Louis awkwardly shook her hand. I held in a laugh.


“Nice to meet you, love. I think I saw you at the airport in New York?”


“Stephanie nodded. “Oh, I’ve heard a lot about you lately.” She winked at him.


Louis looked at me and I elbowed Stephanie, making her wince.


“From the magazines!” She quickly said, saving herself. “I read a lot of magazines…”


Paul came back with a coffee in one hand and a tray of three others on his other hand. Aw, how nice. I introduced him to Stephanie and then we were on our way back to the hotel. On the ride to the hotel Louis and Stephanie were talking and I felt so energized all of a sudden, I felt…happy and calm. I wasn’t thinking about what Zayn, or Louis, would do next, or what I would wear tomorrow, I wasn’t even thinking about what hell Ms. Novak would bring to me next. I just thought about all the fun Stephanie and I would have while she was here. (And how much fun I’m going to have teasing her about Niall in front of him.) insert evil grin here


Absolutely nothing could go wrong.



Back at the hotel Louis dismissed himself because it was time for him to call his mom (timezones suck).  He also said something about giving Stephanie and I time to catch up and whatnot. Paul and I had to help Stephanie with her luggage, damn, this girl packed for three, not just one. We couldn’t find a luggage cart so we each had to bring one bag. Paul and Stephanie left me with the heaviest bag so to get a head start I started walking ahead because they were talking to one of the hotel managers. I managed to make it onto the elevator to my floor before them but I was out of breath so I decided to stop for a moment and I let the bag fall to the floor. Hopefully she didn’t store anything fragile in this one. The elevator dinged and out the door came Paul and pushing the luggage cart with Stephanie and the bags. Paul ran, and they were both laughing.


“RUDE!” I called out, for not helping me. Geez, I invite her to come over and she rides the luggage cart while I carry the heavy load.


A door opened and out poked Zayn’s head. He first looked to the direction of my door where Stephanie and Paul were unloading the luggage and then he looked over at me.


“Is that your friend?” He asked, knowing damn well that she was because he’d seen her at the airport before.


“Yes.” I picked up the bag and walked past his door, not paying any attention to him.


“She’s fit.”


I stopped in my tracks and dropped the luggage. As I turned around I was faced with Zayn’s never-disappearing smirk.


“You stay away from her, Malik.”


Zayn simply laughed. Ugh. I rolled my eyes and picked up the bag once again.


“Oo, I love to watch you walk away babe.”


I walked faster and when I got to the room I threw the bag on the floor. I went back to the door and before I closed it I gave Zayn the finger.


I opened it once more. “Oh, and stop telling your friends to send me to your room.” I said, slamming the door.


“URGHHHHH.” I grumbled.


“You ok?” Stephanie asked, stepping out of the bathroom.


No, Zayn irritates the shit outta me.

“Yeah,” I said, taking in a deep breath. “I’m just really tired, I’m going to bed.”  I walked into the bedroom and pulled the covers over me.





Author's Note: Hey guys, I'm SO sorry for not updating sooner. I feel so bad because you guys did your part (commenting) and I didn't update. These may just be excuses but here's what happened. I went to California for Winter Holidays and when I came back I started uni and I've been busy with that. Thank you so much for your continuous comments, that motivated me to finally update. I promise I won't let you guys go that long again without an update if you keep commenting and recommending this story. I hope you guys liked this chapter, there was gonna be no Louis and Kayla action but I figured I might as well add it since I'd left you guys waiting for so long and I decided to make it longer while I'm at it. Hope you guys lie the update! Let me know what you think -Melissa :)

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