I Think That Possibly, Maybe I'm Falling For You

A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic


13. Ch. 13

“It’s been four weeks since that incident with Zayn happened at the hotel in Los Angeles. I’ve been, very unsuccessfully, avoiding Zayn since that night. But avoiding him is literally impossible since I have to work with him every single day and he doesn’t fail to make my life impossible. I’ve had it with his sexual innuendos and his flirtatious attitude. I know any girl would give anything to be in my position, but honestly, I can’t stand him. I’ll be the first to admit I enjoyed it at first but now it’s just annoying. The worst part is Ms. Novak is always assigning him to me so I’m the one who has to work with him. Speaking of Ms. Novak, she’s been less bitchy to me lately, not because she’s had a change of heart, though. No, it’s because she’s been a bit preoccupied with Harry. That’s right, HARRY. Now, they haven’t confessed to anything but it’s pretty obvious they have something going on. Yes, the thought of them doing ANYTHING together makes me cringe but if it means Ms. Novak isn’t up my throat all the time because her focus is on Harry, then I guess that’s something I can learn to deal with. Another effect of this is Niall is now assigned to me as well. I love him to death but it’s much more work for me and it adds a lot of stress. Ms. Novak only has to work with Liam and Harry so she gets more “free” time. She claims that she’s only trying to “help” me by “showing me the ropes of this business.” She says I’ll have to work with more than three clients at a time and blah blah blah. We all know you and Harry are boning!

We are about halfway through the tour and I guess things are going pretty well. I’ve grown so close to the boys, except Zayn, he can stay as far away from me as possible, and I’m starting to feel like part of their family. Granted I’ve only personally known them for about a month and a half, but when you spend every waking moment with someone, things are bound to happen. Speaking of things happening, I bet you’re wondering what’s been going on with Louis and I. Abso ☺ Fucking ☺ Lutely ☺ Nothing ☺ NADA, RIEN, ZILCH. We haven’t even talked about the kiss, which by now I’ve figured out that I actually quite enjoyed. I wish he would just make a move already. I don’t know if he told any of the boys about It but I’m 78% sure that he told Harry because he’s always teasing Louis and I.”


My phone rang and it startled me, causing me to almost knock the laptop of my lap. I quickly dated and uploaded my blog and answered the call.

“Hello?” I set it to speaker and laid it on my bed while I shut my computer off and put it aside.

“KAYLA!” Harry’s voice spoke through the phone. “We are waiting for you!”

I looked at my bright yellow watch and cursed under my breath.

“You were supposed to be here twenty minutes ago!!!!!” Harry continued.

Quickly, I put some shoes on and grabbed my purse and iPhone off the bed. “I’m on my way!”

“Kayla…are you still at the hotel???”

“Going through….” I made random noises to simulate going through a tunnel and the call being cut. “Tun-“ I paused for a second, “nel!” I ended the phone call and took the elevator downstairs. Quickly I made my way across the lobby and ignored all the stares and dashed outside. Were there tunnels in Baltimore? I had no idea but I hoped Harry thought there were.

I panicked, hoping it would be easier to catch a cab in Baltimore than it was in New York, because if it’s not, I’m screwed!

I quickly hailed a cab, Thank God, and I told the cabman where to take me. I sent Niall a text telling him that I was on my way and to meet me near the front of the room that would situate as the wardrobe so I wouldn’t get lost and lose more time. I looked out the window and noticed we hadn’t moved much in the past five minutes.

“Um, excuse me?”

The cab driver looked at me through the rearview mirror and nodded his head, signaling me to continue.

“I know there’s a speed limit and stuff but I’m kind of in a reaaaalllly big hurry. So do you think you could pick up the speed a bit?”

He didn’t say anything and I sighed.

“No offense ma’am,” He spoke up. “But I ain’t gonna lose my job for a miss.”

“It’s fine, I understand. You’re just doing your job right.” I leaned my head against the cold window and sighed again, making a little cloud of fog appear where my breath had hit. I don’t know if it was either me hitting my head against the window or mumbling “She’s gonna kill me,” repeatedly that made him suddenly turn a corner and cut people off but it scared the shit out of me. He sped so fast and before I could tell him to stop, we were parked in front of my destination.

“Oh my gosh,” I looked at my watch. “Thank youuu!” I dug for my wallet, took out a fifty, and handed it to him.

“No, no.” He shook his head. “The ride’s on me, just go.”

“Oh, ok.” Now normally I would insist that he take the money but A: I was in a massive hurry, and B: I probably annoyed him with my presence and he just wanted me gone. So I just repeatedly thanked him on my way inside the venue.


“You’re welcome?” Niall said as I approached him.

We walked into what seemed to look like a boudoir meant for the boys to get dressed.

“Oh, I-“

Niall cut me off. “Save it for later, we needta hurry coz we’re late!”

I nodded and ran straight to the racks of clothing and quickly put together outfits for Niall, Zayn, and Louis. When I was done and the boys were off changing I sighed and sat down on the empty couch and looked around.

“Ello, Kayla.” Harry smiled brightly and sat next to me on the couch.

“How mad is Ms. Novak?” I asked worriedly.

He chuckled. “She’s not angry with you.”

I looked at him in disbelief. How could she NOT be mad at me?!

“But I was late!” I countered.

“She didn’t even notice you were gone Kayla, don’t worry.”

I looked at Harry again and he was grinning. I raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to elaborate.

“Let’s just say…I kept her distracted.” I cringed and threw him a pillow. Harry just sat there laughing and I stood up to help Liam because it seemed he was having trouble with his bow tie. He saw my reflection through the mirror and he greeted me.

“Kayla,” He turned around to face me. “I hadn’t seen you around today, I thought you called in ill.”

I chuckled and took the bow tie in my hand and adjusted it because he had somehow managed to turn it inside out..

“No, I just got a bit distracted with my blog and lost track of time.” I responded.

“You run a blog? Is it a One Direction fanblog where you right everything about us and take weird pictures of us?” He joked.

“Mhm.” I nodded jokingly.

Liam gasped and I laughed. “But don’t worry, it’s not public, I just write for myself.”


“No, it’s just..writing about myself? And stuff that happens to me?”

“Oh so it’s like a diary?” He asked.

I laughed again because the thought of having a diary made me feel like a pre-pubescent girl.

“No,” I countered. “A journal, if you will. Not a diary.”

Liam laughed that cute laugh of his and I put the bow tie on him.

After a moment of silence and me straightening out the bow tie so it was just perfect, Liam spoke up.

“Do you write about us?”

I looked at him and smiled lightly.

“Yes, I do.”

“What about?” He asked curiously.

“ALRIGHT, time to warm up boys!” The boy’s vocal coach ordered them to go to another room. Liam nodded and looked at me.

“Don’t worry, nothing embarrassing. Besides, like I said, it’s private and no one can see it but me.” I smiled, patting his back. “And if anything,” I continued as I walked him to the room where they’d be warming up.” I’m the one who should be worried considering it IS my blog and all the embarrassing stuff is about me.” I chuckled.

Liam gave me a grin and walked into the room where the rest of the boys were. “Interesssstingggg.” He said.

Realization hit me quickly and I was going to threaten him when Harry dashed past us and hit me on his way in, apologizing soon thereafter.

Liam was about to walk to the rest of the boys when I pulled him by the sleeve.

“Liam, if you tell ANY of the boys ANYTHING about this blog or if I see you even remotely close to my laptop, know that I WILL kill you. This blog doesn’t exist. Got it?”

He smiled innocently and waved goodbye, starting to close the door but a hand stopped it from closing completely.

“Kayla, do you think we could talk after the show tonight?” Louis asked.


Liam coughed and Louis quickly added, “It’s nothing important, though.”

“Oh..ok.” I nodded.

“Ok, see you later. C’mon Liam, the lads are waitin.”

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